Children's Network of SW Florida creates artful wolf houses
inspired by animal encounter at Shy Wolf Sanctuary
Canine Search and Rescue volunteers pass  Basic Cadaver Certification

Congratulations to two of our volunteers for successfully challenging and passing the Florida Law Enforcement Canine Association’s (FLECA) Basic Cadaver Certification! Lola the Dingo and her handler, Deanna Deppen, and Denise Parker and her Belgian Tervuren, Cole, were officially certified on August 4th.
In Memory of Yiska
We said goodbye to our Yiska on Thursday, October 13, 2016. None of us were prepared for him to leave us. Monday he ate and seemed fine.  Wednesday he wouldn't eat. We sedated him and took him to the vet shortly after lunch.  His bonded mate Luna cried for him all afternoon. X-rays revealed he had a growth that perforated his intestine. Emergency surgery was performed and he spent the night at the emergency vet.  
Why I volunteer: Melanie Edmonds

I've loved wolves all my life.  My father used to own a manganese mine out in New Mexico. Seeing wolves in the wild at Yellowstone Park for the first time made me fall in love with them and finding Shy Wolf Sanctuary to volunteer is like living out my dream.    
Want to help

We have plenty of different ways to show you care including animal care, events, event hosting, fundraising, building and enclosure maintenance, phone calls, office admin, and educational outreach. Serve on a committee.  We give school credit!
Visitor Guide: 
  • Make educational presentations to guests.
  • Must haves: outgoing personality, public speaking skills, knowledge of Shy Wolf Sanctuary animals.
  • Must like teaching and interacting with people.
Wiggins Pass Nature Fest October 29
Baconfest November 12
Christmas Walk 5th Ave S. December 1
Lovers Key Adventure December 3
                  A Global Day of Giving

Celebrate and support Shy Wolf Sanctuary on Tuesday, November 29th. The Tuesday following Thanksgiving and the widely recognized shopping events Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday kicks off the charitable season, when many focus on their holiday and end-of-year giving. Join us for this online giving event!
You keep Shy Wolf Sanctuary operating each month.

Thank you for providing food and veterinary care for our more than 30 wolves/wolfdogs. 

Did you know?      Our animals eat 52,000 lbs of meat each year.
$39 feeds a wolf for one month.
$83 provides medical for one month.
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A portion of your order will be donated to us. Shop for your friends, family, and shop for us!
Our Wishlist:  heavy duty hoses, pooper scoopers, outdoor fans
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