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Wednesday September 6, 2017

Conference Season
is  here! 
Get your   
Conference On
@ these great upcoming local women's leadership events!


Saturday, September 16, 2017

Are you ready to be inspired, network with likeminded professional women, and learn applicable skills for an immediate impact on your ability to be a resilient, effective leader?

Join  Mount Saint Mary's Center for the Advancement of Women and more than 450 professional women for a day-long event featuring cutting edge leaders of industry who will provide executive training, strategies and best practices to better prepare you on your personal and professional journey to be a more successful, resilient leader. Why do we need resilience? Whatever your "stage" - be it the classroom, a boardroom, a nonprofit or an elected office, resiliency is an essential skill for leadership. By learning resilience, you will find it easier to stay grounded, bounce back more readily from difficult situations, and harness the successes that propel your career forward.
For more information about the
Mount Saint Mary's University Women's Leadership Conference

Saturday, September 30, 2017

The 14th annual Women's Journey Conference and Girls FREE Self-Esteem Conference~Two conferences under the same roof!

Here is what you will get:

* World class speakers and entertainment.
Dr. Jean Houston, Dr. Joan Borysenko and Jen Bricker
* Networking
* Exhibitors
*The Moth Storytellers, Get Lit Poets, Dance Performances, Visual Arts and
*Interactive Workshops

For more information:  Women'sjourneyfoundation.org

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Here's a great opportunity to help your career to "bloom" and at the same time help a low-income working woman to "bloom" after a medical challenge.  This one-day event is packed with speakers and workshops to enable you to get and keep the job you want! Whether you're new to the job market, looking to change jobs, or want to get a promotion in your current job you'll find internationally recognized speakers and subject-matter experts to get you on the right path. The conference fee includes lunch and all program materials.

Topics Include:

Negotiation skills for women

Communicating with maximum impact

Career reinvention

Investing for retirement

Nailing the interview

 Creating your Act II

How women of color crack the corporate code

Finding your passion at work 

Dress like a woman, get paid like a man

Anyone interested in volunteering can email Carolyn Sims at carolyn.sims@sce.com

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Don't miss the LA County Women's Leadership Conference! Gain valuable knowledge from inspirational leaders in government, business, and community as they share their path to leadership. Network with 900 participants, award-winning authors and dynamic speakers in break-out sessions and interactive workshops and build strong professional relationships that will benefit you and your organization.

For more information go to www.lacountywomensleadership.org
Friday November 3 & Saturday November 4, 2017

Join us at 360Karma's second annual
LIVE LOVE THRIVE Women's Empowerment Conference
in West Hollywood.
Offering practical life-changing strategies from women leaders
in all fields to help you live the life you love.
Opens on Friday Nov 3 with She Tank - the new prominent female investors panel in front of a live audience. Saturday Nov 4 features renowned speakers, Q&A with financial gurus, great live music, film shorts, awards, a hosted power lunch and after-party at Pump.

NOV 3 5pm-8pm and NOV 4 9am-7pm

 Early Bird Special Price (save $20) before Sept 15!
Co-sponsored by the City of West Hollywood and its Women's Advisory Board.
West Hollywood Women's Leadership Conference to stay up to date & in the loop!