Yearbook Volunteer desperately needed, Choir/Bank Concert, Christmas Pageant
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Principal's Notes
Dear parents and families,
We are in the final stretch of the 2016 school year (we still have many school days in 2017) and the students, teachers, and staff are all extremely excited for break to begin and the Christmas celebration. To begin the celebration a bit early, we have out Band and Choir concert tomorrow night, and our Christmas Pageant on Friday at 1:30. More information is below for both events and I look forward to seeing many of you there. 

For the avid readers of the Saint Michael's Minutes, you will remember that I lost an incredibly close race to our speediest 8th grader, Allan Balderrama. There was a malfunction with the stopwatch, so sadly the race will not be allowed to be entered in the record book for Saint Michaels athletics, but I am still happy to honor the free dress down day for the school. On Tuesday, December 20th please send your children to school wearing their most festive Christmas garb (no pajamas or tight fitting clothing). 

On Thursday, December 15, there will be a Band and Choir concert at 7:00 PM in the school cafeteria. Come hear your favorite Christmas tunes and support Dr. Little and our choir!

On December 16 at 1:30 we will host our new Christmas pageant for the school and any parents who wish to attend. This year the pageant has been updated and incorporates each grade in a wonderful performance planned by Mrs. Taylor. 

We are still in desperate need for a yearbook coordinator. If you are interested please email Mrs. Carlstrom for more information. The yearbook is done completely online and students compile the pages. The parent volunteer is needed to supervise the children during meetings and to ensure deadlines are met. Please help our school with this incredibly important historical document!

There is an International Night planning meeting at 7:00 PM on Monday, December 19. For more information please email Mrs. Acevedo at 

God bless,

Daniel Cinalli

Catholic Charities Fundraiser

Thank you to all who gave money for students to purchase the donut holes from Krispy Kreme last week. Our SGA raised $214 for Catholic Charities USA!

Inclement Weather Policy

Saint Michaels normally follows Fairfax County for all weather related closings and delays. However, next week Fairfax County schools will already be closed for Christmas break, therefore we will use our Instant Messenger alert system, as well as putting a notice on the school website, if the school will be closed or delayed next week. The full explanation from the Handbook is below:

If during the course of the year, the school uses inclement weather/emergency days, it may be necessary to modify the published school calendar.

Stations WGAY- FM(99.5) WMAL-AM(630) and WTOP-FM(103.5) carry the information. Major TV stations (ABC, CBS, NBC) also report Fairfax County closings/delays. Fairfax County Public Schools also uses channel 21 to give all closing/delayed opening information. We follow their 1 hour/2 hour delay options. If we are already scheduled for an early dismissal (because of a Faculty meeting, etc.) and a 2-hour delay is called, then St. Michael School will be closed for students, but teachers will report at noon for the faculty meeting.

In the event that St. Michael School closes due to an emergency at the school an e-mail/phone call will be sent to you via the School Messenger System.

Little Celtics Update

Preschoolers are very busy preparing for Jesus birthday.
Please remember to join us for our annual holiday programs. Mrs Nary's class Friday the 16th at 1030 am in the all purpose room. Mrs Jennison's class Monday the 19th at 215pm in the all purpose room. The last day before Christmas break is Wednesday December 21st dismissal at 11:15 am.School resumes on Tuesday January 3rd. Have a wonderful holiday break. 


Pam Jennison

Preschool Director

Clinic Corner

With the approaching Christmas break, many of us will be eating out.  While it's important to watch what foods we eat, it's also a good idea to look at serving and portion sizes.  A serving is a set amount of food that contains a specific quantity of calories and nutrients.  Servings normally are given in common units such as cups, ounces or pieces.  A portion is the amount of food you choose to eat or the amount of food a restaurant gives you.  It is usually not the same as a serving.  Often at restaurants, portions are larger than one serving.  A key part of reaching or maintaining a healthy weight is portion control.  Here are some portion control tips:

* Avoid buffets

* Ask for a take-out container when you order your food.  Place some of the food in the container as soon as it arrives.

* Share your meal with someone in your party.

* Eat slowly so your body has a chance to tell you when it's full.

* When eating fast food, never supersize anything.

* If possible, eat a piece of fruit before heading out to eat.

* If buying soda, choose a small one instead of large, and don't refill the cup.

Mrs. Jarvis, RN

(703) 941-9482

On the horizon...

  • Thursday, December 15: Band & Choir Concert 7:00 PM in cafeteria
  • Friday, December 16: Christmas Pageant 1:30 in school cafeteria
  • Tuesday, December 20: Christmas themed dress down day
  • Wednesday, December 21: 11:30 Dismissal
  • December 22-January 2: No School. Christmas Break
  • Tuesday, January 3: Classes Resume
“He was created of a mother whom He created. He was carried by hands that He formed. He cried in the manger in wordless infancy. He, the Word, without whom all human eloquence is mute.” ~Augustine 
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