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Saint Michael's Minutes
Teaching Children their value as Children of God
Principal's Notes
Dear parents and families,

Thank you to all the families who attended out Spirit Night last Wednesday. It was a wonderful turnout and we raised $224 for our school! We will be holding other Spirit Night's with McDonald's as the year goes on. 

Another thanks is owed to all the families that attended our Parish Fair this past Sunday. The event was a huge success and very well attended. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all our students playing games and running around together in the beautiful weather while taking in some Polka music. 

Yesterday, there were rumors abounding about threats to certain schools in Fairfax County. I was not made aware of the situation until after school hours where I found it on social media, well after Fairfax County Police had published that it was a non-credible threat and only a hoax. I was surprised that we, as a school in Fairfax County, had not been contacted during the situation and informed upfront of their findings. I have since spoken with Fairfax County Police and been informed that if there is ever a point that our students are in any danger or risk, we will be contacted immediately. However, they will not contact us to keep us updated on these situations where there is no threat. I currently get updates to my personal cell phone from Fairfax County on all alerts, and follow Fairfax County Public Schools and Fairfax County Police Department on Twitter. They recommended these to be the best ways for us to stay updated on any situations like the one yesterday that arise in the future.

It is my policy to always reach out to parents through Instant Messenger if there is any situation concerning student safety. However, it is difficult for me to monitor social media throughout the day to be aware of situations that are occurring that do not put the school in immediate danger. I would ask all of you to please reach out to the school through phone if you hear of any situation that is a concern. This will ensure that we are knowledgable concerning any dangers and able to take action or communicate to the community. 

Next week we will have an officer come out to do a Security Sweep of our school with me to check for any issues or weaknesses to our safety protocols. We will also be conducting a practice Lock Down Drill on Thursday, October 13 during the morning. The students and teachers will be made aware of the situation to ensure no students are frighted during the drill and all are prepared. 

God bless,

Daniel V. Cinalli
Our New Bishop

Yesterday, Pope Francis appointed Bishop Michael F. Burbidge, 59, to serve as the fourth Bishop of Arlington. Until yesterday, Bishop Burbidge served as Bishop of the Diocese of Raleigh.  He succeeds Bishop Paul S. Loverde, 76, who has led the Diocese since 1999. Bishop Burbidge will assume leadership of the Diocese during a Mass of Installation on December 6, 2016. Until that time, Bishop Loverde will serve as Apostolic Administrator. 

For a more thorough background on our new Bishop, please click here for a press release from the Diocese. 

PTO Meeting Survey

Thank you to the parents who responded to the PTO survey last week. If you would like to have your voice heard, please click this text to respond to the survey and help guide our PTO this year.

We have taken the results thus received into account and decided to schedule our first PTO Meeting for Wednesday, October 19 at 7:00 PM in the school Cafeteria.

We will go over PTO and School news only, hoping to keep the meeting to less than 45 minutes. The meeting will cover:

  • State of the School
  • School Strategic Plan
  • PTO budget and finances
  • Fundraisers for the year
  • Technology Investments
  • School Volunteer opportunities

If there is an agenda item you would like added, please email our PTO Secretary, Mrs. Andia at mandia143@hotmail.com. 

7th and 8th Grade Confirmation Meeting Tomorrow

Tomorrow, October 6, there is a mandatory meeting for 7th and 8th graders for Confirmation. The student and at least one parent are required to attend. The meeting will begin at 7:00 PM in the Cafeteria. If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Howard at betty.howard@stmikes22003.org.


Our Parish has subscribed to a new, online Catholic education tool for members of our community. The site is called Formed, and can be found at formed.org.

Called "the Netflix of Catholic media," Formed offers classes, videos, books, audio recordings, and more. It is fantastic place to find resources for any aspect of your Faith journey.

To register, visit Formed.org, and use our Parish code 6VZDHB to create your account. 

Saint Michael's Book Fair
St. Michael School will be holding a FALL BOOK FAIR– October 23-26 in the All Purpose Room. The Book Fair begins on Sunday October 23rd and will be open before and after masses from 9:30am-1:30pm.  Please stop by and get a head start on your Christmas shopping by giving the gift of Reading!

Family Night is on October 24th where books will be sold from 6 - 8pm. Refreshments will be provided and Gift Certificate drawings will be held at 6:30 and 7:30pm for book fair merchandise. Bring your family and friends to purchase books and enjoy refreshments and fellowship!

The Book Fair will also be open during the school day for student purchases on Monday through Wednesday October 24-26. Student wish lists will come home on Monday October 24th after they have previewed the Book Fair. If you would like your child to purchase books during the school day, please remember to send in cash or a check payable to St. Michael School with your child for their wish list purchases on Monday through Wednesday.

Volunteers are needed to help with the Book Fair. Please use the attached signup form and send it in to school, or email Mrs. Maureen Paparo at maureenpaparo@hotmail.com if you would like to volunteer to help at the Book Fair. Thank you in advance for your support!

If you have questions about the book fair, please contact our School Librarian Mrs. Patricia Wenger at patricia.wenger@stmikes22003.org.

Clinic Corner

Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it is good to make it as nutritious and healthy as possible for your child.  Some suggestions are:

 * Add fresh fruit such as strawberries, blueberries or a banana to cereal

 * Use low-fat milk instead of whole milk

 * Drink water instead of fruit juice since juice contains high amounts of sugar

 * Make a breakfast smoothie made with low-fat milk, fresh or frozen strawberries and a banana

 * Add granola or fresh fruit to low-fat vanilla yogurt

 * Eat whole grain breads instead of white bread

Mrs. Jarvis, RN

(703) 941-9482

      The Week Ahead

  • Thursday, 10/6: Mandatory 7th and 8th Grade Confirmation meeting at 7:00 PM in the Cafeteria
  • Monday, 10/10: No School. Columbus Day
  • Wednesday, 10/12: PTO Meeting, 7:00 PM in the Cafeteria. 
“Let us not shrink from entering the public square to proclaim the person of Christ, to teach the values that flow from reason and faith, to uphold our right to go about our daily work in accord with our teachings and values.” 
-Archbishop William E. Lori
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