First Communion, Awards, May Crowning, "13 Reasons Why"
Saint Michael's Minutes
Teaching Children their value as Children of God
Principal's Notes
Dear parents and families, 

This is an exciting time in the year with flowers blooming, the weather keeping us on our toes, and the end of the year is just over the horizon. Please be sure to read this issue of the Saint Michael's Minutes fully as there are many important updates.

Firstly, our Second graders will be celebrating their First Communion this Sunday at the 12:00 Mass. Mrs. Tette could not be more excited for our students to receive this sacrament. There will be a reception following the Mass in the school Cafeteria. I look forward to seeing our students dressed up and finally able to fully participate in reception of the Eucharist. 

Secondly, there is a new show on Netflix, based on a novel, titled "13 Reasons Why." Please read my comments and thoughts on these works below so you are aware of the content for your children. 

Our current and former students are accomplishing great things all the time! Below is a list of alumni who have received Honor Roll from O'Connell and Paul VI for the third quarter, as well as former students who were inducted into the National Honor Society at O'Connell this passed weekend.

At Saint Michaels we recognize that every student is an individual child of God, however I would like to particularly highlight our current students who received the "Shining Star/Child of God" award for the passed two months here at Saint Michaels:


  • Kindergarten: Duncan McCauley 
  • 1st; Sophie Yamaoka 
  • 2nd: Hailey Brady 
  • 3rd: Annabelle Miranda 
  • 4th: Jazmin Miranda 
  • 5th: Tatiana Saliba 
  • 6th: Amy Nguyen 
  • 7th: Daniel Nguyen 
  • 8th: Victoria Pham


  • Kindergarten: Ana Torres 
  • 1st: Jaguar Carrasco 
  • 2nd: Trevor Le 
  • 3rd: Anthony Pham 
  • 4th: Christopher Crespo 
  • 5th: Brendan Stroh 
  • 6th: Maggie Doyle 
  • 7th: Joey Nguyen 
  • 8th: Alan Balderrama

Next Friday, May 5th, we invite parents to join us in the church at 8:15 for our May Crowning. There will be no Mass that day, so instead we will hold our own prayer service where the students will pray the rosary, sing songs for Mary, give flowers to Our Mother, and crown her. The second graders are encouraged to wear their First Communion suits and dresses (or dress up if they did not receive) for the event. The school will supply all students with a flower to present to Mary, but if you would like to send in others, or process after the students yourself that is absolutely encouraged. 

Tomorrow morning Kindergarten through 5th grade will attend a special presentation by The Ned Program. Feel free to click here to see their presentation meant to motivate students to be kind, never give up, and help others. 

Tomorrow morning the school will also hold a Fire Drill and Tornado Drill. The office of Risk Management will be joining us to observe and ensure that our safety protocols and procedures are completely optimized and safe. This will disrupt some of the morning classes, but as always, student safety is the top priority. 

God bless,

Daniel Cinalli
School Auction
The Saint Michael Catholic School Auction is only a few weeks away! Please click here to see some of the fabulous items that will be available for you to bid on. 

We invite all our parents and their families to the event. The proceeds go directly to the PTO and will be used for new technologies for the students in the school. This will be a rootin, tootin good time for everyone, so don't miss out! Tickets are $30 for a single, or $55 for a couple. If you are interested in sponsoring a teacher and his/her spouse, please feel free to send in the registration form with their name written on it. We would like this to be a very well attended event, and the most important factor in that is YOU!
13 Reasons Why
The Netflix show "13 Reasons Why" is a television program, based on a novel, which is very popular right now. Today I went to each classroom 4th-8th grade, and asked what good shows were there to watch on Netflix? In 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th there were students who said "13 Reasons Why" (our 4th graders never mentioned the show). I had a conversation with each class about the dangers of inappropriate media, the consequences in the real world versus the glorification in fiction, and the importance of communication with their parents, or someone at school. I did this is very broad terms without every directly addressing the show or the contents of the show. 

I personally have seen the show, as I like to know what the students are interested in.  The novel and show is about a teenage girl who commits suicide and leaves behind tapes explaining the people who are responsible for her depression and the reasons why she takes her life.  The novel glorifies suicide, rather than actually providing coping skills with bullying and self-esteem situations.  Additionally, there is a lot of sexual content, drug use, underage drinking, and a rape scene.    

The novel and show have been featured on several morning talk shows, such as the “Today Show”, commenting on the way this novel/tv show illuminates suicide. I brought this matter to the attention of the Saint Michael Catholic School teachers and we thought it best to make you aware of the novel and Netflix series.

Should you have concerns, or questions, please let me know and I would be happy to talk with you.  As always, we want to help your children grow in a positive way and read literature and watch media that teaches rather than glorifies horrific challenges young adults face.

This link is a PDF from the National Association of School Psychologists with very helpful information on the show for schools, parents, and students. I advise you to please read through it, and be cognizant of what your children are reading and watching.

Alumni Honors
Congratulations to the 2017 Saint Michael Alumni National Honor Society Inductees for O'Connell High School
  • Nicholas Caporaletti
  • Christopher Chehade
  • Kaci Jose
  • Margaret Parker
  • Paul Saliba
  • Anthony Socarras

Congratulations to our alumni who received Honors for the third quarter at O'Connell High School

Distinguished Honors

  • Julie Nguyen
  • Teresa Nguyen
  • Kaci Jose
  • Paul Saliba
  • Antonio Camarca
  • Jenniger Gulley
  • Katy Nguyen
  • Andres Penafiel
  • Peter Saliba

First Honors

  • Kevin Jose
  • Cora Wack
  • Michael Kilcoyne
  • Michael Nguyen
  • Grace Nary
  • MaiThy Nguyen
  • Malee Turner
  • Caroline Wack

Second Honors

  • James DiGiulian
  • Nicholas Caporaletti
  • Christopher Chehade
  • Eva Coffin
  • Christopher Niland
  • Margaret Parker
  • Anthony Socarras
  • Matthew Tillson
  • Stephan Wampouille
  • Driss Beaulieu
  • Samuel Gigliotti
  • Felicia Sebastian
  • Elizabeth Nguyen
  • Katherine Pham
  • Lizbeth Rojas

Congratulations to our alumni who received Honors for the third quarter at Paul VI High School:

Principal's Honor Roll

  • Stephen Artner

Honor Roll

  • Gabrielle Bernescut
  • Bruno Castro
  • Seon Jun Choi
  • Andrea Recinos-Cadima
  • Claire Welp
Little Celtics

Greetings from Pre-K!

Wow where has the school year gone? We have just about a month left of school. Our preschoolers Love PE class with Mr. Muha. 

A couple of reminders: please send in your sports related item for our preschool gift basket for the school auction on May 6. Also on June 1st is our last day of Preschool. 


Mrs. Jennison

Preschool Director

Clinic Corner

7th grade parents: Information was sent home with your child this week concerning scoliosis screening. Please read this information and call the clinic if you have any questions: 703-941-9482. 

Stay healthy,

Mrs. Jarvis, RN

(703) 941-9482

On the horizon...
  • April 29: Confirmation Retreat for 8th graders at Saint Michaels
  • April 30: 12:00 First Communion for our Second Graders
  • May 5: 8:15 AM, May Crowning in the Church
  • May 6: School Auction in school cafeteria
  • May 12: 11:30 Dismissal, Teacher Work Day

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