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High School Newsletter 

June  2017

"We are not called to live without the other, above or against the other, but with the other, for the other and in the other".
This - the Pope said - "means welcoming and bearing witness to the beauty of the Gospel; loving each other, sharing joy and suffering, learning how to forgive".
Pope Francis on Trinity Sunday
Hi Everyone,
Working in the Church, I live by two calendars.  One, the Julian Calendar, reminds me I have a dentist appointment, it lets me know my mother's birthday is coming up and tells me when the dog needs his heartworm medicine. The Liturgical Calendar is the other half of my world.  Each Sunday is either highlighted as a feast day or a Sunday in ordinary time.  It give me the dates for important feasts like Easter, Pentecost and just today, Trinity Sunday.  One calendar tells me where I have to be and what time to get there, an important aid to a busy life!  The other reminds me that no matter what day it is, God is there to share in my adventures, also important in my busy life!

Today we celebrated Trinity Sunday, that mystery of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, all wrapped in one God.   I need that reminder as much as I need to remember to take care of the dog.  The God who loved me into being, His Son who showed me how to be a disciple, and the Holy Spirit that helps me in my weakest moments. 

The Liturgical calendar has days devoted to special saints whose lives when modeled, can bring us closer to God.  There are days set aside to celebrate Mary, Jesus' mother, and days in ordinary time - time when nothing special is being celebrated yet God is still present to us in that simplicity. 

 Google "Liturgical Calendar" and print out the month of June.  Celebrate with the whole Church the feasts of St. Cyril, Sts. Peter and Paul, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, St. Anthony of Padua ("Tony, Tony turn around, something's lost and can't be found." My keys would be lost forever without St. Anthony's help!), and yes, ordinary time, too. 
Use the Liturgical Calendar to highlight your children's feast days and tuck a special treat in their lunch box.  Light a candle in Advent.  Count the day til Christmas.  The Liturgical calendar can help us balance all those things we need to do with the opportunity to shine the light of faith on all the ways we "need to be."
It seems summer is finally here.  Outside it's 90 degrees!  Please take a moment before our summer schedules kick in to read the YM Newsletter.  There are some important announcements about upcoming events and registration information for Confirmation. 
Next week the YM office goes into our summer schedule.  The office will be open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 10AM-5PM.  However, also note that our email is checked twice daily, every day of the week. 
Wishing you all the blessings of warm summer days!

                Attention Current 8th Graders
Next year you will begin your preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation.  Due to the importance of this sacrament and the seriousness of the commitment needed we would like to invite you and at least one parent to attend one of the Confirmation orientation sessions being held THIS Monday, June 12th or Tuesday, June 13th in the Community Room at 7:00 PM.  Please choose the day that best suits your schedule.
Registration materials will be available at this session.  If you cannot make ether session please call Phyllis in the YM office to set up an appointment.  Registrations for Phase I Confirmation will NOT be available online.
  Phase II Confirmation Registration
If you are entering Phase II of the Confirmation Program you can register online.  Go to the parish web page  Click on Phase II registration to download the forms.  Please return them to the YM office by July 15th.   

    Leadership Training for Antioch  Team 

If you loved your Antioch Retreat then consider serving on the  Antioch Team for this year's retreat.  (November 10-12)               

Saint Kateri Youth Ministry is offering two Leadership Training Workshops for all those current sophomores (class of 2019) and juniors (class of 2018) who are interested in being a Retreat Team Member for the Antioch Retreat Weekend . This workshop will offer you the necessary skills to be effective leaders, not only for Antioch but for participation in extracurricular events at school. Antioch Teams this year will be limited to 20 leaders and attendance at Leadership Training is mandatory to be considered for one of these positions. The dates we are offering are Tuesday, June 27, 2017, or Monday, July 10, 2017. The Workshops begin at 10:00 AM and will end at 3:00 PM. All materials and meals (snack & lunch) are included in the $10 workshop fee. If you have any questions, please contact Phyllis at the Youth Center, 973-729-4722.
The presentations include:
  What is Leadership
  How to Run a Small Group
  Peer Facilitation
  How to Write a Retreat Talk
Registration forms can be found on the parish website by clicking on Youth Ministry or simply send me an email with the date you would like to attend.  You can bring payment with you on that day.


Parents, We Need Your Help! 

The Youth Ministry Program tries to offer many opportunities for young people to encounter Christ through service, classroom experiences and social events.  We also do a few fundraisers each year to support these ministries.  None of this would happen without the help of our parents (and Grandparents, too!).  Please take a look at the volunteer information sheet on the YM page of the parish web site.  Three or four hours of your time just once a year can be a big help!
If you have  special interest or skill to share then give us a call  973-729-4722.  We would love to have you join us!
                Lectors, Eucharistc Ministers, Welcomers
Were looking for teens to help out with liturgical ministries at Mass.  Won't you consider becoming a Lector, Eucharistic Minister or Welcomer.  Serve at the Mass you and your family attend.  All training provided.  We would love parent and teen volunteers too!  Please call or email the YM office if you are interested or with any questions. 
gift cards
Everyone Shops!
You can continue to purchase Everyone Shops gift cards throughout the year. Gift cards are available to almost every store and restaurant.  A percentage of your purchase comes back to St. Kateri Parish.    Everybody Shops information can be found in the Gathering Space. 
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Saint Kateri Youth Ministry hopes to offer young people a  place to learn about and worship the God who loved us into being.
It is where we become disciples of Jesus Christ and where the gifts of teens are valued, encouraged, and shared with the parish community.
It is a place where ALL are welcome.
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