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Sources: House and Senate Negotiators Have Reached Preliminary ESEA Deal
Education Week
After weeks of long and hard negotiations, House and Senate lawmakers have reached preliminary agreement on a bill for the long-stalled reauthorization of the No Child Left Behind Act, multiple sources say. The agreement will set the stage for an official conference committee, which would likely kick off next week. The legislation could be on the floor of the House and Senate by the end of this month, or early next, sources say.
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Latest STEM Education Policy News Across the U.S.
The White House
As part of the President's 2015 State of the Union push, the White House called for a national effort to create more Next Generation High Schools-schools that incorporate key elements of redesign, including more personalized and active learning, access to real-world and hands-on learning such as "making" experiences, deeper ties to post-secondary institutions, and a focus on expanding STEM opportunities for girls and other groups of students who are underrepresented in these high-growth, well-paying fields.
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Education Week
The pool of test-takers for the Advanced Placement computer science exam is still overwhelmingly white and male, according to data from the College Board, which administers the AP tests. The number of students taking the AP computer science exam increased by about 24 percent from last year, up to 46,000 U.S. students, according to numbers released this fall. That's less growth than the exam showed the year before (it was up about 26 percent then), but still more growth than any other AP course except physics. 
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The Hechinger Report
On the most recent nationwide U.S. math test, known as the National Assessment of Educational Progress or NAEP, an eighth grader might have been asked a glasses_on_book.jpgquestion about stem-and-leaf plots. Have no idea what those are? Probably the eighth grader didn't either. It's an old-fashioned way to depict data, one that isn't used much anymore. The Common Core standards, used in more than 40 states, intentionally pared down the list of data representations that students should learn to ones that are commonly used in the real world, such as bar charts and time-series graphs, so that students could spend more time mastering them.
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November 2015 Issue of STEM Magazine

New STEM Teaching Jobs Site
Former Washington Post journalist Dan Rohn decided to launch a job site in September called, after seeing disappointing STEM testing scores in the U.S. He hopes the site will bring more attention to STEM teaching opportunities. "I was shocked by the number of countries the U.S. trailed in math and science," Rohn said. "I can see why more tech companies are outsourcing jobs to overseas workers. I have three children, and it's obvious we need to strengthen our STEM teaching curriculum at the lower grades." is a free service for job seekers. 



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