Clayes House
Issue No.10November 23, 2013




Dear Friend,


This is a quick reminder that


it's on!  Our first clean-up of the Sarah and Peter Clayes House!


So many people have volunteered for this clean-up of the exterior grounds from 10 am to 2 pm on Saturday, November 30, 2013.  (Rain date December 1)  The house is located at 657 Salem End Road in Framingham.  THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE VOLUNTEERED!  We are still welcoming volunteers, so if you'd like to add your name to the list, feel free to contact me at  


With snow predicted for this coming week, we're keeping our fingers crossed that we can still do the work on Saturday or Sunday.  I will send another email on Friday, November 29th if we have to cancel the work.  If you don't hear anything more from me, then you can assume we will be meeting on Saturday as planned.  


We will have equipment like a brush hog to help us.  Please wear boots and gloves, and if you have them, please bring yard tools (clippers, shovels, tarps, rakes, wheel barrows, etc).  If you have a chain saw and are a seasoned user of it, feel free to bring that along, too.  Note: there is no electricity, running water or bathroom facilities at the property, so please plan accordingly.  


We will be clearing the invasive growth that is preventing access to the house and is also damaging the foundation.  No previous yard work experience necessary -- we will be led by a generous buildings and grounds professional who can tell us what to do.


Pizza, coffee, hot cider and plenty of water will be on hand for our hard workers.  (Note: if you would like to help by providing food or drink, please let me know -- and manning a food table would be a perfect job for someone who isn't physically able to work on the property.) 


PLEASE NOTE: We do not yet own this property, though the Town of Framingham knows our interest in it and understands that we are trying to ensure the safety of the house through the upcoming winter.  In addition, we will be asking all volunteers to sign a waiver of responsibility for any injuries that might occur during the work -- so let's all be as safe as possible....


As we have reported in past e-newsletters, we are still in active conversations with the bank that owns the house, and we hope that the donation is imminent. With the winter coming, however, we want to do what we can to protect the property in the meantime.  Please see the website for more information on the history and current status of the project, and to make a donation to our work.



Cheers -- 


Janice C. Thompson

Sarah Clayes Trust

(978) 604-0869



Framingham, MA
Framingham, Massachusetts 01721