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Child Care and Early Learning Provider Self-Service
Provider Self-Service (PSS) is an online program that is used to help manage everyday work and establish what a customer sees about child care providers or early learning providers such as Head Start and PA Pre-K Counts. It can help:
·    View Pennsylvania child care laws and regulations
·    Manage child care certifications (new applications and renewals)
·    View and update a profile
·    View and print child care forms and information
·    Manage and submit attendance invoices online (regulated providers only)
The PSS provides tools to save time, money, and paper. For more information, visit the Provider Self-Service website or call 1-877-491-3818.
Give PEACE a Chance

While no one likes conflict, it is an inevitable part of life regardless of your age. As school age professionals, helping children learn positive and effective ways resolve conflicts is one of the most important things we do. One way we can support children in developing conflict resolution skills is by incorporating the use of a PEACE PATH in our programs.
The Peace Path is a step-by-step conflict resolution activity that teaches social and emotional skills. As we walk the “path”, we learn positive self-expression, listening skills, empathy, problem solving, tolerance and resolve. The Peace Path is a physical activity that encourages both verbal and non-verbal communication skills by standing face-to-face and moving step-by-step together towards peace. It empowers children with self-regulation and life-long communication skills. Not only does it create calmer and more productive classrooms, the Peace Path can help resolve conflicts at home.
If you are looking for additional resources, ideas and/or professional development to help create a positive culture in your school age program, contact your SACC specialist.
You Made the 2018 Week of Young Child Happen!

We couldn't have celebrated the Week of Young Child™ without all of you. Here are some highlights from each day!

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Strategies to Boost Resilience - Infants & Toddlers

Floor time can happen throughout the day, both inside and outdoors. As you sit with children during the day, you can take several minutes to pay attention to each particular child. Ideally, you already spend a good deal of time at children's eye level, but the key is for you to be present, undistracted and really "tune into" an individual child. You might "tune into" a child while he/she is dumping and pouring sand outside, for example. You can sit down next to him/her and take time to watch, wait and listen to the child, then following his/her lead without directing the play.

*The above strategy was pulled from the DECA Program Infant and Toddler Strategies Guide .
Supporting Kids of Incarcerated Parents - Center for...

In the United States, more than 5 million children – 1 in 14 – have incarcerated parents. As a result, coping with the effects of having an incarcerated parent is a major part of many children’s lives.

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Afterschool Alliance

Whether you want to start an entire afterschool program devoted to promoting healthy-living or instill fun physical activities to keep the children in your afterschool program fit, the "Get Active: Be Healthy Afterschool Toolkit" can help you...

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Building a Family-Centered Early Childhood Program

April 24, 2018 | Ron Spreeuwenberg A family centered early childhood program is about deepening trust Episode #93: Janis Keyser, Early Childhood Education Specialist and Author is here to talk about a family-centered approach to early learning.

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Screen-Free Week: April 30 - May 6

Next week children, families, entire schools, and communities will rediscover the joys of life beyond the screen. Plan to unplug from digital entertainment and spend all that free time playing, reading, daydreaming, creating, exploring, & connecting!

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Community Meetings & Events
2018 Social and Emotional Learning Conference: Building...

May 9-10, 2018 Hilton Harrisburg; Harrisburg, Pa.

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Professional Development Updates 
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Child Care and Development Block Grant Webinar - May 3rd

Join NAEYC, with special guests Helen Blank from the National Women’s Law Center, and Hannah Matthews from CLASP, for answers to questions about child care funding, implementation, planning, and more!

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Increase Enrollment by Making Your ECE Program Stand Out

Webinar: May 23rd. As a program leader, you know attracting new families is always a challenge. The competition for enrollment can be fierce. One of the most demanding parts of your job is to keep the program full in order to ...

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Health and Safety Technical Assistance Specialist
Child Care Consultants seeks a self-motivated multi-tasker with excellent knowledge of PA DHS Certification regulations and STARS Standards in the area of Health and Safety to provide technical assistance to early childhood education programs. Must have excellent communication and customer service skills with a diverse population. A Nursing degree and experience or Bachelor’s Degree and experience with health and safety in an early childhood education setting required. TA/training is preferred. Must be PQAS certified or ability to obtain within 60 days of hire. Paid medical, dental, vision. STD, Retirement plan and generous PTO.
Send resume and cover letter by April 30, 2018.
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