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The St. Petersburg Road Runners Newsletter          February 2015 - Vol. 6, Issue 2

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Letter from the Editor
President's Message
Monthly Meeting
February Birthdays
Frequent Miler Program
Heard Around the Track
Race Schedule
In Closing
The  Board of Directors are listed below:
President - Frank Adornato
Vice President - Donnamarie Hehn
Treasurer - Vicki Linkovich
Secretary - Karen Mathews
Volunteer Coordinator- Don Rasdall
Guest Speaker Coordinator - Board Members
Website Editor - Michelle Schultz
Membership Director - Kelly Shotts
RRCA Coordinator - Vicki Linkovich
Publicity/Community Affairs -
Newsletter Editor - Ginger Herring
Uniforms/Equipment - Open
Race Coordinator - Doug Schiller and Meghan Brunelli
Member-at-large - Brian McManus

Club Ambassador - Ben Fudge 



The Board of Directors will hold its February meeting at 5:30pm before the general membership run and social at Hops and Props. 

The Board welcomes your comments.  Feel free to contact anyone on the Board to offer your thoughts.
SPRR extends an open invitation to runners and walkers of all abilities to join us for one of our group runs.

Upham Beach: M-F 6:30 a.m.
Fit for Life: Track/reg run Tu 6pm
Downtown St. Pete: Wed 6:00 p.m.
Fit2Run/ Fri 6:00 p.m. Coffee Pot Park
Fit for Life: Sat 6:30 a.m.
Sunday Runs-varies: Sun 6:00am

Clearwater bridge Runs

varies-check website:  

Please check out our website for more details.  Feel free to join us on one or more of our group runs.  I'm sure you'll find someone to run or walk with that's just your speed.


We appreciate the partnerships with our sponsors.  Please support them.

Beach Brit Fit
Cleaning Police
Fit For Life/
John Payne,  Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist
Florida Road Races
Meilus Muscular Therapy
Motion Sports Management
Sweet Things
USA Tampa Bay Fit

Dear  ,
Letter from the Editor



I've been thinking lately how much running is like life and how life is like a top.


In life, there are times when you find yourself so wound up you start spinning out of control.  All your thoughts, worries, anxieties spin around and around in your head.  You question what in the world you got yourself into and how in the world can you get yourself out.  You feel out of control and breathless.


Running, as in life, is also like a top.  When you first start, your legs spin fast.  You have no idea what you're doing.  You question why in the world you're doing this as you spin and bounce out of control and breathless.


Then you sit back and sort out those thoughts, worries, and anxieties in your life.  You take a deep breath, relax and like a top, you slow yourself down, wobble a bit, and then stop.  You get yourself in control, ready to rewind.


You need to do the same thing with running.  You have self doubts, you may be burned out, you may be injured.  Like a top, you may find yourself slowing down, wobbling, and eventually stop running.  Just get yourself back in control and ready to rewind.


The good news is, no matter what life gives you to make you feel a bit wobbly, you get to rewind and spin effortlessly through your days.  And, like life, no matter what your run gives you to make you feel slow, and wobbly, and want to stop, you get to rewind and happily spin along your course again.


If you slow down, if you wobble a bit, if you feel like quitting, don't!  Don't give up.  It's ok to be slow.  It's ok to wobble.  Take that deep breath and keep moving forward.  Do your best for that day and know it will get better.


Enjoy your Journey, 





As I write this month's letter, January is coming to a close (already!)  The first big race weekend of the year drew many SPRR competitors and volunteers to St. Pete Beach and Clearwater.  If you were one of the volunteers - a big "thank you" goes out to you.  If you ran any of the races that weekend - hearty congratulations.  And don't forget to post your results on the SPRR Facebook page.


If you're training for the many other races coming up this year, why not take advantage of the SPRR training runs.  There's at least one training group run every day of the week.  Morning beach runs, speed drills, hill work, long distance runs.  Whatever your running pace and distance, most likely there's a group that you can join.  Check the SPRR website and Facebook for details.


And join us on Thursday, February 12th, for our first running meeting.  Runners will meet at 6:00 pm. at Hops n Props in downtown St. Pete.  There will be several groups running at various speeds and distances, finishing up aback at Hops n Props for some food and drink, and a brief meeting.  SPRR will buy your first beer.


And remember, when you volunteer for an event, compete in a race, or attend an SPRR meeting, you will earn SPRR Frequent Miler Points.  As your point total grows you become eligible to earn prizes at the end of the year; the biggest prize being a year's running shoes.


So tie up the laces on your running shoes, and come on out to train, compete and volunteer at races.  We look forward to seeing you out on the roads.


Train smart.  Race fast.


Frank Adornato

SPRR President 



rrcaThe St. Pete Road Runners is a member of the Road Runners Club of America.  Club membership is open to all walkers, joggers, non-competitive runners, biathletes, triathletes and competitive runners.  Your membership gives you monthly meetings with guest speakers, coaching, group runs, newsletters, Grand Prix Series, and the absolutely best social events.
Your Board has been working hard with strategic planning in order to improve benefits for our members and to continue to make SPRR one of the best running clubs in the area.  We invite you to be part of the fun and excitement SPRR has to offer.

DON'T FORGET that you can become a member, or renew your membership online using PayPal!   I hope you will take advantage of this easy way to join SPRR or to renew your membership.

Welcome to our newest members.  Thank you for choosing to join SPRR.  We are happy to have you be part of a great running club.
     Jordan Bonyata                   Danielle O'Neil
     Paula Buchele                     Mona Petrou
     Jean Cowan                        Miguel Rivera
     Maria Drew                          Caryn Robinson 
     Nancy Falkenstern              Kathryn Stoehr
     Kent Gordon                        Judy Sromovsky
     Aaron Maggied                    Lynda Younghusband

Our next SPRR meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 12, 2015.  Our meeting will begin with a run (varied distances and paces) at 6:00pm at Hops and Props, Museum of History, at the foot of the Pier.  Finish the run at Hops and Props by 7:00pm when we will have some food and beverage.  SPRR will purchase your first drink.  We'll take a few minutes to update you on some club news.


Hops n Props

335 2nd Ave NE

St. Petersburg, FL

February 12, 2015

6:00 pm - Run begins

7:00 pm - social/meeting begins









We wish all of you with February birthdays the best ever and many more happy miles: 






John Aegerter                   Ernie Glode                Africa Miller                 James Schultz

Sonny Alberdeston           Lauren Graus             Roseann Moushon      Christa Stephens

Chloe Counsman              Bob Hansford             Richard Nadeau          David Tatro

Maureen Cox                    Hugh Higgins              A.J. Ortiz                     Neal Terracciano

Verna Dedlaso                  Carol Hollenbeck        James Parry                Michael Turton

Gilbert Dolores                  Karen Houser             Georgia Pedersen       Angie Waldauer

Michael Donahue              Jim Jordan                  Doug Peterson            Scott Wayland

Marie Drew                        Katelynne Magin         Russ Pritchard            Steven C. Williams

Alan Edwards                    Robyn Mason              Debra Ryder               Larry Yost




You no doubt have heard about the new SPRR Frequent Miler Program.  This is a new and exciting program we know you'll want to be part of.   Here is how it works:


*  Run an SPRR Beach Race, SPRR involved race, or "Pop-up Race" = 5 Miles

        SPRR involved races include St. Pete Beach Classic Races, Florida Beaches, Halloween Half,  

         Holiday Half and Clearwater Classic races.  You'll know in advance if other races are added.

*  Volunteer at an SPRR race or other SPRR sponsored volunteer stations = 10 Miles

         Includes the above races, Gasparilla expo, Gasparilla Water stop. Again, if we become involved with other volunteer opportunities, you will know in advance.


*  Attend monthly meetings = 5 Miles


If you attended the January meeting, you already have 5 Miles (points).  Then, if you volunteered for the St. Pete Beach Classic and ran one race, you add 10 Miles for volunteering and 5 Miles for running the race.  If you volunteered for the Clearwater Classic, you have 10 more miles for a total of 30 miles so far.


Gasparilla is coming up and we will need volunteers for the expo and the water stop.  This is a great chance to build up more Frequent Miles.


The program started in January and will run through the end of October.  Awards will be presented at the Holiday Party in December.  Members who earned miles would be eligible for the following:

*  75 Miles - Frequent Miler t-shirt

*  100 Miles - Merchandise to be determined (you can be assured it will be worth the effort)

*  125 Miles - Merchandise to be determined (this too will be worth the effort)


There will be a raffle for those who earn at least 100 miles.  They will be eligible for the drawing for a free year of running shoes.


Watch for updates and more information on Facebook and our website.










The Board has been working on an upgrade to our website.  There are some great, awesome, new things coming.  More on that later.




Harry Muller ran the Clearwater Half Marathon in 2:14:53, good for 1st place in his age group.  Congratulations Harry, and welcome back to Florida.



SPRR had a large contingency at both the St. Pete Beach Classic and the Clearwater races.  We are proud of your accomplishments.  Our thanks to the volunteers who helped at both of these major events.  



Good luck to everyone running races in February. 




Good luck to everyone with whatever your goals and plans are for the new year.  Keep it fun, keep it interesting, and most of all Enjoy your Journey.



Have you been checking our Facebook Page?  Not only are there motivational posts, there are funny posts and now we have great training tips.  Check us out and be sure to like, comment and share.       

P.S.  We are also on Twitter and have an Instagram account.                           


For more pictures and up-to-date news and gossip, check out our Facebook Page.




February 1  -  Chilly Willy Duathlon                   Ft. Desoto Park            North Beach

February 7  -  Best Damn Race Half/10K/5K     City Marina                  Safety Harbor

                       Crusader Gallop 5K                     Eagle Lake Park         Largo

February 14 - Valentine's Day 5K                      Spring Valley School   Palm Harbor

February 15 - Flatwoods 10 Mile/5K                  Flatwoods Park            Tampa

February 21 - Gasparilla 15K/5K                       Convention Center       Tampa

February 22 - Gasparilla Half/8K                       Convention Center       Tampa

February 28 - ZooZoom 5K                               Lowry Park                   Tampa


Good luck runners.  Please don't be shy - let me know your results.    We also welcome your race story.  Runners LOVE to read about other runners' experiences.  Feel free to share yours.  You can email your story to  Thank you.                           



  We are happy to announce that Up To Speed is accepting advertising.  Here are the current rates. 




                                                              Business Card   $  20

                                                              � Page              $  50                                     

                                                              � Page              $  75

                                                              Full Page           $100


Prices are good for 1 year

We also offer a yearly advertising rate with a link to your website along with your ad on our SPRR website for $150.


We are especially grateful to the following companies and organizations for their support and contributions they have made to SPRR:











Call Al at 727-547-1233 for a FREE Demonstration.  He will treat one side of your body to illustrate the difference pre and post treatment.  You may not realize your current condition is less than optimal until after treatment -- you will see and feel the benefits.  You will be amazed by the difference!  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so take measures to prevent injury and call for your free demonstration.
   Cleaning Police Ad
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   gingerbread man


                    Motion Sports Management   Al Johnson       
                   Florida Road Races    Chris Lauber, Director
If you are interested in being an SPRR sponsor and advertise in our newsletter, please contact Ginger Herring.  Thank you.



Happy Valentine's Day


Q:  Why did the banana go out with a prune?

A:  Because it couldn't get a date.


Q:  What happens when you fall in love with a chef?

A:  You get buttered up.


Q:  What did the caveman give his wife on Valentine's Day?

A:  Ughs and kisses. 

Enjoy your Journey,