Blessed Torch Bearers Around the World!

Your Belov'd America is under siege and needs your immediate assistance! Whether or not you are a citizen of the United States, America is still the champion of your Freedom, the bulwark of your Liberty, and the Lamp of Illumination holding open the door to your Ascension. Liberty is besieged on all sides by those casting lots for her seamless garments as did the soldiers at the foot of the cross.

All sorts of top heavy karmic debts have piled up in recent decades, none more insidious than the ever mounting national debt, accommodated by more and more borrowing and the inflating of the currency. Insidious because of the enticements of those who whisper, "Surely we can postpone the day of reckoning forever."

All might appear quiet on the surface, but this very day and for the next several weeks leading into the holiday season, behind the scenes politicians and lawmakers in Washington are gambling with America's future and yours - making decisions, passing laws, and enacting regulations that will directly affect your life and the lives of your loved ones for generations to come.

The Ascended Master Light must come to their aid as they seek to grapple with these and other complex issues. Mighty Astrea's Circle and Sword of Blue Flame must cut them loose and set them free of all astral pressures and burdens. Fearlessness Flame must imbue them with Courage and Strength to act. Golden Helicon must illumine their minds with Divine Direction, their hearts with genuine Compassion, and their deliberations with the Will of God!

Therefore are you called to Saint Germain's God Star Vigil of the Central Sun. The Ascended Masters have directed that the cycle of this Vigil shall continue around the clock until the very moment Beloved Jesus stands before you on Thanksgiving Day, November 28, 2013. Future cycles may well be required as Beloved Saint Germain and El Morya shall indicate. On their behalf we thank you for your valiant dedication and Sacrifice at the Altar. Rest assured in the moment of your Victory you will look back and bless the hours spent in this Service.

Onward unto the Victory!

The Anointed Representatives

Voice from The Temple from Beloved El Morya  



El Morya's words of encouragement are for you when he says, "We are sure you are up to the task!" Click the Voice above to read more of what El Morya has to say on this cycle of opportunity.   

Won't you join your Brothers and Sisters around the world as we together lift our Hearts and Voices on High in Service to the mankind of Earth during this Vigil and commit to a two hour Vigil so there will be at least nine people decreeing round the clock that will then culminate with the Dictation by Beloved Jesus on Thanksgiving Day!


When you click on the image of the Mystic Rose you can view how many Torch Bearers are at the Altar at any given time. In addition to your scheduled Vigil time, you can sign up for an additional slot and add your Flame whenever you desire. 

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The Masters have released a new Matrix for Saint Germain's God Star Vigil of the Central Sun. Click on this link to view the New Vigil Matrix.  



As Chananda released his instruction during this Acropolis Sophia, he called for the Torch Bearers to come together to assist the Cosmic Councils in maintaining Peace throughout the land. Click on the Voice to view a PDF of the instruction from Beloved Chananda. 


As an antakarana of Light forms around the world in response to our collective calls, know that the Anointed Representatives and the Ascended Masters stand with you as you move forward in the Radiant Light of the Great Central Sun.



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