February 2018 - In This Issue:
Valentine's Day Special!
This Valentine's Day, join us for a special deal!

In honor of the holiday representing love, show yourself some love with this deal! Get 1g of SWOP flower, one Med-tainer of choice, Zig-Zag Rolling papers, and a Bic Lighter for $25 tax included! 

Strain: Bayside Purple

High in caryophyllene and myrcene, bayside is a good counter for anxiety and stress. Exhibiting slight indica effects, it is also an effective sleeping aid. On your next visit, inquire in the store about our Bayside Pre-rolls.

Upcoming Changes to Loyalty Program

We are in the process of changing our loyalty program. We will be moving away from the points reward system to a product reward system that gives a little more to our patients.  The new program will start February 12th, with the old program turning off on the 10th. 
We will send info about our new loyalty program in next week's newsletter. 
Save 15% on Bubba Kush and AK-47 Candy! Also Jack's Cleaner nuggets are on sale!
This Week's Special

Get 15% off of AK-47 and Bubba Kush strains in hard candy! This includes the tabs and crush in these strains.
In addition, all Jack's Cleaner nuggets will be on sale for $5.99 + tax (limit 5 per customer per day while supplies last).

Bryan Krumm has stood for Medical Marijuana many times over the years.
Don't forget to sign the petition!

Jeff Sessions has made it very clear he is anti-cannabis, even for medicine. As such, Jeff has stood in the way of medical marijuana research. Bryan Krumm has setup a petition to combat this. He is calling for New Mexico's Attorney General, Hector Balderas to file a criminal charge against Jeff Sessions and allow the industry to study and grow. Let's not let hard work accomplished be undone!

Need a doctor?
We have one for you

Looking to renew your cannabis card? Know someone who needs a cannabis card, but they are not sure where to start? Check out Medcan Consultants! Dr. Rosenberg (on the right) is our choice of doctor! Go online or call (505)-503-8707 to setup an appointment today!
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