FICS VISION: A diverse community of learning grounded in the principles and practices of Creation Spirituality where all are inspired to claim their prophetic imagination and artistic creativity to foster an abundant life for all of Creation.
Re-imagining the Sacred, Re-imagining the Human

Ours is an age of unmooring and upheaval; of rapid changes in politics, culture, and technology; of potential for unparalleled ecological destruction and of unsurpassed possibilities. Apocalypse, after all, means unveiling. What, therefore, is being revealed to us? This is not a time to remain cloistered and to look only within. In an age of rising fascism and rising sea levels, we are called upon to find our prophetic voices, to become activists—but what kind of activism is appropriate in today’s world? Sacred Activism is an approach to engaging the world that offers not only political and social engagement, but also a re-imagining of the sacred, a re-imagining of the human.

In Sacred Activism in an Apocalyptic Age, we’ll explore how to become activists who not only engage in the political and social movements of our day, but also explore our own assumptions and the narratives that have brought us here. In keeping with the prophetic tradition that is so significant in the Creation Spirituality movement, we will examine and re-imagine the modern values that have dominated industrialism, imperialism and capitalism. In this course, all four paths come together: Sacred activism requires us to fall in love with the world ( via positiva); to despair at the world’s suffering ( via negativa); to imagine a new world ( via creativa); and to work to transform world and self ( via transformativa).

Theodore Richards, PhD
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About Our Intensive Format

Each course offered at FICS is a one-week block (Monday-Friday) called an Intensive . The daily schedule of each Intensive week consists of four elements (Body Prayer, Seminar, Art as Meditation and Integration Group). Students pick one Seminar and one Art as Meditation for each Intensive. All enrolled students participate in all four elements of the daily schedule and are to be prepared by completing required readings and a paper.
Winter Inte nsive 3: “ The Essence of Creation Spirituality "
February 26 - March 2
Introduction to Creation Spirituality with Jeannine Goode-Allen, DMin and David Sharp, DMin
Embodying the Tao: Tai Chi as Meditation with Leon Evans, MD
* There is still time to enroll for this Intensive. This is a great way to begin your studies at FICS.

Spring Intensive 1 : “ The Intersection of Cooperation and Unity "
March 5-9
Deep Ecumenism: Interspirituality and the Wisdom Traditions with Ana Perez-Chisti, PhD
Chanting the Wisdom Traditions with David Sharp, DMin and Jeannine Goode-Allen, DMin
Spring Term Intensive 2
"Sacred Activism: Finding Form in Chaos"
March 12-16, 2018
Body Prayer
This morning class is designed to awaken students to the day and prepare them to engage their mind, body and spirit in the learning process.
Sacred Activism in an Apocalyptic Age
with Theodore Richards, PhD and Andrew Harvey

Students will take a look at the challenges our species faces today and are invited to see this apocalyptic moment as not only destructive, but also as an importunity to re-imagine what it means to be human in the context of upheaval and unmooring. What can we do at the end of the world(view)? What are the spiritual practices rooted in Creation Spirituality that can bring forth a more just, vibrant, compassionate, and sustainable civilization?

This intensive fulfills this requirement: Crucial Contemporary Issues.

Art as Meditation
Soul Dance:
A Movement Practice for Soulful Living and Grieving
with Robyn Hubbard, DMin

This experiential course is designed with the wisdom of the 4 Paths of Creation Spirituality at the root of its inspiration. Participants will have the opportunity to engage their bodies, hearts, minds and soul while journeying through the 4 Paths of Soulful Living and Grieving – Resource, Release, Renewal and Return. By mindfully and somatically accessing a wide range of experience and emotion, we have a unique opportunity to discover meaning, resource, creative potential and direction. This expressive movement, ritual and art-based experience offers a template to serve as an ongoing deepening practice.

Integration Group
The purpose of the group is to help integrate the days’ experiences and course material with one’s academic goals and work in the world. The process group helps to provide support for the work of transformation and aids participants to voice their own emerging ideas and inspiration.
*The above Intensive fulfills the Crucial Contemporary Issues requirement and is open to Contemporary Issue Students as a half-day, reduced fee, non-credit option.
Spring Term Intensive 3
"Mysticism, Prophecy and Co-creation"
April 16-20, 2018
Body Prayer
This morning class is to awaken students to the day and prepare them to engage their mind, body and spirit in the learning process.
Thomas Merton: Mystic and Prophet
with Matthew Fox, PhD

Thomas Merton (1915-1968) was one of the great spiritual writers and mystic-prophets of the twentieth century. From the time of his conversion at the shrine of the Black Madonna in Cuba in 1940 to his untimely martyrdom in Bangkok for opposing the war in Vietnam in 1968, his spirituality evolved profoundly. He journeyed deeply from being very much a dualistic monk from 1940-1957 to being a prophetic leader leading out a creation spirituality path under the influence of Zen master D.T. Suzuki and Meister Eckhart beginning in 1958.

Merton's prophetic voice addressed issues of Ecology, Feminism, Racism, the rights and oppression of indigenous peoples, Technology’s excess, War (he coached the Berrigan brothers among others in non-violent resistance), Peace, bogus religion (he called the marriage of fundamentalism and empire the “greatest orgy of idolatry the world has ever seen”). He offered medicines to heal us including Deep Ecumenism (his close friendship with the Dalai Lama and Thich Naht Hanh are well known), a theology of the Cosmic Christ (“How is it possible to tell everyone they are walking around shining like the sun?” he asked following a mystical experience at lunch time rush hour in downtown Louisville) and the cultivation of contemplation.

In this class we will explore the depth teachings of this man around contemplation and action, mysticism and prophecy and what he is telling us today about our spiritual vocations including cultural criticism.

This intensive fulfills this requirement: Mystics East and West

Art as Meditation
Ignite Creativity with Clay
with Caroline Douglas, BFA

This course will provide creativity exercises, through writing and making collages which will connect each person to her divinity by providing ah-has and a path to transformation. From these ah-has, the participants will explore a next step of giving themselves permission to create them in clay. During this process participants will learn to see that everywhere around them, there is the possibility of seeing the world with fresh eyes. Creativity will be used as a jumping off place to be more present, more joyful, less stressful or attached to the outcome. It will connect everyone to their bliss, flow, and creative expression.

Integration Group
The purpose of the group is to help integrate the days’ experiences and course material with one’s academic goals and work in the world. The process group helps to provide support for the work of transformation and aids participants to voice their own emerging ideas and inspiration.
Spring Intensive Schedule

Spring Intensive 4: “ Holy Shape Shifters
April 23-27
Reimagining Tradition: Heschel, Schachter-Shalomi and Fox with Rabbi Victor Gross, PhD
Qi and Grace: The Embodied Lord’s Prayer, Qigong and Art with Kaleo Ching, MA & Elise Ching, RN, MA

Spring Intensive 5: “ Inner Greening and Growing
May 14-18
Deep Ecology and the Theology of the Land with Marvin Anderson, PhD
The Mystic Hildegard with Jeannine Goode-Allen, DMin
Nature Writing with Susan Coppage Evans, DMin
Engaging Hildegard's Music, Art and Herbs with Jeannine Goode-Allen, DMin
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Andrew Harvey
" The Mystic meets the Prophet: Listening for the Call to Compassion "

March 16, 2018, 7-8:30 PM
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Creation Spirituality, this whole wonder-filled orientation to a sacred cosmos, arose from humanity's universal mystical experience, and the mystics' perennial vision has always been this: Heaven on Earth is already here, we are already divine, and all our work is sacred, literally! This is not just a happy metaphor, fantasy, or sentimental idea, it is our truest perception of reality. I have been exploring this revelation for over two decades and, as a mystic, I can tell you that this vision is not only true, it is critical to human survival.

I want to learn how to hold the paradoxical poles of my identity together, to embrace the profoundly opposite truths that my sense of self is deeply dependent on others dancing with me and that I still have a sense of self when no one wants to dance.

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