Important SWHRL Annual Neighborhood/Membership Meeting with Board Elections: 
Wednesday, May 16, 2018, 6:30 – 8:30pm
Ainsworth Elementary
Board members for 2018-19 will be elected.
We would welcome new volunteers! 

SWHRL needs your participation to survive and thrive. Help us carry on our important work to advocate for the interests of the SW Hills: volunteer for an officer role, for the Board, and/or for work on Transportation/Trails, Land Use, Schools, Parks, Public Safety, Events, Communications (newsletter, website, membership list), or Neighborhood History.

Agenda will include:
  • Action plan for 2018-2019
  • Board Elections
  • Strohecker's Update
  • St. Thomas Moore Development update
  • Public Safety
  • & More

At the meeting, we’ll also talk about SWHRL's accomplishments during the past year, and action items for next year. We value your input - we can't do it without you! 
Your SWHRL Neighborhood Association does important work: 
  • Monitors plans & decisions from the City, from developers & others that affect livability
  • Advocates for neighborhood interests & priorities
  • Encourages & facilitates neighbors’ input
  • Informs neighbors of issues/events via SWHRL E-newsletter, website, Facebook
  • Responds to land use proposals for development, short term rentals, demolitions 
  • Deals with traffic issues, trails, ped/cyclist infrastructure & safety
  • Monitors & follows up on crime/public safety* 
  • Tracks schools issues & informs neighbors (If we find a new volunteer)
  • Builds community/organizes events – picnic, movies, neighborhood walks
  • Initiates projects such as the Vista-Spring Restoration, creating a small pocket park
  • Documents neighborhood history

Land Use News

In March, SWHRL sent in our response to the application to remove the 1984 Ordinance restrictions limiting use of site to a grocery. We argued for protection of our neighborhood-serving commercial node guaranteed by the 1984 Ordinance, and supported by the Comprehensive Plan policies. Links to the filing & related documents can be found on the SWHRL website: .

Public testimony was accepted at the hearing before the Hearings Officer on May 2nd. Thank you to everyone who attended and gave testimony.

No decision! The Hearings Officer requested a follow up hearing to review the policies and goals of the 2035 Comprehensive Plan in relation to the property. We will provide a full update at the May member meeting. The follow up hearing is scheduled for May 30th at 9:00am.

A final hearing will be before City Council, date to be determined.
Tangent Village
(Proposed 14-home subdivision adjacent to 1315 SW Broadway Dr, 
LU 18-119056 LDP EN PD)
The City has sent the developer back to the drawing board with various suggestions, including one that they try to cluster the homes more in one part of the site to reduce the disturbance area. The owner and developer have until August 6, 2018 to address problem issues and complete their application. See the SWHRL website for more info.
The scam on SW Broadway has continued, where a scammer tries to flag down a car with claims of a sick or injured family member who needs immediate help, a ride and/or money to get a cab, the City recommends: 
1) If there is a life-threatening emergency, or they claim there is one, call 9-1-1. Do not let the person into your vehicle.
2) If you are suspicious of someone performing a "street scam" or conducting illegal activity call non-emergency and report to the Portland Police Bureau (503.823.3333) Do not let the person into your vehicle.
For more safety and prevention tips on "Street Safety" go to the link below:
Ongoing Property Tax Reform meetings in 2018
For info on future meetings of Westside Neighbors for Property Tax Reform, or to receive background documents, contact: . Representatives of the group met with State legislators and our county tax auditor to discuss property tax issues, and potential tax reform strategies. We may also find common interests with a group from East Portland working on property tax inequity. Watch for updates on .
Southwest Hills Residential League (SWHRL) is a neighborhood association that serves the communities south of the Sunset Highway and along the slopes of the West hills from the historic Portland Heights neighborhood to Council Crest and as far south as Healy Heights.