Our 14th Annual Awards Night was on May 12th and it was an emotional night of success and hard work! Incase you missed it you can see the photos here!
Sofia's Success Story

In just over 4 months of training at Champion’s QUEST, Sofia has already improved her total athlete score by 134%! Sofia improved nearly all of her test scores and some by a significant margin. She was able to increase her power by adding 2 inches to both her standing and approach vertical jump tests. Sofia showed a huge improvement in her agility and lowered all 3 of her agility...

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Video: Speed Drills - Change of Direction

This video is to help gain the ability to move in a lateral direction more efficiently and to help you understand exactly what is needed with your body to move into a change of direction. Being able to use the core musculature to maintain spinal alignment is part of Changing direction and in this video will explain how to use your core musculature to help you gain more speed into the next ....      View Full Video

Parent Feedback Update

"Wanted to mention how great Aaron has been with Jack. He came out last week on his own time to watch Jack play. I just don't think any other business like CQ would do that. Jack is doing really really well. I spoke to his baseball coach last night after our game and he said, "Jack is by far the most athletic kid on the team". We won our game and continue to move on in the playoffs. We have a game ..."

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PRO TIP: Get Recruited By Out Of State Coaches!

Showcases, like ID camps, give college coaches the opportunity to see soccer players play in live competitive games. For a majority of out-of-state college coaches, it is difficult for them to see every possible recruit who is interested in their soccer program.

On the other side, as soccer players are looking across the entire nation to play at the next level, it is harder for them to play in front of coaches if their team is not attending a soccer tournament or showcase located close ...

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