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Principal's Notes
Dear parents and families, 

We have entered the most exciting, energetic, and absolutely hectic time of the year. In just a span of 10 days, the school will put on an Off-Broadway performance of Mulan Jr., compete in a school-wide Field Day, hold the Talent Show, have our auction winners serve as teachers and principal for the day, and send off the graduating class of 2017. It is a wonderful time to work in a school to say the least!

Congratulations to our 8th graders who last week  received the sacrament of Confirmation. Fr. Drummond was incredibly impressed when he interviewed all the confirmandi, and I know Bishop Burbidge was also impressed with our students in yet another visit to our school. I will include a story below that truly shows how amazing our school and students are below that I encourage you all to read. 

Tomorrow night, please join us for the one-night only production of Mulan Jr.! Doors open at 6:00, the play begins at 6:15. The 8th grade has been practicing, rehearsing, and singing for weeks; this is a show you don't want to miss! The Saint Michaels Minutes called it: "The show of the century! 5 Stars!"

On Friday we will be holding Field Day. The weather looks promising, and Mr. Muha and our 8th graders have organized many fun games, as well as teams, to ensure it is a day filled with fun and competition. Please feel free to come out and volunteer if you are able. 

Next week, on Wednesday at 1:30 in the school Cafeteria we will hold our Talent Show. All grades K-8 will be performing. Parents are invited to park in the parking lot as we normally do for dismissal, and then come in to watch the performances. 

On Monday, our auction winners will be Teachers for the Day and Principal for the Day. Please have them dress for the job. That morning we will have a faculty meeting, there are rumors of extended recess and no homework, and we will all eat lunch in the faculty room (McDonald's will be provided). 

One Monday we will also have a Golden Ticket Sale for any students that have Golden Tickets burning a hole in their pockets. 

God bless,

Daniel Cinalli

Our 1st graders worked all year on their writing with the SuperKids curriculum and today were able to share their portfolio's with their parents. Mrs. Socarras and Ms. DeMarco did a wonderful job preparing our students to take the stage, sing some songs, and then read their works to their parents. The show was energetic and fun, and the writings should be on the Best Sellers list any day now.

A huge thanks to Mr. Williams for volunteering every week with the first graders for this project. Congratulations Mrs. Socarras for another wonderful Author's Tea! 


Earlier in the year when Bishop Burbidge visited Saint Michaels, he gave a homily on the three R's: Respect, Renew, and Rejoice. The homily was thoughtful, full of wisdom, and had an impact on our students. Fr. Carr thought it would be wonderful to hold an essay contest for our 6th, 7th, and 8th graders and submit the winning essays (three per grade) to Bishop Burbidge as a gift. Mrs. Howard organized the assignment and grading, and immediately following confirmation, Elizabeth Paparo and I gifted Bishop Burbidge a folder containing the winning essays, as well as spiritual bouquets said for his intentions. 

The following day was the final principal's meeting of the year for the Diocese. Bishop Burbidge invited all pastors to attend as well, so Fr. Drummond and I attended the meeting at All Saints in a room full of the leaders of all Catholic schools in the Diocese of Arlington. Bishop Burbidge's opening remarks highlighted his appreciation for all that we do for Catholic education, and the importance of Catholic education in the world today. Then to emphasize his point, he mentioned that he was at Saint Michaels the night before with Fr. Drummond and I, and that we gave him a very thoughtful gift. He said this gift was a perfect example of the impact our schools play in the lives of our students. At that point, Bishop Burbidge took out Elizabeth Paparo's essay and read it, start to finish, to all pastors, principals, our superintendent's office, and heads of school from our high schools. 

Needless to say, Fr. Drummond and I were beaming with pride (as well as being equal parts shocked). That fact that Bishop Burbidge chose to share on of our student's writings as the sample of the importance of Catholic education is simply, for lack of a better word, awesome. All other heads in the room were nodding in agreement with Ms. Paparo's words. 

I shared this story with all of our middle schoolers last week, and made sure that any time, this summer or in the future, someone asks them what school they go to, or went to, they should say Saint Michaels Catholic School with pride. Needless to say, our students are the example of what Catholic education strives to be. 

Little Celtics

Greetings from Pre-K!

Thanks for a wonderful preschool year! See you tomorrow at our end of the year celebration!

PreK-3 at 10:45 AM

PreK-4 at 2:15 PM

Both celebrations will be held in the All Purpose Room. Please bring a treat to share. 


Mrs. Jennison

Preschool Director

Clinic Corner

If you have medication at school for your child please come by the main office before or on the last day of school, June 9th.  There will also be a note going home as a reminder.  If the medication is not picked up, it will be discarded.

Stay healthy,

Mrs. Jarvis, RN

(703) 941-9482

On the horizon...

  • June 1: Mulan Jr. 6:15 PM in Cafeteria
  • June 2: Field Day
  • June 2: 11:30 Dismissal
  • June 5: Teacher/Principal for the day
  • June 5: Golden Ticket Sale
  • June 7: Talent Show, 1:30 in school Cafeteria
  • June 8: 8th Grade Graduation


“Artistic talent is a gift from God and whoever discovers it in himself has a certain obligation: to know that he cannot waste this talent, but must develop it.” - Blessed Pope John Paul II

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