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Hot Yoga During the Summer?!?
Practicing hot yoga during the Summer months can help acclimate you to the season's heat, and even arm you with proper coping tools when things get too unbearable (just close your eyes and breathe like you're in the studio, or try child's pose to help lower your heart rate).

Also, without the large difference between the temps outside and inside the studio, you'll be able to warm up faster once you get to class.

No matter what the season, some people can't imagine sweating it out in a hot room for so long, least of all when the weather outside is perfect for a dip in the pool.  


It's important to remember that proper fueling and hydration are especially important when just walking outside in the stifling heat makes you fatigued (try eating something two to three hours before class and drinking at least four liters of water the day of class to help prevent feeling dizzy or nauseous).


Has the Summer weather got you in the mood for hot yoga? Read on to learn all about it!


Why do it? There are many benefits to taking a hot yoga class. The higher temperature not only helps loosen your muscles to give you more flexibility, a 60-minute class can equal serious calorie burn (around 500 calories for a 150-pound woman).  


Hot Yoga is amazing for toning all the areas of your body. 


What to wear: Tight fitting, moisture-wicking clothes are your friends in a hot, sweat-inducing yoga studio. In fact, you may want to wear pants instead of shorts to a hot yoga class, even when the outside temps heat up, because pants will help absorb sweat and keep you from slipping out of certain positions. 


What to bring: There's nothing worse than trying to focus on a pose only to keep slipping because of all the sweat dripping off your body. If you decide that hot yoga is right for you, invest in a Yogitoes or similar slipless towel that you can lay over your mat while you practice.


And don't forget your water bottle!


See you in the Hot Room!!  


We hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather and plentiful rain. It has been so nice to see yogis returning to their yoga practice; we have missed you!

We have loads of news to share with you in this newsletter so you may want to warm up (or cool down) a cup of tea and sit awhile.

First of all, we have one class on Memorial Day - 10a Warm Vinyasa with MyLinda. We have a FANTASTIC Summer Yoga Sale going on until June 15th. We have a new New Student Special and we are adding classes (Yin!) and have made some time changes to the yoga class schedule.

Our Advanced Yoga Teacher Trainings (615 Hour & 750 Hour) kick into high gear beginning in August and our Yoga Therapy Mentorship Program will begin at the Orlando VA Medical Center this summer.

We added a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training with two highly knowledgeable and experienced Prenatal Yoga Instructors and Doulas, Katie and Kirsten, from Yo Mama Yoga and Family Center in Boulder, Colorado. We have also added a Restorative Yoga Teacher Training and a Hatha Yoga Teacher Training to our calender of events.

Check out our newsletter for more information.
Memorial Day Yoga!
YES, we are open on Memorial Day!!

Saturday Classes:
8:30a Warm Vinyasa with Mylinda
10a Hot Yoga With MyLinda

Sunday 4p Detox Hot Flow with MyLinda

Monday 10a Warm Vinyasa with MyLinda

Class Schedule  
Summer Sale Enjoy the dog days of summer with our HOT Summer Sale!

60 days of unlimited yoga for $158!!
  • Sale ends June 15, 2013
  • Packages must be activated by July 15th, 2013  
  • One purchase per customer
  • No gifts for this package

To purchase online
New Student Special 5 Classes for $25
$25 We are happy to announce our New Student Special 5 Yoga Classes for $25!!
  • Classes expire 30 days from activation date 
  • New students only
  • Florida residents only
More Classes!!
Beginning in June we are adding four new classes to our yoga class schedule. 
  • Tuesday 7:15p $5 Hot Yoga
  • Wednesday 7p Yin Yoga (3 Week Series)  
  • Thursday 5:45 YogaU Alignment Clinic for trainees only (This class is NOT open to the general public.)
  • Thursdays 7:15 $5 Hot Yoga 101 (Beginner 3 Week Series)  



Hot Yoga Pic  


Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga is a fun, creative Hatha class that combines the therapeutic benefits of movement, breath, and energy alignment in a heated room. Benefits of this practice: burns calories, reduces water weight, tones thighs, rear, abdominals and arms. Releases lower back and shoulders, inverts and oxygenates the body for optimal detoxifying and supports stress release, builds lean muscle for a higher metabolism. Open to all levels. New Class Tuesdays at 7:15p (Monday & Wednesday at 7:15 too!)





Yin Yoga
Yin Yoga is a very simple practice. We settle into an asana (yoga pose) for 3-7 minutes and slowly relax our muscles to allow the deeper drier tissues (the connective tissues that wrap our muscles and make up our joint capsules) to be safely and therapeutically stretched, stimulated and strengthened.

The alignment rules of the postures are also simple, but more importantly they are functional and organic: We listen to our bodies and lead ourselves into the shape that follows the natural contours of our spine, pelvis and hips. Wednesday June 5th, 12th, & 19th at 7p use regular class packages.




YogaU Alignment Clinic 

This class is an opportunity for YogaU trainees to further integrate the information presented in our weekend trainings. This class is NOT open to the general public. Thursdays at 5:45p   




Hot Yoga 101

Adding Hot Yoga to your life can make a significant impact on your overall health. Hot Yoga 101 teaches the basics of Hot Yoga including: breathing techniques, standing and floor poses, and the elements of what makes a hot yoga practice unique.
Hot Yoga 101 is an excellent way to discover Hot Yoga and is recommended for students who feel that they are "tight", students who are new to heated yoga, or for current Hot Yoga students who would like to revisit the basics of hot yoga.
This series is the perfect introduction for students from different styles of yoga to learn the names of the poses and how to execute the poses in Hot yoga.
 The studio is heated to 85-90 degrees to help open the body and increase circulation. Expect to sweat! Thursday June 6th, 13th, & 20th at 7:15p fee is $5 or regular class package.  



To purchase classes online 

Time Changes
HotYogaCrescent Beginning in June the 7:15p Hot Yoga Classes will go from 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes.

Thanks for your feedback!
The new schedule is Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday Hot Yoga - 7:15p-8:30p
$5 Tuesdays!!
$5 Dollar Everyone is so in LOVE with $5 Thursdays that beginning in June TUESDAYS will be designated $5 Tuesdays! Students can use their regular class packages or pay $5. Special thanks to Bryan Kest's Power Yoga for setting the example of making yoga accessible to everyone!

Class line up for $5 Tuesdays:
10a $5 Warm Flow with Marilyn
5:30p $5 Hot Flow with Julie K
5:45p $5 Yoga 101 with Shannon
7p $5 $5 Hatha with Julie W

7:15p $5 Hot Yoga with Ken

Class line up for $5 Thursdays:
10a $5 Warm Flow with Marilyn
5:30p $5 Hot Flow with Beth
5:45p YogaU Trainess Only Class with MyLinda (This class is NOT open to the general public) 
7p $5 Hatha with Julie W
7:15 $5 Hot Yoga 101 with MyLinda (Beginner 3 Week Series)

**$5 classes are on a First Come First Serve basis. $5 classes can NOT purchased online** 
Class Schedule
Hot Yoga Pic Monday:
5:30p Hot Yoga with MyLinda
7:15p Hot Yoga with Dimitri

10a $5 Warm Flow with Marilyn
5:30p $5 Hot Flow with Julie K
5:45p $5 Yoga 101 with Shannon
7p $5 Hatha with Julie W
7:15p $5 Hot Yoga with Ken

5:30p Hot Yoga with MyLinda
7p Yin Yoga with MyLinda (3 Week Series)
7:15p Hot Yoga with Ken

10a $5 Warm Flow with Marilyn
5:30p $5 Hot Flow with Beth
5:45p YogaU Alignment Clinic (YogaU Trainees Only)
7p $5 Hatha with Julie W
7:15p $5 Hot Yoga 101 with MyLinda (Beginner 3 Week Series)

5:30p-8p YogaU Teacher Training Course

8:30a Warm Vinyasa with MyLinda
10a Hot Yoga with MyLinda

4p Detox Hot Flow with MyLinda

Class Schedule
Cell phone Just a friendly reminder that cell phones are NOT allowed in the studio. Before you enter the building, please finish your cell phone conversations and turn the ringer on your cell phone off. Thank you!
Rolf Gates 200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Graduation!
Rolf Headshot May 31-June 2, 2013

BIG shout out to the graduating class of Rolf Gates 200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Program!! Graduation weekend is May 31-June 2 - we are so proud of you!!

Intro to Inversions & Arm Balances
Sunday, June 16, 2013
Join us as we explore Inversions and Arm Balances. We'll review the Anatomy and Physiology of the entire body as it inverts and balances, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of Inversions and Arm Balances then introduce Alignment Principles to safely create stability, strength, and healthy range of motion while Inverting and balancing. And to put the Anatomy and Alignment Principles into Action, we'll incorporate all this information into an Asana practice (physical poses) emphasizing classical Inversions and Arm Balances. This course offers an in-depth study of classical Hatha yoga Inversion and Arm Balancing poses for the beginner student or it is a great refresher for the intermediate or advanced yogi or yogini.

We will also address the spiritual aspects of Inversions and Arm Balances including, but not limited to, the Bhandas, Vayus, Chakras and Nadis.

Weekend Schedule: 
  • Sunday 9-11a Shoulders and Core Strengtheners
  • Sunday 12p-2p Inversions the Alignment Way 
  • **$40 for Teacher Training Students
  • $60 for the general public
**This workshop is required for all 270 Hour TT and recommended for all 615 Hour and 750 Yoga Therapy TT**

For more information 
Adjustments & Assists with Grace & Charlie
Yoga Therapy
Saturday & Sunday, June 29 & 30, 2013
You asked for it you got it!! You wanted to see more of MyLinda's sister, Grace, at ASY and here's your chance.

Grace and Charlie are coming in from Charlotte, NC to share a weekend of Yoga Assists that are sure to help you feel more confident in assisting and adjusting yoga poses.

Saturday & Sunday, June 29 & 30, 2013
9a-12p & 2p-5p both days

Check website for details. 
Yoga Therapy Mentorship Program at the Orlando VA Medical Center
We are excited to announce that our Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Program will begin it's Mentorship at the Orlando VA Medical Center. Yoga Therapy students will gain hands on experience and guidance while serving our veterans. We feel blessed to share yoga therapy with our veterans! 
40 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training
July 12-14, 2013 This 40 hour training is divided into 2 - 20 hour weekend modules.

In Module 1, we explore, practice and experience Hatha Flow and Hatha Yoga Level 2. 

In Module 2, we explore, practice and experience the healing benefits of gentle
yoga and Hatha Yoga Level 1.

Module 1 - Hatha Flow & Hatha Yoga Level 2 July 12-14, 2013
Module 2 -  Gentle Yoga & Hatha Yoga Level 1 August 2-4, 2013
Friday 6p-8p
Saturday & Sunday 9a-6p

$250 Early (if paid in full 1 month prior to commencement of training)
$275 Late (if paid less than 1 month prior to commencement of training)

$450 Early (if paid by June 12, 2013)
$500 (if paid after June 12, 2013)


Yoga Alliance CEUs are available

Module 1 & Module 2 can be credited to our 270 hour or 615 hour Yoga Teacher Training Programs.

The Gentle Yoga portion of Module 2 can be credited to our 750 hour Yoga Therapy Program.

For more information 
Restorative Yoga Teacher Training
Legs Up the Wall
July 27 & 28, 2013 
Restorative yoga is a gentle inward form of yoga that invites participants to move towards greater balance, control and participation in their life. The participant's body is placed in yoga postures that are supported with props. The mind is invited to slow down with the use of pranayama, visualization and mantra allowing the individual to turn inside. A restorative practice is a complement to any yoga practice or other form of exercise and perfect for almost any practitioner looking to experience a deeper state of relaxation and healing than Savasana or sleep. It is also a perfect practice for those recovering from injury or illness or anyone who experiences stress on a daily basis.

Non-YogaU Teacher Training Students
$250 Early (before June 27, 2013)
$300 Late (after June 27, 2013)

CURRENT YogaU Teacher Training Students
$200 Early Early (before June 27, 2013)
$250 Late (after June 27, 2013)

Refund Policy - one month prior to event Full refund less $50 - after 1 month prior to event NO REFUNDS

This training is required for our 750 Hour Yoga Therapy Program.

For more information 
Jason Crandell Power of Precision Workshop
Jason Crandell
August 24 & 25, 2013!

"The Power of Precision" Series - A technique bootcamp for flow practitioners and teachers with Jason Crandell

"It is teachers and practitioners like Jason that will take the art of teaching yoga to its next step." Rodney Yee

In these workshops you will learn how alignment and attention to detail cultivates greater depth and ease in your flow practice-from arm-balance to hip-openers, from backbends to inversions. Said to have a "knack for explaining subtle movements in a way everyone can understand" (Yoga Journal), Jason will help you deepen your practice-teaching you to expand your edge, open your body, and stay connected to your essence. Each workshop will begin with a brief discussion of related anatomy and energetic patterns and move into a smart, satisfying flow practice.
This Master Class qualifies for YogaU (Yoga University of Florida) credits earned toward Altamonte Springs Yoga's Teacher Training Programs. 
  • Saturday 9a-11:30a - Awakening, Strengthening and Integrating Your Core  
  • Saturday 1p-3:30p - Releasing the Spine With Sidebends, Twists, and Forward Bends  
  • Sunday 9a-11:30a - Opening, Aligning, and Strengthening your Shoulders  
  • Sunday 1p-3:30p - The Ecstasy (and hopefully not much) Agony of Hip-Openers and Arm Balances  

  • Single Session - $45 Early/$55 Late (register by 6/23/13)
  • Full Weekend - $160 Early/$200 Late (register by 6/23/13)

For more information 

Interested in Advanced Yoga Teacher Training? New Sessions begin August 2013
BryanDDAssist The Art of Teaching Yoga: 615 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

August 17, 2013, we begin a new series of 615 hour YTT courses. Although students can begin taking classes at anytime, this session is a foundational course that is only offered once a year. So if you have been contemplating taking 615 hour TT now is the time!!

Why a 615  or 750 hour certification?


In even the highest quality 200 hour programs, there is only so much you can learn in that time. A 615 or 750 hour certification demonstrates to all that you have taken it to the next level. You've taken the time with your studies to delve deeply not only into the rich history, art and science of yoga, but deeper into yourself as well.   


We offer five (5) Advanced Level Teacher Training Programs:

1. 615 Hour Hot Yoga Teacher Training


2. 615 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training


3. 615 Hour Multi Style (Choose 3 of 4 Styles - Hatha, Hot, Vinyasa or Yoga Therapy)


4. 615 Hour Multi Style ALIGNMENT Yoga Teacher Training (Choose 3 of 4 Styles - Hatha Alignment Yoga, Hot Alignment Yoga, Power Alignment Yoga or Yoga Therapy)


5. 750 Hour Yoga Therapy

For more information
Interested in Yoga Therapy? New Sessions Begin August 17 & 18, 2013
Yoga Therapy August 17 & 18, 2013, begins a new series of 750 Hour Yoga Therapy courses. Although students can begin taking courses at anytime, this session is a foundational course that is only offered once a year. So if you have been contemplating taking Yoga Therapy Teacher Training now is the time!!

For more information


Bryce Yoga Teacher Training with Briohny & Dice Week 2
Hallow back
September 25-29, 2013
Bryce Yoga
Fit Flow Teacher Training with Briohny and Dice is an opportunity to join a special group of both aspiring and experienced  yoga teachers and serious students who are ready to deepen their practice, expand their power and transform themselves into more effective vinyasa yoga  teachers.


Week 2: Safe Backbending  
Building upon what we've covered in week 1, we will dive deeper into understanding how proper shoulder, arm, and hand engagement can keep the spine healthy for safe back-bending, inversions, and shoulder opening.  Students will learn how to apply these principles into their own practice as well as effective ways to help students into these risky poses.

Pose focus: Upward facing Dog, Dolphin, Headstands, Forearm Balance, Arm Balancing, Handstand & intro to Hollow-back & Scorpion.

Dates: (Wednesday - Sunday) 
Time: 9a - 7/7:30
$995/$895 Early Bird
Payment Plan: 
  • $200 Deposit reserves your space in the training
  • 5 payments of $150 due on the 1st day of the month
For more information 
Yo Mama Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

October 3-13th, 2013


Yo Mama's Prenatal Teacher Training

with Katie Wise and Kirsten Warner


Part 1- Thursday Oct 3rd-Sunday Oct 6th

Part 2- Thursday Oct 10th-Sunday Oct 13th


Space is limited, reserve your spot today!!


$795 For Part I or II separately

$1,495 for both Parts I and II


$300 deposit holds your space


Early Bird Discounts available!!

$695 for one part, $1295 for both if you register by Sept 15th


For Yoga Teachers, Doulas, Childbirth Educators, Labor and Delivery Nurses, Prenatal Massage Therapists, and Pregnant women interested in deepening their practice.

We see Prenatal Teaching as a calling, and we will help you connect to the source of inspiration for you, and find your own voice. Prenatal Yoga is a balance of strength, endurance and surrender. We focus on what the pregnant woman can do, not what she can't.  We will help you teach in a way that empowers women through their journey into motherhood and builds communities that last a lifetime.




Katie Wise

E-RYT, RPYT, CD (certified doula)  


Katie Wise is a prenatal, mommy and me, family and children's yoga teacher, doula, childbirth educator and birth advocate, as well as the owner and founder of Yo Mama Yoga and Family Centers. She has trained with Gurmukh Khalsa, Saul David Raye, Chuck Miller and many more.  Katie believes that women's bodies have the wisdom to give birth. Her purpose in supporting and educating pregnant women is to uncover and foster that instinct and faith.




Kirsten Warner

Kirsten is an Anusara-Inspired Yoga Teacher, and has been practicing yoga for almost twenty years. A certified instructor since 1998, Kirsten's commitment to the study of yoga philosophy and her devotion to her own practice add a freshness and depth to her classes. After the birth of her two children Kirsten felt moved to weave her passion for yoga with her experiences as a mother and now wholeheartedly enjoys supporting women in the process of preparing for birth and motherhood with yoga.

For more information
Big Heart Meditation Teacher Training with Yogaglo's Harshada D Wagner
Harshada October 18-20, 2013
What does it mean to have a big heart? Imagine living your life and facing your challenges with a centered, fearless, generous heart. In Big Heart Meditation, David teaches what he calls the "open secrets to deep meditation." You will learn to use meditative practices to take care of yourself in a deep way and walk your own unique path to lasting happiness and inner freedom. Meditation doesn't have to be hard to be profound and effective. Whoever you are, however you live, your experience of life and living will be enhanced and improved. This workshop and training will combine guided meditation sessions with contemplation exercises, gentle stretching, and lively discussions to help identify and work with areas of potential growth and renewal within yourself. Whether you are brand-new to sitting meditation or a seasoned practitioner, this workshop and training will have something to offer you.

NON-YogaU Teacher Training Students
$250 Early (before August 1, 2013)
$300 Late (after August 1, 2013) for the general public

**Payment Plan**
$50 Deposit due asap
$50 per month due on the first day of the month (May, June, July, August, & September)

CURRENT YogaU Teacher Training Students
$200 Early Early (before August 1, 2013)
$250 Late (after August 1, 2013)

**This course is required for our 750 Hour Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Program

For more information 
Bryan Kest Teacher Training and Yoga Practice Immersion
Bryan Sitting We just can NOT say enough great things about the healing, aligning effects of this training! This training is truly life changing!! Bryan has focused a great deal of his attention and energy on creating a training that embodies his knowledge & experience of yoga. You do NOT want to miss this one!

Tuesday-Saturday, November 12-16, 2013
Course Goal:

Whatever the direction our journey may be, our goal is to create excitement about and support for our yoga practice which spills out of each one of us to all that we touch, as well as cultivate the art of sharing, teaching, instructing, and giving. - Bryan Kest

Dates: Tuesday - Saturday November 12-16, 2013
Session Times: 9:30a - 7:30p 
Tuition: $1295 
*Payment Plan 
4 Payments of $336.25 due the first of the month 
Yoga Alliance CEUs are available
Bryan Kest Workshop
Bryan Smiling

Sunday, November 17, 2013 

Bryan Kest Power Yoga Master Class and Long, Slow and Deep Master Class 

  • Date: Sunday, November 17, 2013
  • Where: Altamonte Springs Yoga
  • Time:
    • Power Yoga 10a-1p
    • Long, Slow, Deep 2p-5p 
  • Prerequisite: NONE! This class is open to all levels.
  • Price:  
    • Power Yoga Master Class $60 Early (by 9/17/13) $70 Late 
    • Long, Slow, Deep Master Class $60 (by 9/17/13) $70 Late 
    • OR $110 Early (by 9/17/13) $130 Late
    • To register online

For more information 

Upcoming Events and Trainings!!
Front Desk
May 31 - June 2: Rolf Gates TT Graduation

June 8 & 9: 270 Hour TT Module #3

June 16: Intro to Inversions & Arm Balances

June 29 & 30: Adjustments & Assists with Grace and Charlie

July 12-14: 40 Hour Hatha TT Module 1

July 27 & 28: Restorative Yoga TT

August 2-4: 40 Hour Hatha TT Module 2

August 17 & 18: 750 Hour Yoga Therapy **If you want to start the therapy program this is the place to start!!

August 17: 615 Hour Art of Teaching Yoga **If you want to start 615 hour TT this is the place to start!!

August 24 & 25: Jason Crandell Power of Precision Workshop

September 14 & 15: Ayurveda 1

September 21 & 22: 750 Hour Yoga Therapy

September 21: 615 Hour Art of Teaching Yoga

September 25-29: Bryce Yoga Fit Flow Teacher Training with Briohny & Dice Week 2 - Backbending

October 3-6: Prenatal TT Module 1

October 10-13: Prenatal TT Module 2

October 18: Big Heart Meditation TT with Harshada Wagner

November 12-16: Bryan Kest TT and Yoga Practice Immersion

November 17: Bryan Kest Workshop

December: Yoga Therapy Workshops TBA

January 25 & 26, 2014: David Regelin Workshop

February 22, 2014: Girish is back and it's all good!!

March 7-9, 2014: Yin Yoga TT Module 1

March 21-23, 2014: Yin Yoga TT Module 2

April 2-6, 2014: Bryce Yoga Fit Flow TT Week 3

May 3 & 4, 2014: Stephanie Snyder Weekend Workshop

June 20-22, 2014: Doug Keller Yoga Therapy Training

September 10-14, 2014: Roger Cole Anatomy TT

October 4 & 5, 2014: Nischala Joy Devi Yoga Philosophy Workshop

December 2014: Bryce Yoga Fit Flow TT Week 4 (this will complete the 200 hour TT!!)

Online Calendar 
Thank you for your continued love and suport!
Much love and namaste,

MyLinda Morales & the Altamonte Springs Yoga Familia
Altamonte Springs Yoga
5 Classes for $25New Student Special - 5 Classes for $25!!
  • Classes expire 30 days from activation date 
  • New students only
  • Florida residents only