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Frederic's E-Gazette

An e-newsletter from the National Council of the  U.S. Society of St. Vincent de Paul ®

August 17, 2017

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daveFrom your Servant Leader:

August 17, 2017

Of our 95,000 Vincentians and thousands of others who support our work, fewer than 1,000 will attend the National Assembly on August 30 - September 2. While we continue to attract more people to this event each year, I doubt we'll ever get more than, say 5,000, to attend!

What about everyone else?

We have always asked those attending to share the best practices, news of resolutions debated and adopted, knowledge and insights gained from keynote speakers and other great materials to folks back home. One of the reasons for attending is to represent your Society friends back home!

But this year, Vincentians will be able to watch selected highlights from Tampa while at home in their pajamas! Actually you can wear whatever you want; you don't need to wear pajamas. Please, don't share...

New this year will be "livestreaming" of some of our major addresses and some of the closing banquet where we say goodbye to one board of directors and welcome the next president and board.  Livestreaming is basically video that you can access on your computer. Maybe you have tried this for sporting events. We won't have any ringside announcers but "you'll be looking live" as Brent Musburger says, at our National Assembly right along with those in the audience!

Yours in Christ,


Livestreaming of some events from
National Assembly in Tampa
This year, those who are unable to attend that SVdP National Assembly in Tampa, will have the opportunity to be a part of the events.
A select few of the events at this year's National Assembly will be livestreamed for those at home to view.
The following events will be live-steamed:
  • Thursday, August 31
    • President Welcome / Address: 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. EDT
    • Keynote Presentation by Fr. Robert Maloney: 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. EDT
  • Friday, September 1:
    • Spiritual Retreat: 8:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. EDT
  •  Saturday, September 2:
    • New President's Address (Exact time TBD): Between 6:30 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. EDT
More information will be distributed via email and the National Council's social media pages regarding how to access the live feed and more as it becomes available!
Just because you can't make it to Tampa, doesn't mean you can't be a part of the transformative experience! Tune in!

solidarityHave you paid your Annual Solidarity Contributions?

Next month, on September 30, the 2016-2017 fiscal year closes! Have you paid your Annual National Solidarity contributions? If remittance has not been made for your current solidarity contributions owed, please do so immediately. 

The name 'Society of St. Vincent de Paul' is trademark protected for those who are practicing good governance, which includes remittance of annual contributions assessed. National Council solidarity contributions make up a significant portion of the national budgeted income and is an essential annual membership requirement.  Click here for a listing of the Benefits of Solidarity. No SVdP entity can be exempt from annual solidarity dues contribution. Let us know if there is anything we can do to assist. 

For payment advice or to discuss payment arrangement contact:
Pam Hudson                                                                                  
Director of Governance and Membership Services
314-576-3993 ext. 214


Q: If a Catholic attends meetings but has no contact with the poor, are they full member or associate? A situation: a person attends meetings regularly, their company gives substantial money every year, but their job prevents them from participating in our work. It has been suggested to let them return calls from our answering machine so they are serving the poor. The majority of the Conference wants them classified as full members so as not to lose the donation from their company. Your thoughts?
A: To summarize, The Rule, Part III, Statute 3, an Active (Full) Member is Catholic, attends meetings on a regular basis and participates in the works of the Conference. It sounds to me like you need to make every effort to get this person involved in the works of the Conference in some way. Keep in mind that all Active Members are eligible to be officers. Do you want someone as an officer who has no experience with the works of the Conference? It is the Conference who decides who is an Active Member and who is an Associate. We ask that you be consistent with everyone and not be motivated only by money.
Q: Considering the Church's stance on gay marriages and the gay lifestyle, does the Society have a right to refuse service to a gay couple, specifically providing them with a double bed?
A:  There are a lot of moral issues that present themselves to our members over time. The issue you present comes up on occasion - providing, room, rent, bed for a gay couple. How about the case of a couple (man and woman) who indicate they are not married? What about someone who is known to be a sex offender? The Rule of the Society, both in Part I (Article 1.4) and Part III (Statute 8), states that we are not allowed to discriminate. "The Society serves those in need regardless..." The teachings of the Church make it clear what is good and what is bad, what is right and what is wrong. Those values are used to determine our own actions. However, our faith also insists that we are not to judge - God is the sole judge. Whether we provide room, rent, or bed does not mean that sin will be committed. For example, consider the case of giving furniture to a family in need. The father takes the furniture (which now belongs to him), sells it, and then buys drugs or alcohol with it. Should we not have given the furniture to the family? Should we stop giving furniture to other families in the future? The bottom line is that we are not to discriminate.   

Submit your questions to: 
Pam Hudson
National Director of Governance & Membership Services


StoryBooth is back at the National Assembly in Tampa!

Come celebrate the SVdP 2017 National Assembly in Tampa, Fla. and visit StoryBooth!
The Diocesan Council of St. Petersburg is sponsoring the 2017 National Assembly of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, to be held at the Marriott Waterside in Tampa, August 30 - September 3, 2017.
Spend quality time catching up with fellow Vincentians from across the country.
This year's National Assembly will again feature "StoryBooth."
This will be a private space in the hotel where Vincentians can contribute to a video archive by telling their stories. StoryBooth will be located in Room 13, on the third floor.
StoryBooth will be open:
  • Thursday, August 31 from 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
  • Friday, September 1 from 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
  • Saturday, September 2 from 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
There will be three questions for response, and responses should be between :30 and :45 seconds each and you are welcome to answer any and all of the questions. Responses may be used in the EWTN series on the Society, "Our Faith in Action: Today's Society of St. Vincent de Paul."
The questions are:
1) What inspired you to become a Vincentian and how has it changed your life?
2) What was your most memorable moment or moving home visit?
3) How has being a Vincentian enhanced your spiritual growth?

Following the National Assembly, all the responses will be collected and archived at .  
This will be a continuation of the ongoing oral history of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in our time. So please make plans to visit StoryBooth and tell us YOUR story.

  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
A Fond Farewell and Hearty Welcome at the Closing Mass and Banquet
This year marks the end of president Sheila Gilbert's term and welcomes new National President, Ralph Middlecamp.
During the vigil Mass on Saturday September 2, Ralph and his board of directors will be commissioned.
At the closing banquet that evening, Vincentians will have the opportunity to bid farewell to Sheila and her board. During that time, Ralph will give his inaugural speech as he introduces his new board.
Attendees will also hear from Judy Marquie as she officially invites all to join her at the 2018 SVdP National Assembly in San Diego, Calif.
It is sure to be a fun-filled, tropical themed evening complete with Cuban themed food and a photo booth!
See everyone in Tampa in 14 days!
If you still need to register to attend this year's National Assembly, click here.

(Any questions or problems securing your guest room, please contact Christi Watts,

Questions? Contact:
Michele Schurk
Events Coordinator
314-576-3993 ext. 223

JulieJulie Witzel in new Position at 
National Council Office
Julie Witzel, formerly Membership Services Administrative Associate, will now be serving as the National Membership and Extension Manager for the National Office.
In her new role, Witzel will help establish relationships and foster opportunities for extension and growth by assisting regions and Councils in their efforts to grow membership at all levels and ethnicities including youth and young adults to increase the Society's assistance to friends in need.
Congratulations Julie!

If you have any questions regarding membership or extension, contact:
Julie Witzel
National Membership and Extension Manager
314-576-3993 ext. 221

The Need for Risk Management - Part IV

We continue with the excerpts from an article in the Smart Risk Management Manager's Training Workbook dealing with the five core principles of Risk Management.  This week's focus is on Empathy.
Core Principle #4 - Empathy
Managerial empathy is the ability to identify with your employees so you can understand their feelings and needs.  Smart Risk Managers always try to place themselves in their employees' shoes.
Remember - employees are not just numbers, write-offs or sources of risk, but valuable team members who, like you, have fears, needs and hopes.
Managers who fail to practice managerial empathy tend to experience higher turnover, increased risk and more wrongdoing.  Smart Risk Managers understand that:
  • Most employees view their job as important.  Employees are sensitive to decisions that affect their job.
  • Even a minor incident can have a significant effect not only on an employee's job or career but also on his or her personal life.
  • Employees have concerns - real or imagined - regarding their jobs, and these should be routinely addressed.
  • Employees fear reporting wrongdoing, especially when they believe that reporting may place them at risk or, in some manner, significantly impact them.  A Smart Risk Manager takes great care to keep a report of wrongdoing confidential by telling only those who have a "need to know."
Next week we will cover Core Principle #5 - Fairness. 

To learn more about Governance, contact:
Pam Hudson
National Director of Governance and Membership Services
(314)576-3993 ext. 214

Attention NCMs and Other Servant Leadership whose Terms are ending!

A servant leadership thank you & farewell continental breakfast is being hosted at the National Assembly in Tampa on Friday, September 1 from 7:30 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. You are valuable to us! If your servant leadership term is ending soon, join us for breakfast to discuss the many opportunities available for you and your Vincentian servant leadership knowledge, with the National Council. There is still servant leadership work in the Vincentian vineyard to be done! We need your expertise! Can we count on you?

To reserve your place email: for the room location.  Let us know that we can count on you to join us!

"Our Lord will counsel you what to do." -St. Vincent de Paul

¿Va a concluir su término de servicio como líder?  ¡Únase a nosotros el viernes en Tampa para el desayuno!


Un desayuno continental de despedida y de agradecimiento por su servicio de liderazgo va a ser ofrecido en la Asamblea Nacional en Tampa el viernes, 1 de septiembre a las 7:30 am - 8:30am.  ¡Ustedes son valiosos para nosotros!  Si su término de servicio como líder está por terminar pronto, únase a nosotros en el desayuno para discutir las muchas oportunidades disponibles para usted y su conocimiento del servicio de liderazgo vicentino con el Consejo Nacional.  ¡Todavía hay trabajo de liderazgo que hacer en la viña vicentina! ¡Necesitamos su experiencia!  ¿Podemos contar con usted?
Para reservar su lugar envíe un correo electrónico a: para la localización del salón.  ¡Déjenos saber que podemos contar con que se unan a nosotros! 

Vincentian Formation
Celebrate Frederic Ozanam's Feast Day - Sept. 9

The Rule 3.11 challenges: 
"The president of the Conference or Council will have special responsibility for promoting Vincentian spirituality."


Ends September 27!
  Celebrating the 400th Anniversary of the Vincentian Charism

All Modules of Serving in Hope (English and Spanish)
$1.00 each

"Vincentians are called to journey together towards holiness, because true holiness is perfect union with Christ and the perfection of love, which is central to their vocation and the source of their own faith and fidelity." (Rule 2.2)

Is your Conference:
  • Desiring to grow in spirituality?
  • Wanting to live our Vincentian vocation?
  • Hoping to walk the journey towards holiness?
  • Searching for Vincentian spirituality?
  • Attracting new members?
Then SERVING IN HOPE is your answer!

Serving in Hope is a spiritual formation program developed by the National Office for the Conference level. As Vincentians we are called to "Serve in Hope" because we are called to bring the love of God to those who are poor and suffering, and therefore we must become rooted in the spirituality that is the heart and soul of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

To Order: Online at      
(Click on SVdP Members, scroll down and click on Order Materials)                        
Email order to:

For further information contact: 
Sister Kieran Kneaves, DC
National Formation Director

 Start-up Kits in Spanish Now Available

Start-up kits are now available in Spanish through the National Council office. 

For more information or to place an order, contact:
Pam Hudson
Director of Governance and Membership Services
314-576-3993 ext.214
Connect with the Multicultural African American Task-force  on Facebook!
You can keep up with everything going on with the SVdP National Multicultural African American Task-force by following them on their new Facebook page.

Disaster Services Corporation Update
SVdP Disaster Services Corporation Training at the National Assembly

SVdP - Disaster Services Corporation assists Friend in Need after Devastating Flooding

For more information about the Disaster Services Corporation  or how to donate to the House in a Box ®  Program, contact:

Liz Disco-Shearer
Disaster Services Corporation

Brooke Newton
Deputy Director
Disaster Services Corporation

storesNational Stores Committee
National Assembly, Tampa
August 30 Workshop Agenda
As you ponder registering for the National Assembly in Tampa, Fla., we would like to call your notice to the day of workshops sponsored by the National Stores Committee.
The National Stores Committee sponsors a day of workshops specifically for the attendees that are associated with running thrift stores. 

If you have any questions regarding stores, contact:
Ray DuPont
National Stores Committee Chairperson

Free SVdP Mobile App
Offering Vincentian Reflections in English and Spanish!

Vincentian reflections are an excellent guide for Vincentian meetings and discussions. They can be found on the SVdPUSA Mobile App in both English and Spanish.

The SVdPUSA mobile app is available for both iPhones and Androids, and is completely FREE!  People in 38 countries are now using the SVdPUSA mobile app to find current Vincentian reflections in English and Spanish, as well as e-gazette articles, FOP® Grant information, and so much more!

To download the free SVdPUSA mobile app, please follow these instructions:
  1. On your mobile phone or tablet, visit "Google Play" or the "App Store" and search: SVdPUSA
  2. Download the app
  3. Select "Yes" for Offline Caching (this allows you to access the app information when not in WiFi range
  4. Select "Yes" to allow Push Notifications (this allows you to receive important alerts and messages)

Que ofrece reflexiones Vicentinos en 
inglés y Español! 

Las reflexiones Vicentinos de  son una excelente guía para las reuniones y discusiones Vicentinos. Se pueden encontrar en la aplicación móvil SVdPUSA en inglés y español. ¡ 

la aplicación móvil SVdPUSA está disponible tanto para iPhones y androides, y es completamente gratis! ¡ la gente en 38 países están utilizando ahora la aplicación móvil SVdPUSA para encontrar reflexiones Vicentinos actuales en inglés y español, así como artículos de e-Gazette, información de FOP ® Grant, y mucho más!

para descargar la aplicación gratuita SVdPUSA Mobile, por favor siga estas instrucciones:
  1. en su teléfono móvil o tableta, visite "Google Play" o la "App Store" y busque: SVdPUSA
  2. Descargue la aplicación 
  3. Seleccione "Yes" para el almacenamiento en caché sin conexión (esto le permite acceder a la información de la aplicación cuando no está en el rango de WiFi 
  4. Seleccione "Yes" para permitir notificaciones empuje (esto le permite recibir alertas y mensajes importantes)

Looking for Additional Funding to help 
More People?
The Friends of the Poor® Grant applications are new! The South Central and Western Region Conferences applications are now open. Grants of up to $5,000 are available.
New Regional Pairings
August 31

South Central and Western*
November 30

Eastern and Northeast
February 28

North Central and Southeast
May 31

Mideast and Midwest*

* Regions whose deadlines have changed.
Great News! More than $200,000 is available for Conference grants, thanks to a large grant from a foundation and support from National Council donors!
  • Grants are targeted to specific, current needs of the poor, above and beyond available Conference resources.
  • Preferred interest areas: systemic change, rental/housing and utility assistance, food, clothing, transportation, medical and baby/child needs.
Applying is simple. Download the application from the National Council Development Toolbox FOP Grant tab by clicking here.
Send completed applications to the SVdP National Office by Thursday, August 31. Email applications are preferred. Send to Gerri Sample at or Steve Martinez at
The National Development Department coordinates with the Friends of the Poor Grant Program. Total annual funding varies based on funds raised and Friends of the Poor solicitation campaign results. Grant applications are awarded by an independent peer review committee representing each of the eight SVdPUSA regions. 


SVdP National Partner - Dollar Days

Need hygiene kits, school supplies toys, clothing, blankets, health and wellness or seasonal items?  Visit SVdP's national partner DollarDays at:  
DollarDays is a national partner with the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. This wholesaler offers more than 260,000 products online, by the case. Members can access the SVdP DollarDays at Shipping is free through the SVdP portal, but all orders do incur a $3.98 processing fee. SVdP members will also receive dedicated support from the DollarDays nonprofit shopping team to answer product questions and help obtain the best selection of products and pricing.


SVdP National Partnership Program

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul's National Partnership Program can save Councils and Conferences money while improving efficiency. Learn more!

National partners provide national buying power to local 
Councils and Conferences.

For more information on Development, contact:

Steve Martinez
314-576-3993 ext. 213

Gerri Sample
314-576-3993 ext. 211

To Top 
Getting Ahead Facilitator Training
Our Rule calls us "to help the poor to help themselves whenever possible, and to be aware that they can forge and change their own destinies and that of their local community."
Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin' By World attacks poverty holistically, empowering individuals to build their own personal plans for economic security and create  Systemic Change. It is currently being used by Conferences and Councils of all sizes, across the country.
Join Jeanne Harper, member of the National board of directors and vice president of the North Central Region, for our next  Getting Ahead Facilitator Training Webinar:
Part I: Thursday, September 14           10:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. CT
Part II: Thursday, September 21          10:30 a..m. - 1:30 p.m. CT
* Please Note: Registration will close two weeks prior to the webinar, in order that participants have sufficient time to prepare. Late requests cannot be accepted.*
For questions about Systemic Change, the Getting Ahead program, or other poverty-related issues, contact: 
Tom Mulloy
National Director of Poverty Programs 

To Top 

Voice of the Poor Immigration Webinar  

If you missed all the important information and resources in last month's webinar on The New and Continuing Immigration Challenges In a "Welcome the Stranger" Vincentian Year, you can listen to an archive recording and download the slides on the Voice of the Poor website.
Stay tuned for more information and resources that you can use to be a Voice of the Poor in your communities!

For more information about Voice of the Poor, contact:
Tom Dwyer
National Voice of the Poor Chairperson

To Top 
New SVdP Youth Conference Commission 
in Florida  

On Sunday, July 23, Fr. John McEvoy, pastor of St. Anne's Parish in Ruskin, Fla. commissioned a new Young Vincentians group of 20 members. The commissioning occurred during a Sunday Mass. The commissioning followed a homily by Fr. John on Society founder, Blessed Frederic who was 20 years old when he was started the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.
The St. Anne's Youth Conference was founded with the vision of Fr. John, who serves as spiritual advisor for the Diocese and who, as a student growing up in Ireland, joined the Society. Formation occurred with the support of Isabel Darcy, vice-president, and Bill Hennrich, who serves as president of the St. Anne Conference.
The new youth Conference has already been involved with food distribution at the St. Anne food pantry and assistance to the elderly. The St. Anne's Youth Conference will be attending the National Assembly in Tampa later this month where they will participate in food assistance to the homeless at the Center of Hope in St. Petersburg. Future projects will involve visits to a retirement home and involvement with Christmas outreach during the holidays.

Call for Information!

Do you know about a successful Young Vincentian group? 
We want to hear about it!
For any questions regarding SVdP Youth, contact:
Suzanne Markiewicz
Youth Committee Chairperson
(724) 454-5430

To Top 

For help planning a Grandparent's Day at your Council, contact:
Julie Witzel

SVdP Television Special Available Online!

The SVdP television special "Our Faith in Action: Today's Society of St. Vincent de Paul" is now available online for all Councils and Conferences to use to help tell our story.  This program provides an excellent overview of who we are and what we do.

Click here to watch and download the video from Vimeo:

Click here to watch on YouTube:

If you have any questions, please contact:

Gary Stevens
Director of Marketing and Communications
314-576-3993 ext. 209

Michelle Boyer
Communications Administrative Associate
314-576-3993 ext. 201

SVdP400400th Anniversary of the Vincentian Charism

2017 marks the 400th Anniversary of the Vincentian Charism.

Click the links below to view a new video about Vincentian Family members serving their brothers and sisters in need.


Vincentian Symposium in Rome 
October 12 - 15

This year we celebrate the 400th anniversary of our Vincentian charism. On this occasion, the Vincentian Family organizes an International Symposium in Rome from October 12 to 15, 2017 where all members of the Vincentian Family are invited. This event is open to all.
Please find attached the information provided by the Vincentian Family:
Download the invitation
Please visit the website designed for the occasion:

For more information, contact:
Gene Smith

To Top 
International News
Elias supports the Children of Cyril Rose


National president of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Rudolph Borneo, left, receives a check from TSTT chairman, Emile Elias. PHOTO: PICASA

The Cyril Ross Nursery was once again given a boost of support as they received their second annual contribution of $24,750 from TSTT Chairman Emile Elias, recently. On hand to receive the check was Rudolph Boneo, National President of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. This contribution was in keeping with the continued fulfilment of Elias's commitment of donating his quarterly board fees to four Homes for children in need.
During the presentation, Elias said the most rewarding aspect of engaging in an endeavor such as this was simply "the joy of giving". He further added, "Homes like the Cyril Ross Nursery dedicated to the caring for the physical and emotional well-being of children living with HIV are very unique, and as a result I would like to encourage other citizens to extend a helping hand to support and contribute to Homes such as these."

  Read more.
National News 
Hundreds of Homeless served Christmas 
Dinner in Phoenix

Laura Thurbon, an artist, created a mural that featured all of the people who helped serve the homeless. Photo: 3TV / CBS

The weather is far from frightful and there's no need for a fire but it felt like Christmas for hundreds of homeless people in Phoenix.
Former NFL player and Hall of Famer Nick Lowery and his foundation Champions for the Homeless teamed up with St. Vincent de Paul for the second annual Christmas in summer.
At the shelter in downtown Phoenix, a group of athletes, former Baywatch TV star Donna D'Errico and hundreds of volunteers served a Christmas dinner to more than 1,400 homeless people.
"In a tough part of their lives, we're here for them," Lowery said.

Read More 



 Calendar of Events

Deadline for Frederic's E-Gazette articles submission: Every Wednesday by 12 noon for article to be included in current week's edition

National Assembly
Tampa, FL
August 29-September 2
Invitation for Renewal
St. Louis, MO (Pallottine Renewal Center)
December 6-10

Dates for 2018:

Board Meeting
St. Louis, MO
January 21

Catholic Social Ministry Gathering
February 3 - 6
Washington DC

Midyear Meeting 
April 11 - 14
St. Louis, MO

Board Meeting
St. Louis, MO

Invitation for Renewal
July 11 - 15
St. Louis, MO

National Assembly
August 27 - September 2
San Diego, CA

Invitation for Renewal
November 14 - 18
St. Louis, MO

Vincentian Prayer List

Are you or another Vincentian you know in need of prayers from fellow SVdP members? Send the prayer intention to Pam Hudson at and we will add the name to the prayer list on the SVdP website. Thank you and God Bless.

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