Organizers and sponsors of the Day of Service at the May 25 BOCC meeting.
Second Santa Rosa  Day of Service a success
Approximately 350 volunteers completed 16 projects throughout county
Approximately 350 volunteers pitched in for the Santa Rosa Day of Service on Saturday, May 6. This was the second county-wide event coordinated by SAFER Santa Rosa in conjunction with Santa Rosa County Emergency Management. An official presentation on the event was held at the May 25 BOCC committee meeting.
"I am thankful to the churches and organizations that went above and beyond with volunteers and projects. Our community came together to work and showed that they are all heroes," said Daniel Hahn, SAFER Santa Rosa coordinator and plans chief for Emergency Management.
Sixteen community projects from throughout the county were submitted by organizations to garner help for those who could not help themselves. The largest project again this year was the produce drop, which had 115 volunteers who helped bag 40,000 pounds of carrots.

"The carrots will be distributed to agencies in Santa Rosa County to feed the hungry. This means that 120,000 servings of carrots will bless those in our county who need the most help," said Kathy Knight, pastor of the First United Methodist Church of Milton.

Another group requested help to build a wheelchair ramp for an elderly woman in the north end of the county and a wheelchair ramp cover for an elderly woman in the south end of the county. Projects ranged from cleaning up cemeteries and putting together 42 disaster kits to knocking down a wall at Interfaith Ministries thrift shop and collecting trash at Baycliff Preserve, Blackwater State Forest, Navarre Beach and Naval Live Oaks.
Sponsors included SAFER, Interfaith Ministries, Santa Rosa County Federal Credit Union, Living Truth Church, Least of These Outreach (Central Waterside Church) and West Florida Baptist Church.

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