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Coalition Updates:
Coalition Statement on Senate ESEA Bill, Franken-Kirk-Murray Bipartisan STEM Amendment 

The Coalition was encouraged to see the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee pass Senator Franken's STEM amendment in the ESEA bill this week. Leading up to the markup, the coalition released a statement on the legislation.   

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Over 90 Organizations Sign Letter in Support of STEM Education as an ESEA Priority
The STEM Coalition and over 90 other organizations from across the country have signed a letter to Senate HELP Committee leaders urging support for STEM education as an ESEA priority. The letter was signed by a diverse array of more than 90 local, state, and national organizations that includes teacher and education groups, and professional and civic societies, and major corporations.
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Top Article:
How the Every Child Achieves Act Changes No Child Left Behind
Third Way

Senate HELP Committee Chairman Lamar Alexander (R-TN) and Ranking Member Patty Murray (D-WA) recently released a long-awaited bipartisan bill to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary  Education Act, a.k.a. No Child Left Behind (NCLB). This new compromise legislation, known as the Every Child Achieves Act (ECAA), makes significant changes to NCLB, updating many of the provisions that caused unintended negative effects or have outlived their usefulness, while maintaining those components that have been responsible for major improvements in student achievement over the past decade and a half.

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Latest STEM Education Policy News Across the U.S.
Key Provisions Authored by Sen. Franken Included in Bipartisan Bill to Fix "No Child Left Behind"
Press Release
This bipartisan amendment includes targeted funding for STEM education and teacher professional development. This program also helps raise the stature and status of the STEM teaching profession by supporting colleges and universities in their efforts to improve math and science teacher training.
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After Cleaning up the NCLB Mess, Then What?

The Huffington Post  

Congress is finally grappling with which parts of the No  Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) ought to be repealed or retained. Various officials,  and the president who must sign the final agreement, have different lists. After  the squabbling, a shadow of a national school improvement policy will remain with nothing comparable taking its place.  

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AFT: Senate ESEA Bill Is a 'Strong Foundation'
Education Week
The American Federation of Teachers generally likes the direction the Senate's bipartisan draft to rewrite the No Child Left Behind Act is moving, according to a letter issued by the union April 14.  The letter says the bill lays a "strong foundation" that "will  protect [the] ESEA's original intent of mitigating poverty and addressing education equity, and moves away fromthe counterproductive focus on sanctions, high-stakes tests, federalized teacher evaluations and school closings."
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Statewide Testing Must Go Hand In Hand With Investment In Our Teachers
The Hill
The debate about the role of testing in schools is loud and divisive-and too often, we're presented with the false choice of either measuring  our students' progress or developing teachers and students to make that progress. The truth is, our country needs t       o do both. The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), long overdue for reauthorization, is a part of getting there. ESEA is neither a silver bullet nor an end in itself for the nation's goals, but it will help us toward the educational equity and excellence that our children so sorely need.
Op-ed: Parental Involvement Critical to STEM Interest
U.S. News

We read to them, and help them understand some of life's most difficult situations. We encourage their curiosity and patiently respond to "why?" Then we send our children to school, and they learn from professional teachers. But our role as a teacher doesn't end.

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From Around the Community

Washington Facts:  STEM Edition

The TECAA proposed legislation that is now before the Senate's Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) and its Chairman Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) and ranking member Patty Murray (D-WA) are responsible for the bipartisan legislation.



Teachers Rock - You Can Too!

Each year, NAAC awards three scholarships to career changers who are either still in a program or graduates in the past year. Their stories, and the stories of many other career changers, provide the reasons for alternative certification and the motivation for work of the organization does.
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Girls Just Wanna be Engineers 

Bridging the gender gap in engineering is a tough and timely challenge. So volunteers from LA County Public Works are getting creative in their efforts to attract more girls to a profession that's only 14% female.



Robotic 'Rush' To the Finish Line

For the fourth year in a row, Detroit Public Television will showcase the ingenuity and expertise of young engineers as part of our award-winning coverage of the FIRST In Michigan Robotics State Championship.

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STEM Career Comic Book - David, Software Engineer

A STEM comic book that excites kids about Science Technology, Engineering, and Math! Get them thinking about STEM careers early.
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EPICS K-12 Teacher Workshops
EPICS engages teachers and students in making an impact in their own community while learning STEM content.
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