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Why Microsoft's CEO Was at Obama's State of the Union Address Last Night
In case anyone was wondering why Satya Nadella kept popping up on their TV screen during the State of the Union address, the Microsoft CEO was in attendance as a guest of Michelle Obama.Nadella was one of several special guests to join the First Lady for President Obama's final State of the Union address of his presidency.
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Latest STEM Education Policy News Across the U.S.
More STEM Teachers is Not Enough
Education Week
The National Science Foundation is one of 230+ partners supporting 100Kin10's efforts to train and retain 100,000 "excellent STEM teachers" by 2021.  100Kin10 is a network of 230 corporations, foundations, universities, school districts, and museums dedicated to this goal.  It is great news that there is a network forming to support this movement but our first thought is why only 230 members? 
The Science of Change: How Delaware is Transitioning to New Science Standards                   
kids_bug_in_jar.jpg In 2013, Delaware became the seventh state to adopt the Next Generation Science Standards. Since then it has gradually and quietly implemented them. By 2018-19, this shift to a new way of learning science should be nearly complete.
Inside the Every Student Succeeds Act
Education Week
The year-end passage and signing of the Every Student Succeeds Act represents more than just a rare bipartisan agreement on the part of the nation's chronically polarized policymakers. For the first time in more than a decade-and a half-century after enactment of the country's main K-12 law-Congress has redefined the federal role in elementary and secondary education.
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Men: The Silent Voice in the Women in STEM Debate
International Innovation
What can be learned from this report? The first lesson is that the presence of strong female role models fundamenta lly improves the ability of women to deliver. Even more interesting is lesson two. Having more female role models in the workplace improves women's performance, without impacting that of men. And, by extension, this net gain means it's also better for business.
Around the Community
STEM Magazine: January Issue
Check out this month's issue of STEM magazine and read about a variety of articles including topics such as the International Space Station, encryption, computer science, and the need for diversity.

PAEMST: Nominate a Math or Science Teacher for a Presidential Award
The Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (#PAEMST) is launching its 2016 Nomination Drive and needs your help! Do you know an outstanding math or science teacher? Submit your nominations this week to be included in the drive.
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Learn how STEM Gauge Can Help Set Students Up for Success
The NGSS call for higher rigor, a greater demand for evidence of student learning, and for the integration of the three dimensions: academic content, science and engineering practices, and crosscutting concepts. As you adjust your curriculum to meet these goals, Measured Progress offers STEM Gauge™ to support your transition and give you a better understanding of student thinking.

STEM Conference to Draw Hundreds
An Indiana STEM Education Conference is expected to bring over 600 people from across the state to the campus of Purdue University Thursday. Many of the more than 100 presentations will deal with new teaching strategies for STEM education.
FIRST Robotics Competition Partners with SolidProfessor
FIRST Robotics Competition has partnered with SolidProfessor to provide an online learning resource for the students participating in the 2016 competition. FIRST works with several software companies, Autodesk and SOLIDWORKS among them, to supply design resources to the participants. SolidProfessor is the only training option chosen as an official resource for the students.

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