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Greetings from the Safe and Civil City Director

On behalf of the City of Bloomington, I'd like to welcome all Indiana University and Ivy Tech Community College students to our shared community. If you are new to the community - welcome. If you are a continuing student - we're happy to have you back. Bloomington is a great place to live. Its unique style and friendly and safe environment are matched by few communities in the nation. 
Please take advantage of some of the many attractions Bloomington has to offer. 
Bloomington Entertainment & Arts District (, or BEAD, is 60 blocks of fabulocity found only in downtown Bloomington, Indiana. Galleries, live music, performing arts, over 90 restaurants and 100 specialty shops, parks and hotels.

Bloomington Parks and Recreation ( offers a variety of activities that are low or no cost. Farmers' Market, ice skating, movies in the park, golfing - are all at your fingertips.

If you're interested in volunteering or learning more about the non-profit community in Bloomington, the City of Bloomington Volunteer Network has all the information you'll need to get started. Check them out at

These are just three examples of activities available to you as a new Bloomington resident. Visit to see many more opportunities.
The information below is designed to help keep you safe in your new community. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your on-campus resources or the City of Bloomington Safe and City Program.  
Kind Regards,
Beverly Calender-Anderson
Safe and Civil City Director 
Aggressive Panhandling

In Bloomington, panhandling is defined as soliciting to an individual on a street or public place and by requesting an immediate donation of money or something else of value. There are a few different appropriate ways to respond to panhandling. Responses can include:
  • Politely saying "no" and walk away 
  • Donate your money to legitimate organizations dedicated to helping homeless and low income families in our community
  • Volunteer your time to organizations and service agencies addressing this issue
  • Become more knowledgeable about panhandling, homelessness by visiting local social service agencies to learn of other ways you can help.
Giving to panhandlers is discouraged. It is only a short term fix to a larger problem. You can refer people in need to one or more of the many social service providers in Bloomington or encourage them to call 211 to find help. 
If a panhandler becomes aggressive or if you feel threatened call 911 or tell a police officer on patrol. 
Visit the city website in order to learn more about panhandling is and when panhandling crosses the line.
Indiana Lifeline Law

Since 2004 more than two dozen Hoosier students under the age of 21 have lost their lives to alcohol poisoning. Many of these lives could have been saved if bystanders sought medical attention.  With the Indiana Lifeline Law minors under the influence of alcohol can not be prosecuted for crimes like minor possession if they get help for another person and cooperate with the police. If you are with someone who needs medical attention - Make the Call, Get Help and Save a Life.


For more information, check out the Indiana Lifeline Law website.


Noise Control and Lower the Boooom! Campaign Lower the Boooom!

The Lower the Boooom! Educational Campaign was created to provide community members with information concerning the health and safety risks involved with the utilization of boom speakers. Along with revisions in the City of Bloomington Noise Control Ordinance enhanced fines for repeat offenders and stepped up enforcement by law enforcement, the campaign will seek to significantly reduce the usage of boom speakers in and around Bloomington.

The City of Bloomington's noise ordinance applies and can be enforced by police 24-hours a day. Standards for unreasonable noise include sound from cars, horns or signaling devices, radios, TVs, loudspeakers, amplifiers, and musical instruments which endanger the health, safety, welfare, prosperity, comfort, or repose of reasonable persons.

Violations of the noise ordinance can result in a warning, a fine, or even misdemeanor charges or disorderly conduct (including arrest). 

Find out more information here, as well as information about Bloomington's Quiet Nights Program!

To report a noise violation, call the Bloomington Police at (812) 339-4477.
CBVN Logo with gray background Bloomington is home to dozens of non profit agencies that devote time and resources to making our community a better place to live. Everyone has something to contribute! Volunteer opportunities come in a wide variety -there are opportunities for all interests and levels of commitment. Whether you're looking for individual and group opportunities, or to fulfill class or organization volunteer requirements, the City of Bloomington provides many resources to connect you to organizations throughout the community:
Graffiti Eradication

The City of Bloomington has taken the stance that the existence of graffiti is detrimental to property values and the quality of life and community attractiveness. When graffiti remains, it invites more graffiti and may lead to increased vandalism and other criminal activity. In order to combat graffiti, the City of Bloomington has developed a three part plan:

  • Reporting: Call the Safe & Civil Hotline (812.355.7777), or report graffiti using the online graffiti form - complete with an option to upload a picture.
  • Removal: Property owners are encouraged to remove graffiti as soon as it appears, and the downtown Graffiti Removal Pilot Program has two City employees removing graffiti in a designated area.
  • Education: Check out the City of Bloomington's website for suggestions for graffiti removal, information on the effort to bring together persons convicted for graffiti vandalism and property owners together, and the Boys and Girls Club graffiti clean-up program.
Commitment to Diversity

The City of Bloomington has a made a commitment to diversity and inclusion throughout the community. The City respects and values all unique individual qualities, including race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, age, and socioeconomic background. Recognizing these diverse characteristics is necessary in order to achieve an inclusive, welcoming, and supportive community. Check out some of the diverse programs that the
Safe and Civil City Program supports:

City of Bloomington Safe and Civil City Program:
Beverly Calender-Anderson, Safe and Civil Director
Ph: (812) 349-3560    Email:


COB Police Department: (812) 339-4477


COB Fire Department: (812) 332-9763
Graffiti Hotline: (812) 355-7777

IU Commission on Multicultural Understanding: 
Ph: (812) 856-0921    Email:
IU Police Department: (812) 855-4111 
IU Safety Escort: (812) 855-SAFE (855-7233) 
Latino Outreach Programs:
Daniel Soto 
Ph: (812) 349-3465  Email:
Lower the Boooom! Hotline: (812) 355-7777
Middle Way House - 24 Hour Crisis Line: (812) 336-0846
Monroe County Prosecutor's Office:  (812) 349-2670 
National Suicide Prevention Hotline -1-800-273-8255 (TALK)

Report Discrimination Claims at IU with Incident Teams:
Ph: (812) 855-8188    Email:


To File a noise complaint:
(812) 339-4477 (Bloomington Police Department - non-emergency)
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