SGMP Sacramento Chapter 




SGMP Sacramento Chapter is pleased to announce the Slate of Candidates for the 2017-19 Chapter Board of Directors:

Penny Stockdale, CGMP (GP)

1st Vice-President
Cindi Williams, CMP (GP)

2nd Vice-President
Marie Cicogni (S)

Marsha Robinson (GP)

Joli Hayes, CGMP, BASHA (S)

Directors (vote for three):
Shryl Avril (GP)
Tammy Chavez (S)
Jeannie Hansen (GP)
Trini Hurtado (GP)
GP = Government Planner
S = Supplier

The campaign period runs from April 5-12 and chapter online voting opens on April 13 and closes on April 21, 2017.

Please be on the lookout for voting instructions from SGMP National Headquarters and please take the time to VOTE.

Candidate bios may be found on our website at here.



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