May 18, 2017

Safety Tips for Motorcyclists


We have reached that time of year again where the weather is perfect for getting on your bike and going for a ride. Here are a few tips to help keep you safe:
Know your bike and how to use it. 
Find a motorcycle training course in your area. These courses can teach you the basics as well as advanced techniques, such as how to perform evasive emergency maneuvers, hone your skills, and develop your riding techniques before going into heavy traffic. Know how to handle your bike in conditions such as wet, sandy, or gravel roads, high winds and uneven surfaces.
Wear the right gear. 
You want gear that will protect you from the elements, flying bugs, debris, and of course, road rash should you slide out. For maximum protection, go for a leather or other reinforced jacket, gloves, long pants, and over-the-ankle footwear, even in the summer. Specially designed jackets with rugged padding and breathable mesh provide protection as well as ventilation for riding in warm weather. Make sure to have effective eye protection as well; don't rely on eyeglasses or a bike's windscreen. Use a helmet visor or googles. Choose gear in bright colors so you are easier to see.
Use your head. 
Riders without a helmet are 40 percent more likely to suffer a fatal head injury in a crash and are three times more likely to suffer brain injuries, than those with helmets, according to government studies. I realize that this is an emotional topic for some riders, but the facts show the risk.
Be Defensive. 
You need to be extra alert while on the road. Keep an eye out for cars suddenly changing lanes or pulling out from side streets. Don't tailgate, keeping a safe following distance is critical, both to ensure you have enough stopping distance and so you have enough time to react to obstacles in the road. An object that a car might easily straddle could be a serious hazard when on a bike.
Above all else, enjoy your ride and be safe!

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