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The St. Petersburg Road Runners Newsletter          January 2015 - Vol. 6, Issue 1

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Monthly Meeting
January Birthdays
Holiday Party
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The  Board of Directors are listed below:
President - Frank Adornato
Vice President - Donnamarie Hehn
Treasurer - Vicki Linkovich
Secretary - Karen Mathews
Volunteer Coordinator- Don Rasdall
Guest Speaker Coordinator - Board Members
Website Editor - Michelle Schultz
Membership Director - Kelly Shotts
RRCA Coordinator - Vicki Linkovich
Publicity/Community Affairs -
Newsletter Editor - Ginger Herring
Uniforms/Equipment - Open
Race Coordinator - Doug Schiller and Meghan Brunelli
Member-at-large - Brian McManus

Club Ambassador - Ben Fudge 



The Board of Directors will meet at 5:30pm before the general membership meeting at the Suncoast Hospice Center.  Meetings are open to SPRR members.

The Board welcomes your comments.  Feel free to contact anyone on the Board to offer your thoughts.
SPRR extends an open invitation to runners and walkers of all abilities to join us for one of our group runs.

Upham Beach: M-F 6:30 a.m.
Fit for Life: Track/reg run Tu 6pm
Downtown St. Pete: Wed 6:00 p.m.
Fit2Run/ Fri 6:00 p.m. Coffee Pot Park
Fit for Life: Sat 6:30 a.m.
Sunday Runs-varies: Sun 6:00am

Clearwater bridge Runs

varies-check website:  

Please check out our website for more details.  Feel free to join us on one or more of our group runs.  I'm sure you'll find someone to run or walk with that's just your speed.
Dear  ,
Letter from the Editor



Happy New Year,


What would you like with your running today?  Can I interest you with a chance for a PR (Personal Best)?  Or, maybe you would like to start running longer.  We have a special on health and happiness.  Many runners like our special this time of year.


Some of the items that come with a chance for a PR, are (gasp) speed work, (ugh) weight training, (aye yi yi) core strengthening, (not again) consistent training, and (what?) train your brain.   From gaining speed to being mentally prepared, these can be building blocks towards a PR.  You can get other items at Runners' World 97 ways to a PR.  If you'd like to start with speed workouts, SPRR offers speed sessions Tuesday nights at 6pm.  Meet at the Fit for Life parking lot for a workout that will help you get that PR.


Or, if you chose to run longer, we can offer you some tips to help you get there.  SPRR has training tips on their Facebook page.  Frank Adornato recently wrote suggesting you try something that will challenge you, like running longer.  If you've run a 5K or 10K, try a half marathon or a full marathon.  If you've done sprint triathlons, try a half Ironman or the full Ironman.  Frank tells us to decide on your goal, then set up a training plan and go for it.  Set small goals in your plan and increase your mileage no more than 10% every other week.  Many runners have reported a great feeling of accomplishment after conquering this challenge.


Now, let me explain our special on health and happiness.  This one is very popular, and is a good choice whether you're a beginner or an experienced runner.  When you run intensely, physiological changes take place that increase a feeling of happiness.  Running will also release endorphins, which create feelings of elation and contentment.  Run outdoors to enjoy the beauty around you, or run with friends.  Either, or both, will enhance your outlook on life and give you the health and happiness you are looking for.


Take your time to select your choice.  I'll be back to take your order.


Enjoy your Journey, 





Happy New Year.  I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday season and that you're all looking forward to 2015.  I don't know about you, but I look upon every new year as an opportunity to set new goals for myself; sort of like starting again with a clean slate.  As is always the case for me, my goals are to stay healthy and race strong.  For SPRR, we're also looking at some new goals to make the club better for its members.


As many of you know, the SPRR Board of Directors has been doing some Strategic Planning since last year to see what we can do to make SPRR better.  Late lasts year we sent out a membership survey to ask you, the members, what you like about SPRR and what you would like to see changed or added.  The responses and feedback were very positive.  There were several areas where you felt we need to do things better, as well as lots of good comments about why you enjoy being a member of SPRR.  Thank you.  There were two areas where many of you felt we need to take action: 1) To create opportunities for more socializing both in meetings and on training runs, and 2) to improve communications.


The new Board isn't done evaluating all of the responses, but we already have several changes in the works.  The first is to change the format of some of our general membership meetings to incorporate running and to make the meetings more social.  Our February meeting will be our first running/social meeting.  We've made arrangements for Thursday, February 12, at Hops and Props on the Pier in downtown St. Pete.  Members can meet there for a group run before our meeting.  There will be different groups heading out for training runs of different distances and paces, and the we'll all meet back at Hops and Props for food and drinks and a brief meeting.  Stay tuned to the SPRR Facebook page for more details.


A more detailed meeting calendar for the remainder of 2015 will also be distributed soon on Facebook and our website.


Other areas where we will be making changes are:  improved communications on our website, Facebook and Twitter; more opportunities to socialize after our training runs (which are  held seven days a week); a proposal for a Frequent Miler Program whereby members can log their miles and qualify for prizes, and lots more.


If you haven't "Liked" SPRR on Facebook, I suggest you do it.  Facebook is a good way to get daily updates on club activities, to learn about training runs and upcoming races, to post and read about members' race results, to get timely training tips, and lots more.  Visit early and often!


Train smart.  Race fast.


Frank Adornato

SPRR President 



rrcaThe St. Pete Road Runners is a member of the Road Runners Club of America.  Club membership is open to all walkers, joggers, non-competitive runners, biathletes, triathletes and competitive runners.  Your membership gives you monthly meetings with guest speakers, coaching, group runs, newsletters, Grand Prix Series, and the absolutely best social events.
Your Board has been working hard with strategic planning in order to improve benefits for our members and to continue to make SPRR one of the best running clubs in the area.  We invite you to be part of the fun and excitement SPRR has to offer.

DON'T FORGET that you can become a member, or renew your membership online using PayPal!   I hope you will take advantage of this easy way to join SPRR or to renew your membership.


Our next SPRR meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 8, 2015.  Our meeting will begin at 6:30pm at the Suncoast Hospice.  We will introduce your 2015 Board of Directors and the role they play for SPRR.  We will give you an overview of the Strategic Plan and some top issues offered to us from the survey.  Also, new this year is our Frequent Miler Program.  You will learn more about how this will work.  And, don't forget our new member incentive.  You are invited to bring your questions and comments for the open forum program we have for you.  There are so many new initiatives that we know you will be excited about.  Make sure you come to the meeting to learn what's coming in the next year.


The Suncoast Hospice

3050 1st Avenue South

St. Petersburg, FL

January 8, 2015

6:30 p.m.









We wish all of you with January birthdays the best ever and many more happy miles: 






Brian Berger                  Virginia Edmonds              Sunny L'Heureux           Eric Sager

Michelle Bosco               Kristin Heatherly                Stephanie Massey        Tanner Spaulding

Nancy Brannan              Vickie Hemphill                  Carol Montgomery        Katherine Thompson

Dianne Clendenin          Constantina James            Steven Morrison           Jennifer Volpe

Greg Colgan                  Peter Kaszyk                      Karen Newsome

Tracy Connolly              Jack Keefe                          Susan O'Neil

Sylvia Crowhurst           Bob Lester                          Gary Renfrow 




The Holiday Party was another big success.  The food was extraordinarily good, especially because Holiday food has no calories.  Our thank you to all who helped put this wonderful event together. 


We handed out a few awards at the party and I'd like to share with you the recipients of those awards:


Most Improved - Carey Herholz

Most Inspirational - Doug Schiller

Rising Star - Meghan Brunelli

Pat Fudge Volunteer of the Year Award - Vicki Linkovich


We also gave an Awesome Award to Michelle Germann with great appreciation for all her awesome work with social media that raised our status to heights never before imagined. 

Thank you to all who participated in the Silent Auction.  Your efforts raised $776 for the SPRR Scholarship Fund. 






Congratulations to Pam Greene who ran an impressive 2:03:50 at Space Coast. 



SPRR had a large contingency at the Manatee 5 miler with many bringing home the hardware.  Our thanks to Meghan Brunelli for hosting a fun brunch afterward.




Good luck to everyone with whatever your goals and plans are for the new year.  Keep it fun, keep it interesting, and most of all Enjoy your Journey.



Have you been checking our Facebook Page?  Not only are there motivational posts, there are funny posts and now we have great training tips.  Check us out and be sure to like, comment and share.       

P.S.  We are also on Twitter and have an Instagram account.                           


For more pictures and up-to-date news and gossip, check out our Facebook Page.



                 December 31/January 1 - Run out the old year/Run in the new year with SPRR


January 1  -       New Year's Day 5K/10K               Rec Center             Temple Terrace

January 3  -       Croom Zoom 25, 50, 100K           Croom Hiking Trail  Brooksville

                          J. West Prostate 8K                      Beach Casino         Gulfport

                          Miles for Minds 5K                        Lake Park                Tampa

January 10/11 - Disney Marathon/Half                   Epcot Center           Orlando

January 11 -      Kiwanis Adventure Run 5K/5M     Honeymoon Isle      Dunedin

January 17 -      SPB Classic 10K/5K/Beach          Sirata Resort           St. Pete Beach

January 18 -      SPB Half Marathon                       Sirata Resort           St. Pete Beach

                          Clearwater Half/Marathon/50K      Coachman Park      Clearwater

January 24 -      Caladesi Island 10 M/5K               Pier 60                     Clearwater

                          Belleair Sunset 5K                        Dimmitt Rec Center  Belleair

January 25 -      Florida Challenge Half Marathon  Alafia River St Park  Lithia


Good luck runners.  Please don't be shy - let me know your results.                               



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Prices are good for 1 year

We also offer a yearly advertising rate with a link to your website along with your ad on our SPRR website for $150.


We are especially grateful to the following companies and organizations for their support and contributions they have made to SPRR:



Call Al at 727-547-1233 for a FREE Demonstration.  He will treat one side of your body to illustrate the difference pre and post treatment.  You may not realize your current condition is less than optimal until after treatment -- you will see and feel the benefits.  You will be amazed by the difference!  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so take measures to prevent injury and call for your free demonstration.
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                   Florida Road Races    Chris Lauber, Director
If you are interested in being an SPRR sponsor and advertise in our newsletter, please contact Ginger Herring.  Thank you.



A New Year's resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other. 


I'll remember 2014 like it was yesterday.


Enjoy your Journey,