Dear St. John Paul II Families,
I want to thank you all for taking the time to visit with your child and their teacher this past Friday and learning how your children are growing and progressing this school year.  I hope you were able to pick up a pumpkin on your way out; a big thanks to all the parents that helped to bring the Autumn spirit to StJPII!

St. JPII’s feast day was this weekend!  How did you celebrate?  The Bogards, along with six other StJPII families, went on the family retreat!  We each received a t-shirt with this quote scripted on the back, “The mission of the family is to guard, reveal, and communicate love -- St. John Paul II".  This weekend away, devoted to our own families, allowed all of us to learn new ways to live out that quote.  It was truly magnificent; we prayed together and played together, as well as experienced new ways to encounter Jesus within our families.  I look forward to sharing more with you including pictures and quotes from the other families who attended.  

And it is with sincere gratitude that I say "thank you" from the bottom of my heart to our new donors who share in our mission and contributed to the Annual Fund -- we met our "Double Your Dollars" $10,000 goal!  Thank you to the generous StJPII family who provided the match opportunity, and thank YOU for your remarkable response and inspiring generosity!  The Annual Fund campaign continues, and your support is very appreciated.

This weekend, let’s play together as families!  I hope to see many of you on Friday at Trunk or Treat and the Spaghetti Dinner and then on Saturday at the 18th Annual Run with the Saints!

In Him we trust,