January 2017
Feature Article

Welcome to STA 2017
by Jon Schneider, ITG, Inc.


I am Jon Schneider and I have the honor of serving as your STA Chairman for 2017. For those who don’t already know, STA is a grassroots, financial services industry group comprised of independent organizations, run by volunteers across North America. Over the past eight years I have had the pleasure of being a part of the STA board and have witnessed, like many of you, great change and evolution in our industry. My reasons for being involved are similar to those shared by the more than 250 individuals who serve on STA affiliate boards every year; a passion to be involved and a desire to be proactive, instead of reacting to the changes that are occurring in our industry.

Our market structure today is the result of efforts by many participants as well as interpretations and comments on various regulatory decisions. The diversity of market participants is reflected in the makeup of STA and therefore as an organization we remain well positioned to provide thought leadership as issues are debated. STA finds its strength in the respect we give to our history, guiding principles and values. Some of which include that changes to market structure need to protect investors, be based on empirical data and improve the market’s overall operational soundness. We do not focus solely on any one business model.

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Taking Stock
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Hockey fans don't need regulation
by Jim Toes

Earlier this week, my thirteen-year-old daughter and I attended an NHL game at Madison Square Garden. While the home team lost by a large margin, the game was extremely enjoyable because well, I was with my daughter and also, because of the memories it brought back from my pre-Wall Street days.

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Open Call 
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Tick Pilot Data, Part II

Please join us for a discussion on the preliminary results being generated from the Tick Size Pilot, which is now in its third month of existence.

Presenting will be:

Phil Pearson, CFA

ITG Algorithms

Wednesday, February 1, 2017
4:30 pm EDT

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An SEC Chairman like Jay Clayton
written by Jim Toes, STA

There are few more important or influential roles in the financial markets than that of U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman. The person who assumes this responsibility is charged with fulfilling the SEC's mission to protect the interests of investors, ensure fair and orderly markets, and facilitate capital formation. This mission statement carries with it a certain degree of diversity and as such, requires distinct skill sets in ensuring its success. Finding a Chairman with expertise in all three is extremely difficult, if not impossible, in today's complex financial system and markets.

Women in Finance - Accepting Nominations for Ken Heath Award

The Ken Heath Award was founded by family members of Ken Heath, to honor those men who have made a notable and genuine contribution to the advancement of women in finance.

The inaugural 2017 Ken Heath Award will be presented on March 9th at Fordham University in New York City.

Upcoming Events
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The STA events calendar keeps you informed on both national and local S TA events.  

Join other security trading professionals to connect, learn and be inspired by the wide variety of panel discussions, keynote speakers, exhibitors and networking opportunities.
Mid-Atlantic Security Traders Association
2017 Winter Meeting

Adena Friedman
CEO, Nasdaq 

February 2-4, 2017

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Regulatory Updates from FIF
The summary information is provided by the Financial Information Forum for the Security Traders Association Monthly Newsletter. Through topic-oriented working groups and tracking documents, FIF follows these initiatives closely.