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Spring semester... let STARLINK help make it your best semester yet! Set your goals, initiate active learning, and implement your educational leadership. Cultivate student engagement in the classroom and your students will be inspired with wonder and enthusiasm.

You can catch creative and meaningful pointers in our February release on "The Engaged Classroom and Creating Its Story". This course will explore and develop a new and meaningful learning path for students and for yourself.

In addition, we have added three courses of resourceful strategies:

  • Creating Digital Portfolios
  • Supporting Diverse Learners
  • Hot Topic in Higher Ed - Working with Students with Autism in the Classroom
"Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence." - Abigail Adams

4 Ways Universities Can Better Engage with Nontraditional Students

Meghan Bogardus Cortez/EdTech

For colleges and universities to succeed today, treating nontraditional students as the norm is becoming quite important.

With college enrollment declining over the past five years, looking to engage students who have often struggled in traditional academic settings might be a way for universities to increase their success.

Here are four ways universities can make sure they are meeting the needs of these so-called nontraditional learners:

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Article 2 image

5 Trends Disrupting Higher Education

By: Matthew Lynch/The Edvocate

Hospitality and travel aren't the only sectors seeing disruption from new trends and emerging technologies.

Higher education has seen its fair share of disruption. In some cases, innovation is threatening the very model higher education is based on.

Here are five trends set to disrupt higher education:

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How to Get Outlook Notifications for Important Emails Only

By: Lori Kaufman/How-To Geek

Microsoft thought they were being helpful when they set up notifications for new email. However, a constant barrage of notifications can also disrupt your train of thought. You can turn the notifications off completely, or-better yet-you can set up Outlook to only notify you about important emails.

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