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SPMs: Actions Above and Beyond EPA and DHA
Short Video Series

The biochemical pathways for specialized pro-resolving mediators (SPMs) and precursor fatty acids, EPA and DHA, are complex, but the clinical recommendations surrounding omega-3s and SPMs can be simplified:

Listen in as Drs. Robert Martindale, MD, PhD, Stephen McClave, MD, and Jesmond Dalli, PhD
discuss the unique roles of SPMs "above and beyond" the functions of EPA and DHA
Dr. Dalli, Director of the Lipid Mediator Unit at Queen Mary University of London, UK, identifies SPMs as "novel endogenous molecules" for overall wellness and specific therapeutic targets. Through endogenous production and supplemental SPM delivery, the underlying inflammatory "tone" can be improved to withstand future challenges and avoid chronicity

Can Probiotics + Omega-3s Improve Liver Health?
Applications in NAFLD Management

NAFLD is one of the most common liver diseases worldwide. Previous research with probiotics supplementation has elicited beneficial effects in the gut-liver axis and metabolic and immunologic responses. Additionally, omega-3 supplementation may improve liver lipid metabolism and adipose tissue function
Researchers recently investigated the combined effects of probiotics and omega-3 fatty acids a randomized controlled trial in 48 adults with NAFLD...
Chocolate & Nuts: May Improve Lipid Profile

A recent study found that 4 weeks of almonds alone or a combination of almonds plus dark chocolate and cocoa (without exceeding daily energy needs) resulted in favorable lipid, lipoprotein, and apolipoprotein profiles in overweight and obese adults
The study explored the individual and combined effects of dark chocolate, cocoa and almonds on coronary heart disease (CHD) risk factors. A rigorous study design- randomized, controlled, crossover feeding trial was conducted in overweight and obese adults...

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