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Lauren Whitehurst: Mother Tongue
By Lauren Whitehurst 08-01-12

Theo asked me if the Olympics' swimming pool was as big as our neighborhood pool. "The Olympic pool is much bigger," I said. That should have sufficed, but I continued:

What's next? 

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Hot News

SFR is on former Santa Fe gangster watch
By Enrique Lim�n 7-17-12

He's a former local gangster whose appearance on an episode ofThe Jenny Jones Show comes up as soon as soon as you YouTube Santa Fe. 


He's Little Pooh...and our entire newsroom is obsessed with him.



Most Read

Medical Marijuana patients resort to risky alternatives

Amid a lack of supply, medical marijuana patients resort to risky alternatives
By Joey Peters 7-11-12

The Office's Rainn Wilson talks adobe, oppression and Oprah
By Enrique Lim�n 7-11-12

John Lennon's widow gives peas a chance in art show to benefit New Mexico food bank
By Enrique Lim�n 7-12-12

Arts Valve

Gino Natchez the Cuff Guy

For artist Gino Natchez, beading is fundamental
By Enrique Lim�n 7-25-12

The energy inside Natchez Art Studio is palpable. A multigenerational exhibit consisting of 100-plus pieces titled Indian Without Reservation is going up in preparation for Indian Market. 


Wiping the sweat from his brow, the elder Natchez, Stan, hammers away, while his son, Gino, photographs his latest batch of intricate beaded cuffs. 

SFR Picks

Momma Said Knock You Off

Roger Shimomura makes it pop


A lifelong seeker of that acceptance, Shimomura found it in pop art when the movement was at its zenith. "Anything that was in our visual landscape was fair to use," he says. "We all bought into the idea that to execute a serious still life, you had to have wine bottles in it; pop taught us that it was OK to use a Coke bottle instead." 

An American Knockoff: Lecture, 6 pm Thursday, Aug. 9. Free. SITE Santa Fe, 1606 Paseo de Peralta, 989-1199. Artist reception, 5-7 pm Friday, Aug. 10. Free.  Eight Modern, 231 Delgado St., 995-0231

City of Industry

Like an utterly evil M83 with a sinister, industrial/electronic sound and vocals that might emanate from some sort of horrific German monster, Mona Mur & En Esch blow into town like a ton of goth bricks to leave any and all fans of such heavily dark tunes feeling totally validated. 


Mona Mur & En Esch: 7:30 pm Tuesday, Aug. 14. $10. Sol Santa Fe Stage & Grill, 37 Fire Place, 474-7322

The Reel World

The folks at Reel New Mexico concern themselves with two things: celebrating local cinema by exposing audiences to rarely seen films and, in turn, making it easy for cinephiles and filmmakers to interact with each other. This month, they're showcasing three shorts-each with a unique subject.


Reel New Mexico: Thursday, Aug. 9. $5 suggested donation. The Performance Space in La Tienda, Eldorado, 922-5013


Mountain man trade

Get Grizzly with It

The wind in the Mountain Man Trade Fair catches the mountain man's beard. His clothes, draped over his chiseled body, flow with it. He takes off his hat, looks you in the eye and gives a sharp, confident look. Then, he smiles and says, "Will you buy my moccasins?"


28th Annual Santa Fe Mountain Man Trade Fair: Thursday-Sunday, Aug. 9-12. $1 suggested donation. New Mexico History Museum, 113 Lincoln Ave., 476-5200