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Frederic's E-Gazette

An e-newsletter from the National Council of the  U.S. Society of St. Vincent de Paul ®

July 13, 2017

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daveFrom your Servant Leader:

July 13, 2017

William Randolph Hearst would certainly enjoy these present times.

A century ago the Hearst newspaper chain delighted in simply making up news stories, influencing local and national elections, mixing editorials with news, and otherwise creating what was termed "yellow journalism" back in the day. His story was famously fictionalized in the movie "Citizen Kane" with Orson Welles.

Nowadays this would all be considered just another competitor strategy in the crowded news market, trying to stand out, advance narratives, create fake news and all the other terms we use in our increasingly skeptical view of today's media. This includes not just newspapers with their declining readership but broadcast and social media as well. Want to know what really happened? Look at three different news pages and triangulate. In other words, good luck.

In this new world of journalism-slash-entertainment, how does a legitimate organization such as the Society of St. Vincent de Paul establish and maintain credibility? If people no longer trust the media, view websites with a cautious eye and are more prone than ever to distrust institutions, how can we ask anyone to respect us, much less join us or provide financial and material support?

I have a few ideas.

Yours in Christ,


ofiaBrand-new Episodes of
"Our Faith in Action: Today's Society of St. Vincent de Paul"
These brand-new shows are scheduled to air in the "EWTN Gallery" slot which follows EWTN News Nightly.  The programs feature a variety of Society activities such as home visits, programs for the homeless, a dental clinic, a pharmacy, the Friends of the Poor® Walk and much more.
Friday, July 14   6:30 p.m. Eastern  
( 5:30 p.m. Central; 4:30 p.m. Mountain; 3:30 p.m. Pacific)

"Our Faith In Action: Today's Society of St. Vincent de Paul" - Episode 2 
Come along with Society of St. Vincent de Paul members on their spiritual growth journey through service to people in need.  In this special presentation, join Vincentians helping fix teeth and lives in a free dental clinic in Detroit, visiting the home of a family in need in Des Moines and giving a helping hand to the homeless and unemployed in a city shelter in Baltimore.  See our Catholic faith in action through the volunteers of this unique lay vocation and the face of Christ in those they serve.

Click here for a customizable flier that can be personalized to your Council / Conference and used to promote the show to your local area!
Wednesday, July 26     6:30 p.m. Eastern            
Thursday, July 27        6:30 p.m. Eastern            
Friday, July 28             6:30 p.m. Eastern            

*The shows will re-air at 2:30 a.m. Eastern, 1:30 a.m. Central, 12:30 a.m. Mountain, 11:30 p.m. Pacific


For more information on EWTN, visit: .
Click here to find the EWTN station in your zip code:

To check the EWTN program schedule, click: 


Q: Recently, it was stated that "twinning" was officially defined by the Society as: an arrangement between Conferences; A: to send a specific amount of money each month to Conference; B: which has need of additional income on a regular basis. Is this correct? If so, what do we call any help one Conference provides another Conference for a client on a one time basis?
A: The specific definition you gave is reasonable; however, it is not limited to monthly contributions. Really, it qualifies for anytime one Conference or Council sends money to another Conference or Council to help the Conference do its works. For example, if you send $500 to another Conference to help them in whatever way they determine, that is twinning. In the case of giving money to another Conference to help in a particular case, that would qualify as aid for a friend in need (a co-pay) because you are helping an individual even though it is through another Conference. In this case, it would be appropriate for you to have a case record for the person or family helped.
Q: We are an agency of Second Harvest. We have held two mobile pantries, one serving 250 families and the other 200. Is this a figure we need to put in our "in-kind food" column?  We also give out food every third Thursday that is provided by Second Harvest. We average 35 families. We have just started this a few months ago. Please advise if/how we would report this on the Annual Report. Not sure if I could be accurate on the value.
A: Unless you have a special arrangement with Second Harvest, the food you get from Second Harvest is purchased, so it is not in-kind. When you say that you "also give out food every third Thursday that is provided by Second Harvest," do you mean that Second Harvest is doing the distribution and you are helping, or that Second Harvest gives you the food free of charge and you are distributing?  If it is the first, then you don't record anything except your time. If it is the second, then you record the food distributed as in-kind. 

Submit your questions to: 
Pam Hudson
National Director of Governance & Membership Services


convocationSociety seeks to encourage Extension throughout the Country at Convocation of Catholic Leaders
From June 30 to July 4, Vincentians from across the country came together at the Convocation of Catholic Leaders in Orlando, Fla. to promote the Society and the good work its members do in the spirit of St. Vincent de Paul.
At the Convocation, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops convened an unprecedented gathering of key leaders from dioceses and Catholic organizations from all across the country in order to assess the challenges and opportunities of the times, particularly in the context of the Church in the U.S.
The Society used this gathering as an opportunity to speak to Bishops and other key players in the Catholic Church to encourage involvement and formation of SVdP Conferences and Councils in as many dioceses and parishes as possible.
We thank all those who took time away from family and friends and spent the Fourth of July holiday being champions for our incredible organization.
For photos from the 2017 Convocation of Catholic Bishops, click here.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul had over 20 representatives (pictured above) at the Convocation. They served as "ambassadors" for the Society and spoke with as many people as they could about the Society and the benefits of dioceses and parishes having a Conference or Council.
Joy of the Gospel Convocation for Catholic Leaders -
Check out the Highlights!

Watch several dozen videos featuring some of the highlights from the July 1-4, 2017 Convocation in Orlando, FL, including  Cardinal Tobin's reflection on missionary discipleship; plenary sessions such as Dr. Hosffman Ospino on immigration and the changing landscape of the mission field; panelists including  Helen Alvare, Kerry Weber, and others; the Encountering Jesus, Healer of Wounds and Source of Mercy reflection; and more.

mexicoAppeal to support the Mexico National Council

At the last National Assembly, National Council Resolution 143 was passed to assist in the strengthening of the Mexico National Council and its Conferences and Councils. This is not a disaster program but rather a long-term infrastructure support program. This campaign is independent of the other appeals and existing twinning relationships. Some U.S.A Society members, Conferences, or Councils may want to support this campaign in addition to or instead of the other campaigns.
More on the resolution: The resolution does not call for any additional solidarity or assessments. Giving will be voluntary from U.S. Councils and Conferences. The campaign is the result of a direct request from the SVdP Mexico National Council. Collected funds will be wired quarterly and the Mexico National Council has agreed to provide financial statements showing the use of the funds. This agreement will expire in five years.
  1. Goals of this special project with the Council of Mexico
    • To assist the Council of Mexico to re-establish and staff a national office in Mexico
      • Enhance the ability of the National Council of Mexico to increase communications with its Councils and Conferences
      • Provide technical assistance to regions and Councils for training and Conference development
      • Develop training materials for distribution to Councils and Conferences
    • To assist the Council of Mexico to provide resources to Conferences for development and training
      • Basic Ozanam formation
      • Regional meetings on Conference development and training
      • Develop training program
    • To provide technical support to Mexico from Councils in the U.S.A
      • Through adoption of Councils in Mexico by Councils in the U.S.A
      • Through personal visits between members from Mexico and U.S.A Councils
Click here to support this effort today!

On the Donation page, please write "Mexico Council" in the note field.
To give by check, write "Mexico Council" in the memo field and mail to:
National Council of the U.S. Society of St. Vincent de Paul
58 Progress Parkway
Maryland Heights, MO 63043
For more information, contact Mark Chandler: or 314-314-576-3393 ext 225.

SVdP National Assembly in Tampa, Fla.
Youth Programming
A photo from last year's National Assembly in Columbus, Ohio. Youth Attendees visited a local food pantry.

At this year's SVdP National Assembly in Tampa, we have a great program scheduled for youth attendees!
We are happy to announce that we are, again, able to provide special discounted youth registration rates for just $25 per person. We have also had some very generous donations to support the youth because we know how important it is to encourage youth and young adults to be a part of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. Youth attendees will be able to attend the Host City Event on Friday, September 2 aboard the StarShip Yacht Harbor Cruise thanks to generous donations that have covered the cost of their tickets for the event.
Youth attendees will have the opportunity to meet with Vincentians from all across the country. They will have the chance to take a day trip to the St. Petersburg Thrift Store & Center of Hope, Desoto Beach. As in years past, youth will have the opportunity to participate in an International Youth Video Conference Call with young Vincentians around the world! 
On Saturday, September 2, youth will sit in on the general session presentation by Ralph McCloud, of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, as he discusses the implications of race and poverty and how this affects systemic poverty. They'll also hear from Sr. Teresa Daly as she discusses the Circle of the World with Charity, presented for youth and young adult attendees.  They'll enjoy lunch and a presentation by the St. Ann Youth Choir.
That afternoon, they will take a trip to the Florida Aquarium, and finally will take part in the Vigil Mass & Commissioning Ceremony of the new SVdP National President, Ralph Middlecamp and the reception & closing banquet. 
We can't wait to see you all in Tampa! It is sure to be a great time of Vincentians fellowship and bonding with Vincentians and youth from across the country.
Don't miss the opportunity to attend this year's SVdP National Assembly! Sign up today!
Don't forget to book your room!

The early registration deadline for the discounted price is Saturday, July 15. If you don't register before July 15, the price increases to $345.
The hotel registration deadline is Tuesday, August 1 to receive the group rate of $139 per night. After August 1, rooms will be on an availability basis only!

Questions? Contact:
Michele Schurk
Events Coordinator
314-576-3993 ext. 223

Vincentian Formation

NOTICE: The Materials Department will be closed July 17-21. 

Orders will be filled the following week.

Order "Antoine Frederic Ozanam," by Ray Sickinger and receive a Discount Today!

The biggest discount of the dog days of summer book sale is here.
It's so hot that starting today Notre Dame Press is selling all cloth and paperback books on their website at a 50 percent discount. Shipping is free on all domestic orders within the U.S., adding up to tremendous savings.
Here's how to shop:
  • Visit Notre Dame Press' site
  • Select cloth and paperback books you want to purchase by clicking the titles to take you to their respective pages
  • Use sale code NDSUMMER5017 at the shopping cart to receive the 50% discount; click "update" to see the sale prices.
Questions? Call 574.631.3267 or e-mail .
Stay cool, stock up on all your favorite books!

Now Available:
Vincentian Leadership Council President 2017 (revised)
This manual is an important resource for the president of the (Arch)Diocesan and District Council. It addresses the key elements of forming Vincentian leaders to carry out the mission of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. Leaders must study this manual frequently and Councils will conduct training using this manual as the guide.

_______________ ___________________________________________

Ends September 27!
  Celebrating the 400th Anniversary of the Vincentian Charism

All Modules of Serving in Hope (English and Spanish)
$1.00 each

"Vincentians are called to journey together towards holiness, because true holiness is perfect union with Christ and the perfection of love, which is central to their vocation and the source of their own faith and fidelity." (Rule 2.2)

Is your Conference:
  • Desiring to grow in spirituality?
  • Wanting to live our Vincentian vocation?
  • Hoping to walk the journey towards holiness?
  • Searching for Vincentian spirituality?
  • Attracting new members?
Then SERVING IN HOPE is your answer!

Serving in Hope is a spiritual formation program developed by the National Office for the Conference level. As Vincentians we are called to "Serve in Hope" because we are called to bring the love of God to those who are poor and suffering, and therefore we must become rooted in the spirituality that is the heart and soul of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

To Order: Online at      
(Click on SVdP Members, scroll down and click on Order Materials)                        
Email order to:

For further information contact: 
Sister Kieran Kneaves, DC
National Formation Director

Board Members as Advocates

We're just finishing a series of articles on the responsibilities of members of a board of directors. Did you ever think of board members as advocates?
A recent article in BoardSource addressed this issue. The author, Anne Wallestad, opined that "nonprofit leaders need to be prepared for potentially rapid and significant policy and funding changes at the federal, state and local levels." This, she said, means we need to make sure our voices are heard before those decisions are made.
She cautions nonprofit leaders not to make the mistake of assuming that their next step should be to begin preparing themselves to accept whatever changes will come. Rather our leadership needs to do more to advance the causes of the people who depend on us.  We need to engage, educate, organize and become advocates and ambassadors for our mission.
We suggest you take the time to read her thoughtful article. Click here to do so.

To learn more about Governance, contact:
Pam Hudson
National Director of Governance and Membership Services
(314)576-3993 ext. 214

Have you paid your Annual Solidarity Contributions?
We have now entered into our third quarter of fiscal year 2016-17. If remittance has not been made for your current solidarity contributions owed, please do so immediately. 
The name 'Society of St. Vincent de Paul' is trademark protected for those who are practicing good governance, which includes remittance of annual contributions assessed. National Council solidarity contributions make up a significant portion of the national budgeted income and is an essential annual membership requirement. Click here for a listing of the Benefits of Solidarity. No SVdP entity can be exempt from annual solidarity dues contribution. Let us know if there is anything we can do to assist. 

For payment advice or to discuss payment arrangement contact:
Pam Hudson                                                                                  
Director of Governance and Membership Services
314-576-3993 ext. 214

Connect with the Multicultural African American Task-force on Facebook!
You can keep up with everything going on with the SVdP National Multicultural African American Task-force by following them on their new Facebook page.


July 20 Voice of the Poor Webinar
The New and Continuing Immigration Challenges
In a "Welcome the Stranger" Vincentian Year

At the July 20 Voice of the Poor Webinar, catch up with latest developments on immigration advocacy and social justice in this Vincentian Year - "Welcome the Stranger."

Voice of the Poor Regional Leaders will update you on the meaning and implications of key immigration policy issues such as the latest proposed federal legislation, newly issued and revised presidential executive orders, sanctuary cities and churches, and federal funding to protect and assist immigrants and refugees.

We will discuss what you can do to "Welcome the Stranger" in accord with Catholic Social Teaching and our Vincentian call to charity and justice.  The Society's recently updated position statement on Immigration will serve as the foundation for the webinar and frame the discussion.

So join us at the next Voice of the Poor webinar on Thursday, July 20 at 3 p.m. EST. 
Questions? Contact:
Tom Dwyer
National Chair, Voice of the Poor Committee
Tom Mulloy
National Director of Poverty Programs
Disaster Services Division Update

SVdP Disaster Services
Annual Disaster Preparedness Conference

July 20-23, 2017 at the Hilton Oakbrook Suites in 
Oakbrook Terrace, Ill.

Register today to learn about how you can support your community should disaster strike! Preparedness is key!


For more information about the SVdPDSD or how to donate to the House in a Box ®  Program, contact:

Elizabeth Disco-Shearer
SVdPUSA Disaster Services Division

Brooke Newton
Deputy Director
SVdPUSA Disaster Services Division 

storesNational Stores Committee
National Assembly, Tampa
August 30 Workshop Agenda
As you ponder registering for the National Assembly in Tampa, Fla., we would like to call your notice to the day of workshops sponsored by the National Stores Committee.
The National Stores Committee sponsors a day of workshops specifically for the attendees that are associated with running thrift stores. 

If you have any questions regarding stores, contact:
Ray DuPont
National Stores Committee Chairperson

National Partner: Verified Volunteers

Have You Seen This Research?

Each day, you are entrusted to create a safe environment within your organization. It is important to ensure you are taking all the proper steps to maintaining a secure place for working and volunteering. 

To find out what other religious organizations are doing and saying about volunteer screening and volunteer management, our valued partner, Verified Volunteers, is offering complimentary access to their Volunteer Screening Trends & Best Practices Report - Religious Organizations Edition.

More than 100 organizations across the U.S. were surveyed for this report, providing you with valuable information that can help improve your volunteer screening program.

Verified Volunteers is a National Partner with the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.  Learn more about Verified Volunteers and other partners.

SVdP National Partnership Program

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul's National Partnership Program can save Councils and Conferences money while improving efficiency. Learn more!

For more information on Development, contact:

Steve Martinez
314-576-3993 ext. 213

Gerri Sample
314-576-3993 ext. 211

To Top 
Call for Information!

Do you know about a successful Young Vincentian group? 
We want to hear about it!
For any questions regarding SVdP Youth, contact:
Suzanne Markiewicz
Youth Committee Chairperson
(724) 454-5430

To Top 
SVdP Promotes Vincentian Grandparents on National Grandparent's Day 
September 10, 2017

Grandparent's Day is September 10, 2017!
Councils & Conferences start planning your Diocese-wide Grandparent's Day
event now, and let the good times shared by our Vincentians continue through
our national SVdP Grandparent's Day promotion,
"Celebrating Our Adult Grandchildren!"
Share your Vincentian Spirituality with your young adult
grandchildren and friends! Isn't that the best kept family secret?

For help planning a Grandparent's Day at your Council, contact:
Julie Witzel

Extension is on the Move!
If your Conference or Council is hosting an "Invitation to Serve" within the next six months, we want to hear about it!
Kathy Jackson
National Extension Coordinator
314-576-3993 ext. 224
SVdP Extension Web Portal

To Top 
SVdP Television Special Available Online!

The SVdP television special "Our Faith in Action: Today's Society of St. Vincent de Paul" is now available online for all Councils and Conferences to use to help tell our story.  This program provides an excellent overview of who we are and what we do.

Click here to watch and download the video from Vimeo:

Click here to watch on YouTube:

If you have any questions, please contact:

Gary Stevens
Director of Marketing and Communications
314-576-3993 ext. 209

Michelle Boyer
Communications Administrative Associate
314-576-3993 ext. 201

SVdP400400th Anniversary of the Vincentian Charism

2017 marks the 400th Anniversary of the Vincentian Charism.

With the words: I was a stranger and you welcomed me (Matthew 25:35), the worldwide Vincentian Family inaugurated a Jubilee Year ... a time during which it celebrates the 400th anniversary of the origin of its charism of service on behalf of the poor.
Click the links below to view a new video about members serving their brothers and sisters in need.


Vincentian Symposium in Rome 
October 12 - 15

Dear Presidents, dear members of the International Structure,
This year we celebrate the 400th anniversary of our Vincentian charism. On this occasion, the Vincentian Family organizes an International Symposium in Rome from 12th to 15th October 2017 where all members of the Vincentian Family are invited. This event is open to all.
Please find attached the information provided by the Vincentian Family:
Download the invitation
I also invite you to visit the website designed for the occasion:

In Saint Vincent,
Julien Spiewak
General Secretary of the International Council General
Society of St. Vincent de Paul

For more information, contact:
Gene Smith

To Top 
International News
Mental Health Patients 'given their life back' with Accommodation Service

Ron Boutler says VincentCare has helped him get his life back on track. Photo: Sarah Collard / ABC News
Ron Boulter has lived with significant mental illness since he was a teenager and was once forced into hospital for three years, but an independent living program is giving him back his life.
St. Vincent de Paul's program VincentCare provides three-tiered assistance which starts initially with 24-hour support crisis care before moving to share housing and finally independent living.
"It's really helped me with what I have been through for a lot of years ... and [I] was really struggling," Mr. Boulter said.
He said during his three-year stint in hospital he was segregated from day-to-day community living.
"It was a really scary time; I didn't really know what was happening. I'd begun to hear voices and stuff," Mr. Boulter said.

Read more. 


National News 
'Changing Lives Forever:' Church hosting Program focused on Systemic Change


You don't have to look far to find groups in Clay County pulling together to help the area's less fortunate.
Food, clothing, housing and even money is collected and funneled through various channels to those who need it.
But many area leaders will tell you these efforts, while outstanding, are only short-term solutions.
"In working among the poor, our focus must be broader than any one particular problem; we must aim beyond providing for immediate needs with food, clothing and shelter," Annunciation Church Fr. John Hollowell said. "Systemic change focuses on assisting the poor to change the overall structures within which they live. It looks to the individual being able to develop strategies by which they can emerge from poverty."
Hollowell's church is backing an effort to provide resources for that systemic change.

Read More


 Calendar of Events

Deadline for Frederic's E-Gazette articles submission: Every Wednesday by 12 noon for article to be included in current week's edition

Annual Disaster Preparedness Conference
Chicago, IL
July 20-23

Invitation for Renewal
St. Louis, MO (Pallottine Renewal Center)
August 9 - 13

National Assembly
Tampa, FL
August 29-September 2
Invitation for Renewal
St. Louis, MO (Pallottine Renewal Center)
December 6-10

Dates for 2018:

Board Meeting
St. Louis, MO
January 21

Catholic Social Ministry Gathering
February 3 - 6
Washington DC

Midyear Meeting 
April 11 - 14
St. Louis, MO

Board Meeting
St. Louis, MO

Invitation for Renewal
July 11 - 15
St. Louis, MO

National Assembly
August 27 - September 2
San Diego, CA

Invitation for Renewal
November 14 - 18
St. Louis, MO

Vincentian Prayer List
Are you or another Vincentian you know in need of prayers from fellow SVdP members? Send the prayer intention to Pam Hudson at and we will add the name to the prayer list on the SVdP website. Thank you and God Bless.

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