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After School Access to STEM
Afterschool Alliance
Low-income parents, African American parents and Hispanic parents are more likely to value STEM in after-school progra school-group.jpgms than their more affluent and white peers, the Afterschool Alliance finds in a new report. Nearly three quarters of low-income parents said after-school programs should provide more hands-on STEM opportunities, compared to 68 percent of more affluent parents, the report finds.
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Latest STEM Education Policy News Across the U.S.
Bipartisan STEM Education Act Clears House and Senate
US House Committee on Science, Space, & Technology
The House of Representatives unanimously passed the Senate amendment to the STEM Education Act ( H.R. 1020), a bipartisan bill introduced by Science, Space, and Technology Committee Lamar Smith (R-Texas) and Rep. Elizabeth Esty (D-Conn.). The bill strengthens ongoing science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education efforts at federal science agencies and ensures computer science is included in these efforts as a subject that builds on the traditional STEM subjects. The bill now heads to the president's desk for signature and enactment.
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Arne Duncan Challenges the Country to Deal with Educational Inequity
Washington Post
Education Secretary Arne Duncan thinks the chances that Congress will replace No Child Left Behind, the main K-12 fe deral education law now eight years overdue for revision, took a nosedive with House Speaker John Boehner's decision to retire. Before Boehner announced that he will leave Congress at the end of October, the chances for passage of a new law were "maybe 50-50," Duncan said Wednesday after delivering a speech at the National Press Club.
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Scientific Poetry: The Benefits of Cross-Curricular Lesson Plans
STEAM Connect
 In 2001, I was a poet with writer's block and witho ut metaphors. As I browsed the shelves of my local bookstore, I picked up a text that shifted my paradigms as a writer: a children's physics question and answer book. Over the course of the next few months, I engaged on a fun learning and writing project that took physics principles and facts and applied them to poetry. I was engaged in a process of cross-curricular learning and investigations and it paid off, both educationally and creatively.
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STEM Enhanced in GISD
Rowlett Lakeshore Times
Discovery Education, provider of digital content and professional development for K-12 classrooms, and the Texas association for supervision and curriculum development (ASCD), a nonprofit organization committed to improving teaching and learning for the success of all learners, partnered to deliver a unique, STEM-focused professional development event.  

Lead the World to Mars
Huffington Post
There is a lot of interest in Mars these days for some very sound reasons, and human landings on Mars now seem to be more a matter of 'when' rather than 'if.' This is not a new goal: the first successful flyby of the planet was by Mariner 4 in 1964, and we have had ongoing robotic missions ever since -- including NASA's Opportunity and Curiosity rovers. We have also been advocating human landings on Mars for decades, but politics, budget, and significant technological challenges, among other factors, delayed these ambitions every time.
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Around the Community

Major League Hacking Hackathons have grown to become a global student movement. By fast-tracking the software and hardware development process, hackathons provide students with valuable technical skills they will need in their future careers. Students learn by doing and finish with a final project that has the potential to turn into a real business. Read more here 



ETS Government Relations Internship 

ETS's Government Relations Division is looking for a Government Relations Intern starting immediately and working until mid- December 2015 for 15-20 hours per week.

MIT Women's Initiative Seeks Applications
The MIT Women's Initiative is a non-profit student group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that sends pairs of women graduate and undergraduate students to school districts across the United States each January. We are currently seeking applications from schools who would like presenters to visit their area. Because we are funded entirely by private sponsors, the presentations are completely free for participating districts.
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