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Higher Education Act Reauthorization: What You Need to Know
Education Week

You may have noticed that with movement currently stalled on the Elementary and Secondary Education Act reauthorization front, Congress has turned its attention to another pressing education matter-overhauling the Higher Education Act.

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Latest STEM Education Policy News Across the U.S.
 Board Shortens Common Core-Aligned Tests Known 
 as PARCC 
 Washington Post
  The Common Core-aligned tests that made their debut in 11 states and the District this spring will be approximately 90 minutes shorter next year, a change that comes after parents, teachers and school administrators expressed frustration with the amount of time devoted to the new exams.

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STEM Professionals Cite Real World Experience as Career Catalyst for Students


A new national survey of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) professionals carried out by the MdBio Foundation, Inc. (MdBio) in collaboration  

with The Science Advisory Board? finds that the majority of STEM professionals credit real-world, hands-on experience as the most critical factor in landing a STEM job. A majority of the 523 STEM professionals surveyed said they chose to pursue a scientific career before they entered college, shedding new light on the need to develop stronger partnerships between K-12 educators and STEM employers.

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School Librarians Push for More 'Maker Spaces'
Education Week
Angela Rosheim, a library media specialist, faced a problem: Her elementary school students were requesting materials during genius hour-a time in which teachers provide resources for students to study topics of personal interest-that the school didn't have. 

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Sally Ride on Breaking Ground in Aerospace and Education

Harvard business Review

Sally Ride thought she'd grow up to be a physics professor, and she did. But before that, she became the first American woman in space. She went on to found Sally Ride Science, a company focused on improving science education for kids, which she called a "business imperative for the country." 

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100 Awesome STEM Resources


Why is STEM important? In short, the future job market will revolve around science. This includes all forms of technology, engineering and math. 80% of jobs in the future will require technology skills. Statistics today show that there will be a drastic shortage of job applicants in the next decade with the skills and knowledge to fill these new positions. The average professional with a STEM-related degree earns more than double the average national wage. About 3 million jobs are currently unfilled because Americans lack the basic STEM skills needed for the positions.

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 Around the Community

Inspiring Students to Study the Brain



DCRC Club Hosts DaVinci Challenge: Flight Day




Beyond the Kite & Key

While most of society knows of electricity, few know the path electricity had to take to enter our daily modern world. The electrical research event most people know of is Benjamin Franklin's Kite & Key. This primal curiosity was not contained to only one legendary man. Indeed, the world saw a number of brave scientists experimenting with this wild force of nature.

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The Growth of Robotics in STEM Education



From Patients to Patience: A Physician's Career Changer Story 

"It has been the first time in my career that I have had to teach students who do not necessarily want to learn," states Mike, a physician who is now teaching biology to 15-year-old boys. He explains that teaching can be a challenge even on the best of days because these boys do not have biology as their primary focus.

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