Parade Season
Comes to an End    
Marshallville Historical Days

Doylestown Rogues
Hollow Parade

Trail Maintenance
Takes Time. 

Thank you to our Fredericksburg friends who weed whack and mow the RTWC portion of this trail. Past and present volunteers include John Abt, Chris Oehl, Dave Braddock, Dave Troyer, Zach Amstutz and Will Detweiler.    Their volunteer time makes a big difference! If you know of other volunteers, please let us know. 

Well done!  Thank you!

Look for Us at the
Wayne County Fair

SEPTEMBER 10 - 15 

"Serve the City"
Workday = Great Success!

Volunteers did a major overhaul of the shrub and tree line on the north side of the city parking lot where the Heartland Trail trailhead is located. The Orrville Historical Society, The Railroad Heritage Society and Orr Park also benefited from this volunteer day. Thank you to the Orrville Ministerial Association for organizing this work day.  We look forward to next year's event.

Let's Talk Trails 
The Heartland Trail
Rails-to-Trails of Wayne County has recently granted two easements for shared used of our future trail north of Market Street (Fulton Road) in Marshallville.  The first easement was granted to DG AMP Solar, LLC, for access to the future solar field being constructed on land the Village of Marshallville own
s near our trail.  The second easement follows the same alignment and will be used by Wayne County to access a communications tower being built next to the solar array.  In exchange for the easements
RTWC will have a section of our trail built for us.  During construction of the solar array and the tower, the contractors will use a stone access road.  After construction has been completed, the asphalt pavement for our trail will be installed.  The use of the trail will not be affected because it is anticipated that only two or three vehicles per month will use the driveway to monitor and maintain the equipment. Rails-to-Trails was pleased to be able to partner in these important projects which will provide a source of clean solar energy for the future and which will improve public safety communications in Wayne County
An article about the Wayne County Commissioners meeting in the August 20 issue of The Daily Record included this comment from Commissioner Ann Obrecht in regards to the easement projects for shared use of this portion of the trail. "We are pleased to work with them (RTWC).  We will have access (to the lower site) through an easement they provided.  They are a wonderful group to work with."

We also appreciate this opportunity for partnership!

The trailhead restrooms were open for the Orrville Lions Club Rib & Music Fest.  Final details yet to be completed include the decorative fence and the information panels for the kiosk.

Trail construction activity is evident near Main Street and Mineral Spring Street where an existing sidewalk was removed and replaced with 10' wide for the trail.  Concrete was also poured for the sidewalk to connect the trail to the parking area near the dog park.  Bridge beams are scheduled for installation on September 1 & 2, weather permitting.  Once the bridges are in place, the asphalt pavement will be installed.

We will announce the date for a ribbon cutting as soon as last details are confirmed.

Looking south from Mineral Springs Street.  Vine Street to the left. 

Looking west after crossing Mineral Spring Street, a slight upgrade to reach Main Street. 

Bridge under construction. 
Looking north on Main Street. Sidewalks will be widened all the way to Hostetler Road. The crossing will be at the traffic light.


This month we feature volunteers from
The Ohio Horsemen's Council, Wayne County Chapter.  

Erin O'Neil and her dog Brutus, trimming high brush along the County Line Trail.  
Also helping were Roger and Cindy Maibach,
who hauled away the cuttings in their pick up truck.

Members of the Ohio Horsemen's Council have been great supporters of the trail
and give their time to help make it user friendly for equestrians.
We truly appreciate their assistance!

 Tom Bahl and Susan Baker, both members of the OHC, serve on the RTWC Board.

You can *Like* their Facebook page:       

We want to hear YOUR story!   Why do you ride?  Where do you ride? Do you walk?  Are you an equestrian? Does your family use the trails?  To be featured in this Walk & Roll Wall of Fame column, please contact us at    

RTWC Board Members
President: Don Noble II, Shreve   
Vice President: Ted Short, Wooster 
Secretary:  Katie VanZile, Orrville 
Treasurer: David L. Lehman, Orrville 



Tom Bahl, Shreve           Susan Baker, Creston    Pat Glessner, Sterling                        
Phil Grimm,  Kidron        Becky Jewell, Orrville     Jenni Reusser, Orrville

Keith Winkler, Sterling    Keith Workman, Orrville