APRIL 9, 2015

The first National Autism Awareness Month was declared by the Autism Society in April 1970 with the aim of educating the public about autism.

Did you know? Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a science wherein procedures, based on basic principles, are applied to important matters of everyday life in order to help individuals increase functional skills, while decreasing problematic ones. 

ABA has been notably used to improve the quality of life for children with developmental disabilities, specifically children who have been diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. In August 2014, SUS was awarded a federal Balanced Incentive Program (BIP) Innovation Fund grant to transfer the technology of ABA generally used with children to adults with developmental disabilities. 

Learn more about the work we're doing in this area by clicking on the two stories below that appeared in the spring 2015 issue of Autism Spectrum News



Healing In Horticulture

SUS' Urban Farms Manager,   Michael Hollis , conducted a conference workshop on Healing in Horticulture that discussed the SUS Urban Farms experience, and how horticultural programming can address the eight dimensions of wellness pictured below. Though farm and garden spaces may intuitively suggest an environmental impact, horticulture also can serve as a tool in fostering all other aspects of wellness. READ MORE

Support SUS: Tickets Available For The YLC Brooklyn Brewery Benefit 

SUS' Young Leaders Council (YLC) is hosting its Spring Fling on Thursday, April 23rd, and you're invited!This is the 6th annual event at the famous Brooklyn Brewery.  

Guests will enjoy unlimited award-winning craft beer from Brooklyn Brewery, barbecue from Brooklyn Bowl/Blue Ribbon and desserts from Baked by Melissa.

All proceeds from this event will fund the 2015 SUS Olympics,  which celebrates the accomplishments of our participants with intellectual/developmental disabilities who are taking center stage as athletes.  The games promote physical health and showcase the athlete's abilities. BUY TICKETS