Renting your home or condo during the summer?
Here's what you need to know...
If you are looking to make some extra cash this summer renting out your home or condo, there are a few things you need to know. 
  • If you rent your property for six months or less, or month-to-month, you may be required to pay Tourist Development Tax as well as state and local sales tax. To set up an account to pay tourist tax, visit the Santa Rosa Clerk of Court's tourist tax web site or call (850) 983-1950. 
  • In addition to the Tourist Development Tax, you must collect and remit state and local sales tax to the Florida Department of Revenue. Register online with the Florida Department of Revenue at
  • Homeowners who rent their homestead properties for more than 30 days per year for two consecutive years will no longer qualify for homestead status. For more information on maintaining your homestead status, visit the Santa Rosa County Property Appraiser's web site at or call (850) 983-1880. 

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