Together, We Are Rescue!
Rescue News - Winter 2017
What's going on at Save the Horses?  Get the low down here!
Welcome to Save the Horses
(Horse Rescue, Relief and Retirement Fund)

Without our volunteers we could not do what we do!

I would personally like to thank each and every one of our amazing Volunteers.  YOU are the ones that make Save the Horses Rescue possible.  YOU help care for the horses and provide the invaluable human interaction that allows the horses to regain trust in humans and overcome their past experiences.

I want to also express my appreciation to the donors, sponsors and adopters. Your generosity throughout the years has enabled us to rescue and rehabilitate horses in need to be the best they can be.

The Board of Directors and I wish to thank everyone for your continued support of our objective which is to "Save Horses in need and to promote public education."

Together, we can build brighter futures. . . one stride at a time! 
~Cheryl Flanagan

Thank You

Thanks to you we have had three recent very successful online fundraising campaigns.

Secret Santa: $2,766
First Online Auction: $2,194
T-Shirt Sales: $931
Total: $5,891 Revenue

These initiatives brought in much needed revenue.  A GRAND thank you to all of you that donated, purchased, shared our posts or spread the word about our work.  We really do appreciate you.  If you have a fundraising idea, we would love to hear about it.  Please email us.

"The thing I like best about Save the Horses is all the wonderful volunteers who help take care of the equally wonderful animals. I've been shown a great kindness in the year that I have been at the rescue by many people that I now consider friends and family." ~Noah Gowder
T-Shirts Are On the Way!

We  have heard from Tee Spring that the shirts will be delivered on Feb 24.  Those that have requested a delivery to the Rescue will be contacted as soon as we receive the box.

For those of you that missed this promotion, we will have another one featuring summer shirts very soon.

A Brand New Look

Our new website is almost ready.  We have a new logo and the new site will give us a stronger presence as we work to seek out corporate sponsorship.  If you have corporate sales experience and want to help, or you feel that your company would be interested in a sponsorship arrangement or if your company makes matching gifts in the form of volunteer hours, please reach out to us.  Thank you.
"I've been volunteering for 2 years now. What I like most, and why I started to volunteer, is being with and caring for the horses. At the same time, I've met so many great people.  

We are all there to care for the horses and other animals. Healing their wounds, physical and/or mental. Loving them until they find their forever home. And after a while, you start to realize that they also take care of us and heal us."
~ Ivonne Wetzels-Michels
Click the image below to learn more about Skydiving for the Horses.
"Save the horses to me is giving those animals that have no hope, hope.   People get second chances and so should animals.  Our motto at Save the Horses is We Are Rescue! and that says it all. ~Tom Varley
Volunteer Spotlight

Mindy & Pearl Kim

Last August, I was looking up something on Google and I found Save the Horses by luck. The new volunteer orientation was around the corner, so I decided to check it out with Pearl. We never grew up around horses, so we didn't know anything about them. At first, we only used to come out on Saturday nights, but as time passed, we started coming out more often as we learned more and more about horses.

We've learned so much from different volunteers, especially the other leads. Coming out to Save the Horses within the past year has helped Pearl mature and grow, and it helped me gain confidence.

Volunteers Needed!

As you probably know by now we always need volunteers.  But our Leads are struggling with the low turnout during the week.  If you have some extra time, even an hour during the week (especially mornings), we would be most grateful.  We have two locations that need help.

Save the Horses Newt Green
1768 Newt Green Road, Cumming, GA 30028

Save the Horses Antioch
1840 Antioch Road, Cumming, GA 30040
Antioch needs help with all shifts - but especially Wednesday mornings.

Click here for the Newt Green & Antioch calendar to sign up to volunteer.

Note: All volunteers must attend a free volunteer orientation.  Click here for details.
Throw a Kids Birthday Party @ Save the Horses

Have a Birthday Party to Remember at Save the Horses -
It's a dream come true.  It's the perfect way to share a child's birthday with friends & horses while helping out the rescue at the same time!

Celebrate your lil wrangler's birthday under a covered pavilion.  The celebration includes ponies, horse painting, pony rides and meeting all animals in our petting zoo including a sheep, goats, turkeys, ducks, pigs, chickens, donkeys and miniature horses.

Come out and let the horses give your child the ultimate birthday experience!
Click here for more information.

Contact Karen Mosley at 
"I love to learn about the horse's personalities and connect with them.  It's really great to meet new people and share different experiences.  Dealing with such wonderful animals always makes my day happier!" ~Paula Paz
We are so proud of you Hannah

A long time Save the Horses supporter, Hannah Testa, now only 14 years is making great strides to promote environmental change and to make the world safe for all animals and humans.  She is a major force in promoting the awareness of the dangers of using plastic in our daily lives.
Hannah has teamed up with state senator Michael Williams and the State of Georgia to proclaim February 15 2017 as Plastic Pollution Awareness Day.

"We want this to help lead up to future things. We want to make Georgia and the citizens more aware of plastic pollution, what's going on and how plastic pollution has a major affect on earth and how it's going to effect us, our wildlife and our oceans," said Testa.

We are so proud of you Hannah.  We are so grateful for the amazing fundraising that you have done for the Rescue and the work that you are doing now that will positively effect everyone today and future generations.  Thank you!!!

Check out Hannah's website and her suggestions on how we can reduce our plastic footprint. Hannah 4 Change
"What I like best about Save the Horses is the ability to develop equine knowledge and skills while helping horses in need. When you spend your time at the rescue you are helping a horse who has been neglected and often times abused.

There is no better way to learn something new than to help those in need. By volunteering at STH you are giving back to the community and giving back to yourself."  ~Natalie Richardson & Keylime
Save the Date:
Saturday March 25
Spring EGG-Stravaganza
is Coming!

We know it looks like Spring is already here but it will be in full bloom at our annual Spring EGG-Stravaganza event on Saturday March 25 from 11a to 4p at the Save the Horses Newt Green location.

This fundraiser features a good old fashioned Easter egg hunt, hay rides, pony rides, petting zoo, face painting, home baked goods, vendors selling gifts and services and much more.  In fact  Rosie, our resident cow, may even make an costume!  Tell your friends and family - its free admission & parking. 
"I love all the animals but the mini donkeys and the dwarves are very special to me."
~ Vickie Holland
Top Five Things You Should Know When Approaching a Horse

Kira DeRosa
1. Horses are prey animals. Being prey animals, they are naturally afraid of predators... mountain lions, wolves, bears and the ultimate predator - humans. Don't run up too quickly to try and "catch" your horse. This will only make you look more like the mountain lion trying to catch its prey. When you approach a horse, especially for the first time, keep in mind that they have survived thus far by avoiding and fleeing predators.

2. Horses are herd animals, which means that they have a strong bond with the other horses in their family unit or pasture. Horses rely on each other to sense danger, find food and water, and enjoy social interaction. For you to make a connection with your horse, you have to become part of his herd. This does not mean that you must sleep in the pasture and drink out of the water trough, but the more time you spend just being with your horse, the more he will see you as a partner.

3. Horses need safety, comfort, play and food... in that order. Have you ever seen a horse that was truly terrified? A horse that can't even eat the treat you are trying to offer because he is so extremely scared stiff? I have! He does do not need a treat; he needs to feel safe. Horses need to know that they are safe before they can function properly. Once a horse trusts you, he can learn to be your partner and even play with you!

4. Horses can sense intentions and emotions. Because horses communicate with each other through body language, they are very skilled at "reading" intentions. They also need to know whether or not the approaching mountain lion is hungry, so their very lives depend on reading the intentions of the predator. As you approach and work with a horse, you have to check your emotions. Frustration looks a lot like anger and aggression, while patience and clear, loving intentions will build confidence. Be pleased with him and your horse will know it!

5. Horses learn through patterns. You can teach a horse almost anything simply by being consistent.   Horses that have been abused have learned to distrust humans, but that doesn't mean they are forever unable to trust again. If you make it a habit to always approach your horse in a non-threatening way and are committed to helping him feel safe when with you, he can overcome anything!

Kira DeRosa loves to help people to better understand horse behavior and to "read" their horse's body language.  She conducts regular Natural Horsemanship Clinics with proceeds benefiting the rescue.  Her next clinic is on Saturday March 4 2017  from 10a-4p. 

  Click here to learn more and to register.
Sky Dive for FREE!!
Jump date -
May 20 2017

Sign up to SkyDive for the Horses - create a fundraising page and share it with your friends and family.  Raise $600 or more and you can jump for FREE!  We have raised $1500 so far but we need more people to participate so that more supporters can share in the fun! Proceeds benefit
Click the link below to learn more and sign up.

Sign Up or Learn More - Sky Dive For FREE
"STH is truly a rescue with the intent to give care, love and affection to the creatures that have received ill treated by us humans. I have been volunteering at the shelter since 2013 and Cheryl's dedication towards the rescue has struck me the most. She has truly given her life for the shelter including so many other volunteers. Everyone I have met in my past few years share the same energy and intent to give a better life to the kids (animals) at the rescue. I just love that feeling."
~Prashant (PK)
If Horses Were Wishes...

We are so appreciative of the support, donations, and sponsorship from many long time and new friends of Save the Horses.

The continued success and operation of the rescue is dependent upon those who believe in and support our mission and the work we do to help horses in need.   There are no paid staff or paid  board members and volunteers not only donate their time assisting with feeding, cleaning, training, but also help with our fundraising efforts.
We are always in need of donations to help  pay for feed, hay, farrier visits and dental work, etc. Click the button below to see the items we need.  You can make a tax deductible donation towards those expenses online.  Thank you so much for your generosity.
Shop Our Wish List 

The STH Online Store is Open!
All proceeds benefit
Thanks to our generous supporters, we have donations of some exciting new/nearly new items in our store.  100% of the proceeds go towards the animals of  Thank you.

If you have any items that you would like to donate, please contact
Cella at  
Please note that donated items that do not appear in our store or auction will be used for raffle prizes at our events.  Thank you!
Enter the store here. 
"It has become a place of profound healing for us - the rescue though it is a horse rescue isn't just a horse rescue - it's a people rescue." ~Rhonda Watson
Volunteer Spotlight

Melissa Cotton

I started with Save The Horses in December of 2014. I'd come for orientation one Saturday morning and Darren Bondy happened to be my "tour guide" that day. He took us all over that farm; I think I met every animal we had. I remember him stopping at Lucy and Deja's pasture. Cella Nelson was grooming them but they still came over for kisses.

Hearing their stories and watching the affection between Darren and the girls, I knew this was the right place for me. Those three changed me--one would become part of a huge barn family and my best friend and the mares would totally take my heart.
Lucy, who I eventually adopted, and Deja were an amazing gift. I always looked forward to being with them and they managed to keep me very busy. The three of us needed each other and I truly loved every minute I was able to care for them. Sadly, it was not enough time. Horses are therapy. They are the most intuitive creatures I have ever known. These animals have seen the worst people can give but they manage to forgive and trust. Being able to work with sick or blind, old and neglected horses is a privilege that we cannot take for granted. Our rescue is my refuge and I am so grateful I found it!
~Melissa with Lucy (RIP).  
"I like building relationships with all of the animals while learning their stories.
Oh, and the people too!"
~Mike Maryanski
We Have AMAZING Young Volunteers!

We have amazing young people that volunteer and are totally committed to the rescue and making the lives of our animals better.  One of them, Jiya, has done an amazing job of fundraising for us.

Save the horses and Jiya Malbari were destined to help each other. Jiya loves animals more than anything.  On our first visit for the orientation, Jiya absolutely fell in love with all the animals especially Bravo and wanted to help them all in anyway she could.  Initially she spread the word to some of our family and friends and they all donated some money (around $80) for which we used to buy horse feed.  It was very shocking that we could only buy 4 bags of feed!  At this point, Jiya began to realize how expensive it is to take care of neglected animals, but this did not deter her.  She still wanted to do everything possible for this rescue. She started to organize events to collect donations from our JSGA temple.   With help from one of her friends, Bhaumi Shah, who is incredible at video recording & editing, they both made a video about Save the Horses. (The link to the video is below.)

Jiya also organized with other young kids to do arts and crafts which they sold to raise money. Jiya, along with other children, were responsible for making items such as bracelets, bird feeders, candles, greeting cards, and home d├ęcor from recycled materials, as well as, teaching origami, painting faces, and carnival games.
After a long 35 minute speech and hours of working at stands, they were able to raise $1,600 in one day!

Jiya has loved all
animals her whole life and has a gift. We often call her the "Horse Whisperer". The animals that are afraid of almost everyone will come running to her. It is very hard to explain this phenomenon and where she gets this love from. Other than donating money and time to Save the Horses, she is also involved in fostering puppies, kittens, dogs and cats that have health issues and can not be adopted just yet. She gives them love and care until they are ready to be adopted and find a permanent home. So far in total she has raised almost $4,000 for the rescue. Jiya is planning on doing bigger and better things in the future to keep helping this phenomenal organization along with other organizations.

~Bindu Malbari - Jiya's Mom 
A Great Way To Support the Rescue - No Cost to You!

Kroger will donate money to Save the Horses each time you swipe (at no cost to you.) Easy to sign up at and under 'community' select "community rewards" and enroll. STH's number is 45031. When you shop, the rescue receives a donation with no reduction in rewa rds to you! Thanks!!! 

(Important: Re-enroll if you have already signed up - the program expires annually.)   
Volunteer Spotlight

Marshall Wayne Todd

My name is Marshall Wayne Todd and I am now 67 years old. I retired from USPS when I was 61. At that time I started to ponder... what/where/who could I help and make a difference?

I had been riding since I was eight (had a Tennessee Walker) so I checked out a couple of places and ended up at Save the Horses. I thought I knew horses. Wrong! I knew nothing. I helped with some events until someone needed a replacement because of work conflicts. So I volunteered for the evening shift twice a week and the rest is history.

I am working two mornings and two evenings putting in ten hour days.  I do outside feeding and watering. Since I live in Cleveland GA it makes sense to put in a full day's work.  I also do spot repairs, hold horses, groom, pick feet, talk to and feed and often work with problem and very assertive horses.

Of course I have a supervisor riding with me anywhere I go. (Goliath the chihuahua). It's is very meaningful work and it has enabled me to meet a better class of asses...Catfish, Bingo, Annabell and Lilly!
Love @ Save the Horses

Congrats to the winners of the Save the Horses Valentine Contest.  Their STH valentine photos received the most 'likes' on Facebook.  Charlotte (Ivonne's daughter) & Catfish won with 79 Likes.  Paula Paz and Diesel won second place with 52 likes and Noah Gowder & Georgia followed in third with 37 likes.

All three winners won gift cards.  The contest was sponsored by BrightStar Realty - the #1 source of equestrian realty in North Georgia.  Congrats to all.
Thank You Pasture Angels

A special thanks to the countless Angels that have committed hours & hours of sweat and hard work to  help with  pasture & fencing work.   
ALL OF YOU have done an AMAZING job making our farm look good and keeping our animals safe.  Thank you!

At STH it's all just caring for horses, right?

Tracie Merson

STH cares for abused and neglected horses (other animals, too), yet the Rescue also cares for those that care for our hoofed, pawed and feathered friends! 

Save The Horses wouldn't be able to support these wonderful animal beings if it wasn't for the support of the community - which we thank all of you with tremendous gratitude!

STH is an environment where teamwork is a must; where a "thank you for your help today" are not hollow or shallow words.   Our Thank You continues to those who physically care for our animals on a daily basis; for those who maintain the property and structures that house our friends; for the generosity of those who provide those ever-important donations; for those who sponsor a horse in need to help provide critical medical care, feed, equipment and materials which are needed daily; for our foster parents-because sadly the need for space is ever-growing; for the medical teams who support us at a moment's notice; for those who work diligently to market our need for community support and forever adoption availability; for the other rescues who support our efforts. All of these facets are so important, like spokes on a wheel, to make STH the wonderful organization it is. It's a place where when caring for our animal friends, you learn more about yourself in the process.

Thank You and we couldn't do any of this without you!
~Tracie pictured with Sadie (RIP).  
"I love that my son has been able to learn to give back, and has developed such compassion from seeing the animals and people work together at the rescue."
~Lisa Liebau
Dwarf Barn Update

We have 10 miniature horses at Save the Horses with dwarfism that currently do not have shelter.  We would love to have them all together in one barn.  Please share our dream and help us build a dwarf size barn for our little bitty equine friends.  

Together, with your help, we can make a difference! Please help with a donation.  
We are half way to our $10,000 donation goal!  Thank you. 
To contribute, CLICK HERE 
Horse Rescue Relief and Retirement Fund Inc is a 501c3 non profit charity registered with the IRS.    EIN # 58-2479748.
Your donations are tax deductible.
Join the Save the Horses Volunteer Group on Facebook

Join our s pecial Vo lunteer Group on Facebook where you can read all of the latest volunteer news, updates, info on new residents, and calls for volunteer help.
Need a Little Soul In Your Life?

Mare (pregnant)
5-6 years

Soul is available for adoption through Save the Horses.

Looking at Soul we believe her to be a quarter horse, mare, about 5-6 years old.  She is a little over 13 hands and is pregnant with an expectant date of late March to early April. Soul halters and leads well, holds for farrier yet will need to focus on doing so.   :)  She blankets wonderfully. This beautiful girl has a spunky side so will need a forever home of experienced horse owners. It is clear that Soul has had training; she just needs to be reminded of what she has learned.

Soul was abandoned and relinquished to Save The Horses from animal control. Please contact Tracie at 404-255-4385 or email to learn more about Soul or visit our Facebook page to learn about other horses with the hashtag #
Lead Tip

Brigitte Wimberly

"If you can show up to my shift on Saturday before 4:00PM when everything is in full swing, I will have time to show new volunteers where the feed is kept, how to put it together, where it goes in a stall etc.

With enough time I can even show you how to halter and lead a horse.  We just can't do that while the horses are antsy and demanding food.

Just show up early and I can show you all of that."    

If you can't make our New Volunteer Orientation, Come to Our Open House

Melissa Jones and Soldier Sam (the horse) hold an Open House at the Rescue on the Second Sunday of every month from 1p to 4pm .

This is the perfect opportunity to come and learn about the rescue if you have missed the Volunteer Orientation.  
Open House Sundays are a great opportunity to bring your family out to the barn for an extended tour of our facility and a personal introduction to our residents .  

Come any time between 1:00 to 4:00p the second Sunday of every month.
What's Coming Up?

Upcoming events to look out for.

Summer Camp will be available for 4 weeks at the Newt Green location.
1. June 12
2. June 19
3. July 10
4. July 24
Contact for more information

Save the Date for a Motorcycle Ride for the Horses in Cumming GA.
Date: June 17 (All motorcycles welcome)
Sponsored by Buffalo's Cafe
Contact for more information
"At one of our events a woman came up to me with her four little children in tow followed by her husband.  She stood on front of me and started to tell me what the rescue meant to her and her family - but she never finished.  She broke down into sobs.  That's when I realized that the effect the rescue has on people cannot adequately be put into words.  Its an experience that touches the very root of your soul." ~Cella Nelson
Save the Horses (Horse Rescue Relief And Retirement Fund, Inc )
The Horse Rescue, Relief & Retirement Fund is a 501(c)(3)
and all donations are tax deductible.   TAX ID: 58-2479748
Mailing address: P.O. Box 1123, Ball Ground, GA 30107. 
Farm: 1768 Newt Green Road, Cumming, GA 30028 ~ 770.886.5419
Antioch Farm: 1840 Antioch, Cumming, GA 30040

Editor: Cella Nelson