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Coalition Update:
STEM Education Coalition Supports Every Student Succeeds Act
The STEM Education Coalition issued the following public statement of support for the bill:

" The STEM Education Coalition urges the House and Senate to pass the Every Student Succeeds Act and applauds Congressional leaders for their bipartisan work to replace the No Child Left Behind law. 
Our Coalition actively supported the inclusion of a range of STEM provisions from the Senate bill in the conference agreement and we are pleased that many of those provision have been included in the final legislation, which was the product of an extensive and thoroughly bipartisan process..."

Top Article:
STEM Funding Streams Expanded in NCLB Rewrite
Education Week
The Every Student Succeeds Act, which  could soon replace the 14-year-old No Child Left Behind law, gives states and districts more opportunities to use federal funds for science, technology, engineering, and math education, advocates say, and is ultimately a huge boon for the subjects. 
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Stay in the Know:
Latest STEM Education Policy News Across the U.S.
Education Week
 The No Child Left Behind Act brought exposure to wide education disparities between white students and students of color, state school chiefs acknowledged at a recent Council of Chief State School Officers policy forum here. But during the law's nearly 14-year lifespan, as the federal government rolled out strict mandates for how states and districts had to turn around underperforming schools and evaluate teachers, those gaps barely closed, they said. Now, a long overdue update of NCLB that recently passed a congressional conference panel stands to shift a great deal of school-turnaround and -accountability work to the states' chiefs.
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American Students: Smartphone Experts Who Struggle in Reading and Math
Huffington Post
Is the dramatic increase in teen smartphone and entertainment tech use contributing to their academic vector_mobile_phone.jpgstruggles? It's not the only factor, but it's a critical one. Smartphones provide teens 24/7 access to playtime technologies that research shows drag down their academic success.
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White House Blog
Technology plays a role in nearly every aspect of our lives today -it's how we connect with friends and family, discover the weather forecast, find jobs, play, and importantly learn.  Yet too few of us, from our youngest to our eldest Americans, are going beyond being a 'user' of technology to becoming a maker, coder, discoverer, tinkerer, designer ---and harnessing the power of computing to solve new challenges and make everyones' lives healthier, safer, more efficient, better informed, and more fun.
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Around the Community
December 2015 Issue of STEM Magazine
New STEM Teaching Jobs Site
Former Washington Post journalist Dan Rohn decided to launch a job site in September called after seeing disappointing STEM testing scores in the U.S. He hopes the site will bring more attention to STEM teaching opportunities. 
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