Week of June 21, 2018
Kindergarten End of Year Ceremony

The Kindergarten classes had their End of Year Celebration on Friday June 15.

Under the musical direction of Mrs. Blum, along with the teachers Mrs. Fogel, Morah Jennie, Ms. Pinzel and Morah Marina, they took the audience through the highlights of the school year in song and dance. Everyone was so impressed with the quality of their performance. A collation followed in the lunchroom. Everyone had a great time.
International Buffet

On Friday the first grade hosted an International Buffet as the culmination of their study of our planet and the seven continents. For several months the children recycled foil by creating a foil ball that they later painted to represent Earth. Each week they counted the number of pieces of foil used, measured the growing circumference, and weighed the ball. Then, in groups, the children researched each continent while using the skills they learned throughout the year. From each continent, stories were read and music was listened to. Finally the classes prepared food from each continent using math skills learned, as well. All work was displayed during the delicious buffet and the classes entertained their guests with a song they learned about the continents. Everyone had a wonderful time. 
Eighth Grade Graduation Ceremony

Tuesday, June 19, Eighth Grade parents, families, members of the board of trustees, teachers and staff, alumni, and friends, gathered for the Eighth Grade graduation ceremony at Hillcrest Jewish Center. With music, dance and song the students performed beautifully for the attendees.

We especially thank Morah Natalie Agajan, Morah Carly Schulman, Mr. Kalman, Mr. Naparstek, Rabbi Reis, Marilyn Hertz and all our parents for all their hard work in ensuring a successful graduation.

We wish our graduating class much success in the future. Mazal Tov to the students and parents.
Pre-K Moving Up Ceremony

Last Friday, June 15th, Pre-K had their end of the year moving up ceremony. Incorporating the final unit of Transformation, they sang songs reflective of their incredible year and personal growth! It was truly a beautiful day to be proud of and enjoyed by all.

Congratulations everyone! 
Enjoy the Summer Vacation!

We hope you have a wonderful, restful summer break.
See you in September!
Upcoming Events

6/22/18  - Last day of classes for students in Shorashim, K - 7
6/29/18   - Last day for Pre-K
9/4/18 - First Day of Classes
Parshat HaShavua
Candle lighting - 6/22/18 - 8:13 PM
Havdalah - 6/23/18 - 9:22 PM

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