Week of March 29, 2018
Eighth Grade Sendoff

Our Eighth Grade students will soon be embarking on their trip to Israel. In preparation for this most memorable occasion, Morah Aharoni prepared an uplifting Sendoff for her 8th grade students. The students recited various Tefillot and songs connected to the theme of Israel. The students also performed numerous Israeli dances and marched with the flag of Israel throughout the gym.

We thank our guest speaker Mr. Shahar Azani who shared his inspirational words and blessings to the students for a meaningful trip. 

We wish the students a safe trip and look forward to hearing about their exciting adventures upon their return. 

Please visit our Facebook page for a video and additional photos of the event.
Sixth Grade Chumash

Ms. Ben-Harari's sixth grade Chumash class has been studying Parashat Yitro and the monumental task Moshe had in judging all the Israelites. Yitro, Moshe's father-in-law, suggested that he appoint judges to help him advise the people. This became the foundation of the judicial system. Yesterday, we were very fortunate to have Mrs. Schulman visit the class and discuss the court system and how it parallels the system of judges Moshe established. We extend a special thanks to Mrs. Schulman for taking the time to come and speak with us.
Biur Chametz

On the evening before Passover a search is made in the home for Chametz which is then burned the morning after. On Thursday morning our students experienced the custom of Biur Chametz.

Students were also able to visit the firetruck!

Please view additional photos and video on our Facebook page.
Middle School Rabbi Round Robin

The students from our middle school had the opportunity to learn from some of our community rabbis at our annual Rabbi round robin. The students learned about the holiday of Passover and many fascinating aspects of the Haggadah.

We would like to thank Rabbi Wise, Rabbi Romano and Rabbi Herman for coming to our school and teaching our students.

Chag Pesach Kasher V'Sameach

We wish you a joyous Passover
Universal Pre-K (Pre-K For All) Registration Opens February 5, 2018
(registered trademark for NYC DOE)

New York City families with children born in 2014 can apply to pre-K from  February 5-March 30, 2018.

Starting on February 5, you can apply online, by phone, or in person.

Spread the word and tell your family and friends to apply.

The SSSQ code, which is entered on the application form is QAHB.

Visit the NYC DOE website , for additional information and to begin the application process.
Upcoming Events

3/29/18 - Passover Preparation - No School
3/30/18-4/6/18 - Passover Recess - No School
4/9/18 - Return to School
Community Events

Join the Central Queens Y for Sunday Sports Leagues. Activities include soccer, tee ball, baseball, tennis, lacrosse, basketball and other sports. Click here for additional information.

Join Temple Gates of Prayer on Saturday, March 31, 2018 for a Community Seder on the second night of Passover. Click here for additional information.
Parshat HaShavua
Candle lighting - 3/30/18 - 7:00 PM
Candle lighting - 3/31/18 - 8:00 PM

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