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Our Next Meeting Introduction to Augmented Reality...
On Wednesday, October 19th, we will be meeting at the Scripps Research Institute (Beckman Center), for a presentation on 'Augmented Reality'. This will include an overview of different ways Augmented Reality is being used these days, as well as a look at how to save your own 3d model and show it off as Augmented Reality.

More details on Meetup , and our Events Page.

Make an Interactive App...
Join us at out 'Coffee-shop Tech' sessions, every 1st Sunday of the month, 4 pm (next: October 2nd). We meet at the Pannikin coffee shop in Del Mar, in comfortable groups of up to 8 people. You will learn how to design/develop Web pages, mobile apps, networks, augmented reality, and much more. Then, you can apply that knowledge to build a real-life project to be showcased at the SIGGRAPH2012 conference in Los Angeles, CA (credit and payment opportunities available).

More details on Meetup.
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Special thanks:
Thanks to our newest member, Paul Taylor, for believing in us! And thanks to all those who attended our 'After SIGGRAPH 2011' meeting; it made for great cross-disciplinary conversation. And to John Richardson, for offering to present on the topic of 'Birds of a Feather at the SIGGRAPH Conference' (there will be other presentation opportunities, yet!)... And to Jim Buck, for your interest in future collaborations.

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Our featured project this month, from the s2011 conference:
‘Face-to-Avatar’, a blimp with microphone and camera carries your telepresent avatar. Go anywhere!

Discover this fabulous project

Interesting From ACM Tech News:
Kinect Project Merges Real and Virtual Worlds
Technology Review (09/30/11) Nic Fleming

Microsoft researchers recently demonstrated KinectFusion, a research project that lets users generate three-dimensional (3D) models in real time using a standard Kinect system...

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Winners! Every month, we give away one of our Full Memberships. A $20 value, this entitles you to vote, attend all our meetings for free, and participate in great giveaways. This month's winner: Barbara McDonald !!!

We also had many winners at our 'After SIGGRAPH' meeting:
Barbara McDonald (SIGGRAPH2011 aqua-groove t-shirt, custom pins)
John McDonald (SIGGRAPH2011 'pottery' mug, custom pins)
Paul Taylor (NVIDIA special giveaway pack, with t-shirt, pen, bag, etc, custom pins)
Yvonne Hsu (SIGGRAPH2012 'I am Science' shirt, custom pins)
Tim Hutchinson (SIGGRAPH2012 'I am Art' shirt, custom pins)

See a full list of past winners, upcoming giveaways, and how to participate, on our Awards Page.

Also in San Diego Magento e-commerce presentation . Brought to you by RefreshSD and San Diego Web Designers, this is an overview of the Magento e-commerce platform, together with the basic steps you can take to get started with your own e-commerce site.

1st San Diego Startup Hackathon . A full day event where the best and brightest developers compete in exciting challenges presented by local venture-funded & established startups companies.

International ACM SIGGRAPH Chapters can be found all over the world. Find out more about computer graphics in the world, through our Chapters!





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