Sabotaging weight loss,
feel the burn.
First... You are unique!
You and your friend are the same age, same sex, and do the same amount of exercise, yet one of you can get away with eating a lot more food than the other, and still lose weight. Some of it will depend on muscle mass (the more muscle, the higher the metabolism), however some of it is just straight genetics, but that doesn't mean you cannot change up your genetic expression (Epigenetics).

To help rev-up your metabolism; here are some ways we slow it down and how to avoid them...

Other than those tips... of course, there are other factors to look at such as emotional eating, diet creep, carb levels, your training etc. But with some support, education, and motivation your weight loss, fat burning capacity, and health goals can be achieved!

It all starts with awareness, and if you're reading this... you've just begun taken the first step.
Do you want to know how miraculous you are?

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