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May 16th , 2018

  Delving into the sweet magic of the Nayarit Jungle 
or... fun with Beave & Jayne at La Colina.

San Pancho is so much more than a beautiful beach. The jungle that surrounds us here in Nayarit is a stunningly-precious  jewel to be found nowhere else on Earth.  If you haven't experienced the pristine beauty of the Nayarit jungle, you are missing much of what makes this place so incredible.  We have a few new eco-lodges popping up to help you do just that.  

Recently we had the pleasure spending some time with Jayne & Beave at their new eco lodge called, La Colina Project  where they offer jungle retreats, special events and dinners.  Beave and Jayne are marvelous hosts and we spent the evening in conversation and laughter as they served us a lavish meal around a massive parota wood table.  We highly recommend that you go out there and experience La Colina Project for yourself.  You will love meeting Beave and Jayne and you will greatly enjoy their brilliance and ingenuity, while learning about sustainability and celebrating the beauty of the jungle. 

Beave and Jayne are creating a haven for nature and wildlife by sustainably protecting their slice of off-grid Mexican jungle. 
They are actively using permaculture principles, encouraging art and welcoming visitors to stay.
La Colina is a unique space for eco-friendly vacation rentals, special events, intimate dinners and parties.

La Patrona Jumping Competition 


About Literary Week
Every year at the end of May, authors, illustrators, storytellers, bookbinders and literary artists gather together at Entreamigos to share the fantastic world of literature with the community. Simultaneously, it provides volunteers an opportunity to share their skills, knowledge, talents, and interests with a vital and responsive community.


* Buy a hammock and yes, jump into it every day, without trepidation!

* Stay healthy - certainly you have explored health care services, doctors and hospitals in the area. Hospital San Pancho has Seguro Popular available to all residents of Mexico. To apply you will need your birth certificate, passport, residency card, electric bill.  
There are a variety of very sophisticated hospitals in PV and now in Bucerias. Seguro Popular is not used in the other hospitals.

* Seek local advice - my household staff, who is now a dear friend, is my best source of critical info that I need to know. Following Lydia's advice always works and leads me down an easy stress-free path for repairs and services. I thank Lydia every day for sharing her experience and wisdom.

* Develop a local support system by getting involved in the community - it is critical for 
building relationships and helping you
 through tough times.  
In San Pancho many people volunteer at Entreamigos or Turtle Frank, and there are many other organizations that you can get involved with, all of which would welcome your help and support.  
Entreamigos is dedicated to the education of children and teens. It is operated by staff and supported by volunteers in the community. EA phone number is 311 258 4377
* Laugh frequently
* Be flexible
* Find your passion, our driving force. Find something that aligns with your values and beliefs. Let this be your purpose and let it flow.
* Seek friends with similar interests and welcome those with different backgrounds to learn new things
* Nurturing my past relationships through internet and phone calls is easy. My family loves to visit, particularly when I gift them a ticket! And... this was always part of my dream :) - sharing this paradise with my loved ones.

* Manage stress - I don´t know about you, but I have stress to manage, which is super-easy to work with here by seeing the sunsets, walking on the beach, maybe with a bag to pick up occasional trash.  Walking down the street to your destination will be a joyful experience, as by now you know at least 30 people - it can sometimes take an extra hour to exchange smiles and hugs on your journey!
Nearly every day in paradise is perfect! Connecting with nature, whether it is bird-watching, fishing, surfing or riding the waves, can be yours in a moment in time.

* Study Spanish - for me speaking the language is to live life to the fullest, and I do the best I can - however, I will never forget the day when I thought I told my lovely neighbor that she was wearing the most beautiful dress I have ever seen and instead told her she looked like a ghost. These embarrassing moments are inevitable in the pursuit of communicating in another language, but are also endearing to the locals, as they respect your courage in trying to understand and integrate into their culture. And make no mistake, as adults we will not learn Spanish without study of the grammar, and particularly the verbs, which take us from knowing some words to speaking sentences....
For those interested in improving their Spanish, I recommend my p
rivate teacher:    July - 322 138 5199

Now, it's hammock time....

By Michel,
Manager at Lloyd Real Estate San Pancho. 21 year experience of living in México full time

   Michel and her team at
San Pancho Animales

For the first four months of 2018,  San Pancho Animales (SPA) has been involved with the rescue and placement of 45 animals, most finding new loving homes in either the USA or Canada.  In addition, we have helped with spay and neuter  services for 71 dogs or cats.  We have also been involved with 81 cases where animal medications were required, often emergency animal care situations.  
Like the dog, Scott, (photo below) who was hit by a car in Sayulita requiring emergency surgery.  We thought he would recover but, in spite of all precautions taken during and after surgery, including standard antibiotics, Scott started to develop an irreversible infection in his surgery joint. Because he is a street dog, the condition of his red blood cells were unknown, and they may not have been strong enough to fight infection. 

To prevent infection from taking his life, the surgeon who repaired his break urged AnimaLove to amputate his leg. This is always a very hard decision for vets to make, but there was no choice.  So now little Scott is a "tri-pod of joy", eating, healing, showing a whole lot of energy and soul, and he will most likely be fine.  AnimaLove will continue to care for him as he bounds around on three paws. He is young and spunky, and everyone is expecting he will enjoy a good future. We are confident he is getting lots of affection and good veterinary care.   

SPA is working in conjunction with AnimaLove to rehabilitate Scott.   Donations will continue to be needed and appreciated. Thanks to all who have already sent donations!  Please donate via our PayPal and indicate that the donation is for Scott.  And finally, Scott will have to be placed in a forever-home.  If you know of anyone who would like to adopt this very special guy, please write to us!

Please visit our site at: www.sanpanchoanimales.org and click on the donate page.

San Pancho Animales 

Featured Vacation Rental

Casa La Bodeguita - Charming Casa in San Pancho

Casa La Bodeguita is a great choice for your stay in San Pancho.  This 2-bedroom home offers a wonderful rooftop patio that is perfect for hanging out and enjoying the fresh ocean breezes while enjoying the jungle-field open space.  The house has a lovely open kitchen and living area and a nice back patio with dipping pool and the bedrooms are air-conditioned for your sleeping comfort.  Casa La Bodeguita is a peaceful and private home on Honduras Street.  Just a few short - and flat - blocks to the beach past all the wonderful shops and restaurants, you can't beat this location!  Casa La Bodeguita is the best value in Gringo Flats - you will love this house!

Featured Video

Sueños Magicos
Sueños Magicos


Hello Volunteers ~
This could not wait until the next newsletter.  We had to change our application form page for the third time in a year.  I wanted to let you know of our change as soon as possible since the last application page was disabled.   The new page is in service, easier to understand and fast.  So put it to work.
We are frenetically looking for several good volunteers for both the beginning and end of the season check out the dates listed below.
* May 3rd to 31st, one month in apartment #1
* May 27th to mid-June, three weeks in apartment #2
* May 1st to 13th, two weeks in apartment #4
* August 20th to mid-November, three months in apartment #1
* Mid-September to mid-November, two months in apartment #4
If you're interested in joining us this summer, please, go to our new Google Application webpage is located at  Application page   Answer all questions carefully and send.  Also, for more information on our activities and schedules, go to  Selected.
Frank D. Smith
Grupo Ecológico de la Costa Verde, A.C.

Lo De Perla

Another fun way to enjoy our beautiful jungle!  We love this place.
Artist Corner

Hoola Hoop?  Sure why not!

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Thanks Drew Hunt & Linda Gibbs!  

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