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SPMs Strengthen Host's Ability to Fight Infections
Mechanisms explored in short video

As we continue with Part 4 in a series on SPM science, Dr. Jesmond Dalli, PhD, Director of the Lipid Mediator Unit at Queen Mary University of London, UK, explores the critical and unique roles of specialized pro-resolving mediators (SPMs) in fighting bacterial and viral infections 

In this quick 2 minute video, learn about the experimental studies that reveal how SPMs strengthen the host's ability to fight infections by mediating the leukocyte response and inhibiting viral replication, ultimately reducing the antibiotic dose

New Clinical News! 
Diet & Exercise Attenuate Excess Gestational Weight Gain & Reduce Odds of C-Section
Due to the global obesity epidemic, at least 1/2 of all women of childbearing age are overweight or obese

Excessive weight during the pre and perinatal periods are linked to increased risk for complications during pregnancy and delivery include C-section

To quantify the effects of diet and exercise based interventions on excess gestational weight gain and risk for C-section, researchers analyzed data from over 12,500 women from 26 randomized clinical trials from 16 countriesResearchers also investigated whether the pregnant woman's BMI, age, parity, ethnicity, and pre-existing medical conditions modified the efficacy of diet and exercise interventions on gestational weight gain and C-section risk
2'FL: the Human Milk Oligosaccharide (HMO) You Need to Know
Not Just a Prebiotic, Also a Pathogen Decoy

First discovered as the most abundant oligosaccharide in human milk, 2'fucosyllactose (2'FL) plays essential, distinct roles supporting gut and immune health. Infants and adults both benefit from 2'FL because it is:

1) a prebiotic supporting the proliferation of beneficial gut bacteria
2) a  "decoy receptor" preventing adhesion of toxins and pathogens to the intestinal epithelium, thereby protecting against infections
Learn more about 2'FL from Nikky Contractor, PhD in the following short "Clinical Minute" animation video
A4M World Congress 
Pre-Conference Workshop: Obesity Management
Wednesday, December 13, 2017 in Las Vegas, NV
Earn 4 CME/CE Credits!

Come celebrate the 25th anniversary of the A4M World Congress and maximize your conference learnings by attending the Obesity Management pre-conference workshop  

Join us in Las Vegas at the Venetian/Palazzo Resort
Full day workshop starts at 7:30 am in Veronese 2405-6 
You will learn about innovative, evidence-based weight management science and clinical techniques. You can  earn 4 CME/CE credits through didactic sessions, featuring 7 renowned thought leaders in weight management science and clinical practice

At the Obesity Management pre-conference workshop, you will take away:
  1. Cutting edge obesity-related science on inflammation, the microbiome, food and mood, and targeted diet and lifestyle approaches (including the ketogenic diet)
  2. Practical clinical tools and management insights for patients struggling with obesity and related comorbidities
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