Turkey Trot, Happy Thanksgiving, No School Friday and Monday
Saint Michael's Minutes
Teaching Children their value as Children of God
Principal's Notes
Dear parents and families,
Thank you all very much for the hard work and donations during our Poinsettia and Turkey Trot fundraisers. Both have been extremely successful and will benefit out school greatly in the near future. Our Turkey Trot has surpassed our goal of $5,000, in fact we exceeded expectations and raised over $6,200! The students, staff, Fr. Drummond and I had a wonderful time outside today (please see below for pictures and a summary). 

Congratulations to Mrs. Socarras' 1st grade class, Mrs. Tete's 2nd grade class, and Mr. Wagner's 5th grade classes who all reached their classroom goals. Mrs. Tete's class was our grand prize winner, raising $948 and will enjoy their pizza and popcorn movie with Mr. Muha later in the year. 

Yesterday I sent out a last minute call and email to the community for our Turkey Trot, and the call went to many unsuspecting non-members of Saint Michaels who had no idea who I was or what is a Turkey Trot. If you have recently changed your email address or phone number, please send Mrs. Carlstrom an email at maureen.carlstrom@stmikes22003.org. 

Tuesday is the final day to send in lunch orders to the office for next month. 

Please remember that there is NO SCHOOL on Friday or Monday  for Thanksgiving break.

Fr. Drummond and I wish you all safe travels, happy times with your families, and many blessings. I will be reflecting on the many blessings in my life this Thanksgiving, and having the opportunity to be the principal of Saint Michael Catholic School is extremely high on my list of things of which to be thankful. 

God bless,

Daniel Cinalli

New Instructional Aide in Middle School

I am thrilled to announce the hiring of Emily Cortright as our new instructional aide in middle school science and math. Ms. Cortright has a Bachelor of Arts Double Major in Public Health and English from Johns Hopkins University, and a Master of Health Sciences in Environmental Health, also from Johns Hopkins. 

She is very excited to join our community and help the students in any way that she can. She has experience working with children through tutoring programs and brings a bright, fun, and intelligent personality to our school. She will be working part-time Monday-Friday each week. 

Saint Michael Alumni Honors in High School

Our alumni go on to accomplish so many great things in our local high schools and  I want to make sure we recognize their achievements. Below are the Saint Michael Catholic School Alumni who have received Honors from Paul VI and O'Connell for the first quarter. 
Bishop Dennis J. O'Connell High School

Distinguished Honors
  • Julie Nguyen
  • Kaci Jose
  • Michael Kilcoyne
  • Jennifer Gulley
  • Grace Nary
  • Katy Nguyen
  • MaiAnh Nguyen
  • Andrew Penafiel

First Honors

  • Michael Nguyen
  • Margaret Parker
  • Nikolas Rocha
  • Antonio Camarca
  • Peter Saliba

Second Honors

  • James DiGiulian
  • Kevin Jose
  • Teresa Nguyen
  • Meikel Tuner
  • Cora Wack
  • Christopher Chehade
  • Ava Coffin
  • Christopher NIland
  • Paul Silba
  • Anthony Socarras
  • Matthew Tillson
  • Stephan Wampouille
  • Driss Beaulieu
  • John Doyle
  • Samuel Gigliotti
  • MaiThy Bguyen
  • Felicia Sebastian
  • Kody Ho
  • Malee Turner Caroline Wack

Paul VI Catholic High School

Honor Roll
  • Gabrielle Bernescut
  • Bruno Castro
  • Seaon Jun Choi
  • Shannon Chong
  • Andrea Recinos-Cadima
Turkey Trot Summary

Today's Turkey Trot was a wonderful success and the students and teachers had a wonderful time trotting around the school, singing songs, chanting, and making as much noise as possible all morning. Students were running over to high-five Fr. Drummond and I all morning, DJ Mr. Muha kept the tunes jamming all morning, and the teachers got plenty of exercise leading the students around the entire campus. 

We ended the Turkey Trot with the Inaugural Race Against the Principal. The fastest student from each grade had a chance to race against me in a 100 yard sprint. If the student won, their class and their Mass Buddy class gets a free dress down day, if I won, I get to not wear a suit for a day. 

I triumphed against the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. I then individually raced the 6th grade champion and won. The 7th grade champion put up a great fight, but Mr. Cinalli was too fast once again. 

Then came Allan Balderrama, the 8th grade champion. I got off to an early lead, but the energetic legs of an 8th grader had too much juice against the aged legs of a principal. Allan beat me, and since I was too confident, he won a dress down day for the entire school and was celebrated as a true champion! 

Thank you so much to all the parents who came out to volunteer. It was a wonderful community event and a fantastic way to begin the break. 
Clinic Corner

With the approaching holidays, it's easy to eat too much and add on extra pounds.  However, we can still enjoy all the delicious holiday goodies while controlling the calories that we consume.  One simple way is to eat slowly.  Recent research suggests that people who eat slowly tend to consume fewer calories and stay fuller longer than those who eat quickly. It takes about 20 minutes for the brain to recognize that the stomach has had enough.  So if you eat slower, less calories will be consumed before the gut hormone signals to the brain that it is full.

Strategies for eating slower include: portion control, eating small frequent meals, and drinking sips of water during the meal. With this approach, you may not have to go on a diet after the holidays!


Mrs. Jarvis, RN

(703) 941-9482

      The Week Ahead

  • Thursday, November 24: No School Thanksgiving
  • Friday, November 25: No School
  • Monday, November 28: No School
  • Thursday, December 1: High School Placement Test
  • Wednesday, December 7: Picture Retake Day
"Father in Heaven, Creator of all and source of all goodness and love, please look kindly upon us and receive our heartfelt gratitude in this time of giving thanks."
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