Staying safe during the hustle and bustle of the holidays
'Tis the season of traveling to see family, finishing last-minute shopping and attending countless holiday parties. This time of the year can also bring increased motor vehicle accidents with injury or fatalities. "Drunken driving crashes claim a victim who was not a drunk driver every two and a half hours" ( Santa Rosa County Emergency Management and Lifeguard Ambulance Service would like to remind the community to use extra care and caution this holiday season, especially while driving.

Avoid distracted driving:
  • Do NOT drive and:
    • Text, post/check social media, check/respond to email, take pictures, read, etc.
  • Understand and decrease other potential distractions:
    • Adjusting electronic devices or navigation systems
    • Conversing with other passengers or talking on the phone with/without hands-free option
    • Being distracted by children in the back seat
    • Driving while fatigued
Prevent impaired driving:
  • Do NOT drive after drinking or under any type of influence. 
  • Select a designated driver, who commits to remaining entirely sober.
  • Plan a safe ride with the use of taxi, Uber/Lyft or other means to prevent impaired driving.
  • Help loved ones be responsible - do NOT allow them to drink and drive.
Remember safe driving practices:
  • Assure all passengers are properly buckled and know the specific recommendations for children at various stages. (
  • Stop rushing - your life and the lives of others are more important.
  • Look out for pedestrians, especially in congested or limited visibility areas, such as shopping centers, grocery stores, parking lots, or neighborhoods.
  • Be aware of traffic around you and others who may not be paying attention.
  • Listen and respond accordingly to emergency vehicles (fire, EMS, police), safely moving out of their way.
    • Obey Florida's "Move Over" law.
    • Check surroundings, use signal and move as far right as possible when an emergency vehicle is approaching, then stop completely.
    • Avoid stopping parallel to another vehicle, especially on two-lane roads and bridges.
Santa Rosa County Emergency Management and Lifeguard Ambulance Service wish you a safe holiday season and a happy new year! Remember - buzzed driving is drunk driving.

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