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The St. Petersburg Road Runners Newsletter          March 2015 - Vol. 6, Issue 3

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Monthly Meeting
March Birthdays
Frequent Miler Program
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The  Board of Directors are listed below:
President - Frank Adornato
Vice President - Donnamarie Hehn
Treasurer - Vicki Linkovich
Secretary - Karen Mathews
Volunteer Coordinator- Don Rasdall
Guest Speaker Coordinator - Board Members
Website Editor - Michelle Schultz
Membership Director - Kelly Shotts
RRCA Coordinator - Vicki Linkovich
Publicity/Community Affairs -
Newsletter Editor - Ginger Herring
Uniforms/Equipment - Open
Race Coordinator - Doug Schiller and Meghan Brunelli
Member-at-large - Brian McManus

Club Ambassador - Ben Fudge 



The Board of Directors will hold its March meeting at 6:00pm at Pinera Bread, 1908 4th St. No.

The Board welcomes your comments.  Feel free to contact anyone on the Board to offer your thoughts.




SPRR extends an open invitation to runners and walkers of all abilities to join us for one of our group runs.

Upham Beach: M-F 6:30 a.m.
Fit for Life: Track/reg run Tu 6pm
Downtown St. Pete: Wed 6:00 p.m.
Fit2Run/ Fri 6:00 p.m. Coffee Pot Park
Fit for Life: Sat 6:30 a.m.
Sunday Runs-varies: Sun 6:00am

Clearwater bridge Runs

varies-check website:  

Please check out our website for more details.  Feel free to join us on one or more of our group runs.  I'm sure you'll find someone to run or walk with that's just your speed.


We appreciate the partnerships with our sponsors.  Please support them.

Beach Brit Fit
Cleaning Police
Fit For Life/
John Payne,  Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist
Florida Road Races
Meilus Muscular Therapy
Motion Sports Management
Sweet Things
USA Tampa Bay Fit

Dear  ,
Letter from the Editor


      "Go Random Stranger!" said the sign.  I was at mile 18 and even though I didn't think I had the strength, I had to smile.  Not only are signs at our races, signs are everywhere in our life; on t-shirts, bumper stickers, cups, roads. 
     Jeff Foxworthy  even had a hilarious comedy routine called, "Here's your sign."  He targeted some non-intelligent things people would say like, "Before my wife and I moved from Texas to California, our house was full of boxes and there was a U-Hall truck in our driveway.  My friend comes over and says, 'Hey, you moving?'
Nope.  We just pack our stuff up once or twice a week just to see how many boxes it takes."  Here's your sign.
     Another Foxworthy sign was, "A couple of months ago I went fishing with a buddy of mine.  We pulled his boat into the dock.  I lifted up the big ol' stringer of bass and this idiot on the dock goes, 'Hey, y'all catch all them fish?'
Nope, Talked 'em into giving up."
     Marathon runners have their signs too.  I'm sure you've seen signs held by some awesome spectators to give you encouragement and a chuckle along the way.  Signs give runners a distraction from their burning legs, and short relief from the stress they are feeling when they are half way through.  It's hard when you are only half way through your race and realize you have another half to do.  But then, there's your sign, "Your feet hurt because you're kicking so much butt." 
    You smile, pick up your knees and run like you really are kicking butt - at least for a quarter mile or so.  Then it seems you're back doing the survival shuffle.  Oh look, there's another sign, "Run like you stole it!"  Another smile spreads across your face, you pick up the pace and run like you really did steal it.
     Runners need the signs to cheer them on, "Dear Stranger:  You are My Hero."  Runners need signs to inspire them, "In our minds, you are all Kenyans."  Or, maybe just make them laugh, "You run better than the government."  And, to take their minds off things in the midst of a brutal journey to the finish line, "Humpty Dumpty had wall issues too."
     No matter how fast or how slow, no matter how strong or if your legs are like Jello, no matter if you want to quit and never, ever do this again, there will be a sign to help you through.  Here's your sign:
     "Congratulations.  You did it.  Now celebrate."
Enjoy your journey,



Last weekend was the running of the Gasparilla Classic in downtown Tampa, with more than 35,000 runners competing.  From my perspective, it was a fun and competitive weekend, and SPRR was well represented with many members competing in all distances, including the Lime Challenge and the Ultra.  Congratulations to everyone who raced.  And don't be shy - post your results on the SPRR Facebook page.  Also, I want to send out a big thank you to those of you who volunteered at the SPRR expo table and Sunday's water station.


As we enter the month of March there are many more running races coming up, as well as the start of triathlon season in April.  St. Anthony's Triathlon weekend is April 25th and 26th.  The Meek and Mighty races will be held on Saturday, and the Sprint and Olympic distance races will be held on Sunday.  Start training!  If you're not racing, why not volunteer to help out at the SPRR water station.  It's located on the run in Snell Island at about the 2 mile mark.  It's a fun day that puts you right in the mix, up close and personal with the triathletes as they run through the third stage of the race.  Go to our website or Facebook page for details on how to volunteer.


Also coming up is the annual presentation of the SPRR College Scholarships.  The deadline for accepting applications is March 1st, and two scholarships will be awarded to deserving scholar-athletes at our monthly meeting on April 9th.  Please mark your calendars and plan to attend and congratulate the two winners.


As always, don't hesitate to take advantage of our club training runs.  There is at least one training group run every day of the week.  Whatever your running pace and distance, there's a group that you can join.  And if you have a friend or running partner who's not a member of SPRR, bring him or her along.  They are welcome to join in.  Check the SPRR website and Facebook for details.


We look forward to seeing you on Thursday March 12th for our running meeting at St. Pete Running Company.  Watch our Facebook page for more details.


And remember, when you volunteer for an event, compete in a race, or attend an SPRR meeting, you will earn valuable SPRR Frequent Miler Points.  As you point total grows through the year, you become eligible to earn prizes at the end of the year; the biggest prize being a year's running shoes.


So tie up your shoe laces and join us as we train, compete and volunteer at races.  We look forward to seeing you out on the roads.


Train smart.  Race fast.


Frank Adornato

SPRR President 



rrcaThe St. Pete Road Runners is a member of the Road Runners Club of America.  Club membership is open to all walkers, joggers, non-competitive runners, biathletes, triathletes and competitive runners.  Your membership gives you monthly meetings with guest speakers, coaching, group runs, newsletters, Grand Prix Series, and the absolutely best social events.
Your Board has been working hard with strategic planning in order to improve benefits for our members and to continue to make SPRR one of the best running clubs in the area.  We invite you to be part of the fun and excitement SPRR has to offer.

DON'T FORGET that you can become a member, or renew your membership online using PayPal!   I hope you will take advantage of this easy way to join SPRR or to renew your membership.

Welcome to our newest members.  Thank you for choosing to join SPRR.  We are happy to have you be part of a great running club.
             Kristy Murphy
             Donna Pascoe
             Madonna Wadden

Our next SPRR meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 12, 2015.  Our meeting will begin with a run (varied distances and paces) at 6:00pm at St. Pete Running Company, one of the Top 50 Running Stores in America.  Finish the run at the St. Pete Running Company by 7:00pm when we will have some food and beverage.  Cody is looking forward to talking tech and will show you how to use your GPS watch.  We will have a membership table set up as well, so if you know someone who was interested in SPRR, have them come to the run/meeting.


St. Pete Running Company

6986 22nd Ave No.

St. Petersburg, FL

March 12, 2015

6:00 pm - Run begins

7:00 pm - social/meeting begins




We wish all of you with March birthdays the best ever and many more happy miles: 


David Allen                           Dylan Dolores            Carey Herholz             Jon Newsome

Elizabeth Allen                     Jeff Essers                 Monte Hoge                 Brian Newsome

Jack Carlock                        Grant Fashbaugh       Chika Kasahara           Chris Pedersen

Glenn Cate                           Christy Ford               Christian Kondor          Miguel Rivera

Lennie Cloud                        Katherine Grzelka      Madison Massey          Deb Robinson

Bill Condon                           Michelle Haers           Laurie Mayberry           Tiffany Secka

AnneMarie Cunningham      Millie Hamilton            Sarah Mines                 Amy Spiegel

Brian Cunningham               Gloria Hancock           Kaeleigh Morehouse    Ken Van Baber

Jeff Davis                             Erin Henderson           Mariah Moushon          Jennifer Wallace 

                                                                                                                      Jackie Yost 





You no doubt have heard about the new SPRR Frequent Miler Program.  This is a new and exciting program we know you'll want to be part of.   Here is how it works:


*  Run an SPRR Beach Race, SPRR involved race, or "Pop-up Race" = 5 Miles


SPRR involved races include St. Pete Beach Classic Races, Florida Beaches, Halloween Half,  

         Holiday Half and Clearwater Classic races.  You'll know in advance if other races are added.

*  Volunteer at an SPRR race or other SPRR sponsored volunteer stations = 10 Miles

         Includes the above races, Gasparilla expo, Gasparilla Water stop. Again, if we become involved with other volunteer opportunities, you will know in advance.


*  Attend monthly meetings = 5 Miles


If you attended the January meeting, you already have 5 Miles (points).  Then, if you volunteered for the St. Pete Beach Classic and ran one race, you add 10 Miles for volunteering and 5 Miles for running the race.  If you volunteered for the Clearwater Classic, you have 10 more miles for a total of 30 miles so far.


Gasparilla is coming up and we will need volunteers for the expo and the water stop.  This is a great chance to build up more Frequent Miles.


The program started in January and will run through the end of October.  Awards will be presented at the Holiday Party in December.  Members who earned miles would be eligible for the following:

*  75 Miles - Frequent Miler t-shirt

*  100 Miles - Merchandise to be determined (you can be assured it will be worth the effort)

*  125 Miles - Merchandise to be determined (this too will be worth the effort)


There will be a raffle for those who earn at least 100 miles.  They will be eligible for the drawing for a free year of running shoes.


Watch for updates and more information on Facebook and our website.  







Thank you all for helping with the SPRR expo booth and the water stop at Gasparilla.  You are certainly appreciated.




Daylight Savings Time begins March 8.  Be sure to set your clocks 1 hour ahead.



Just so you know, SPRR is in the process of upgrading and improving the website.  We anticipate minimal downtime.  I think you will be  happy with the end results.




Albert Wieringa received Honorable Mention in the 65-69 age group in Running Times' Annual Ranking of top Masters long distance runners of the year.  Congratulations Albert.






Harry Muller ran very well, as usual, at the Gasparilla Half Marathon.  He ran a 2:13:09, good for 6th place in his age group. Congratulations Harry.







Millie Hamilton will be running Boston again this April.  She tells me it will be her 10th Boston and her 40th Marathon.  Wow.  Good job, Millie.




Don Rasdall ran the Ultra Challenge at Gasparilla which was no easy "feet" for him.  He had Plantar Fasciitis and started the week before in a boot.  He said, "I didn't think I could run but by Sunday I was a Gasparilla  Running Pirate - 2 days, 4 races for a total of 30.4 miles of running completed.  Also, it was 2015 Half Marathon #4.  Thanks for all the support from SPRR, TBF, and good friends."








Christine Arbasak ran the Tallahassee Marathon in a blazing 4:22:55, good for 4th place AG.  Then she turned right around and ran the Lime Challenge good enough to receive the top 10% cup in her age group.




Vicki Linkovich, Christine Arbasak, Charlotte Shimko, Pam Greene, Donnamarie Hehn, Karen Mathews, Laurie Germann, and Sylvia Crowhurst, our SPRR Lime Challengers.  Check out all those 10% cups.  Congratulations to all of you.




Kelly Shotts loved, loved, loved her Ragnar Key West experience.  She also did a great job at the Gasparilla 15K in spite of an ankle problem.  By the way, the ankle problem turned out to be a stress fracture.  She'll be back in time for Space Coast though.





Good luck to everyone with whatever your goals and plans are for the new year.  Keep it fun, keep it interesting, and most of all Enjoy your Journey.



Have you been checking our Facebook Page?  Not only are there motivational posts, there are funny posts and now we have great training tips.  Check us out and be sure to like, comment and share.       

P.S.  We are also on Twitter and have an Instagram account.                           


For more pictures and up-to-date news and gossip, check out our Facebook Page.




March 7                 World of Beer 5K                       Town Center               Westchase

                              The Breast Event 5K                  John Chestnut Park    Palm Harbor

March 8                 American Dream 5K                  Al Lopez Park              Tampa

                              Eagle Lake Classic                    Eagle Lake Park          Largo

March 13               Shamrock N Run 5K                  Ulmer Park                  Largo

March 14               Armadillo 5K/10K                       Town Center               Oldsmar

                              Shamrock 5K/10K                      Sable Park                  Brandon

                              Bolt Run 5K/5 Mile                     Amalie Arena              Tampa

March 15               St. Patrick's Day 5K/10K            Bauser's Liquor           Dunedin

                              Shamrock Sprint 5K                   Fitzgerald's Pub          New Port Richey

March 21               Strawberry Classic 5K/10K/15K TT Elementary Sch     Temple Terrace

March 22               Florida Beach Half Marathon      North Beach               Ft. DeSoto

March 27               Grand Prix 5K                             Vinoy Park                  St. Petersburg

March 28               Mustache 5K                               Capitol Beer House    Clearwater

March 29               XTerra Trout Creek 15K             Trout Creek Park        Tampa



Good luck runners.  Please don't be shy - let me know your results.    We also welcome your race story.  Runners LOVE to read about other runners' experiences.  Feel free to share yours.  You can email your story to  Thank you.                           



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Prices are good for 1 year

We also offer a yearly advertising rate with a link to your website along with your ad on our SPRR website for $150.


We are especially grateful to the following companies and organizations for their support and contributions they have made to SPRR:











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If you are interested in being an SPRR sponsor and advertise in our newsletter, please contact Ginger Herring.  Thank you.




      Happy St. Patrick's Day



Enjoy your Journey,