September 2017  Newsletter
A Look Back 
Movie time at the Meeting
Our August meeting we watched a couple of movies from the collection that we have in the Save A Turtle Educational trailer. Our meetings are always open to the public and are free to attend. We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.
August Slower Month
Last month was a slower month for us as far as activities because we really are at a very busy time in our turtle nesting season and we have been very active with nests and hatch-lings. Continue reading below to see some of the great things that have been going on.
September Events
September Meeting
Our Save-A-Turtle September Meeting
will be canceled due to the benefit at the Tropic Cinema.

SAT Board Members, please watch your emails
for information leading up to this event.

We sometimes plan, or learn about more events between our newsletters, please follow us on Social Media for current events and turtle related news. See the bottom of the newsletter for links to our social media accounts. 
Going to the Movies!
is hosting
an exclusive screening of
Saving Sea Turtles,
Preventing Extinction
at the
Tropic Cinema in Key West 
Sunday, September 17, 2017 from 6:00 pm-9:00 pm

Proceeds from the event will go to Save-A-Turtle towards educational and conservation efforts as well as funding for our scholarship.
Ticket costs are 100% tax deductible as a donation to a 501C-3 Organization.

Film Makers
Michele Gomes & Jennifer Ting
Will be on site for Q&A before and after the screening.

Tickets are limited and can be purchased directly through the Tropic Cinema

Nesting Season
The nesting turtles in the Florida Keys seem have been off to a later start than we’ve seen in recent years, however as of this time, we are seeing more and more nesting activity, including even a few Green turtles on beaches that we’ve not documented in years.

We’re continuing with routine nighttime lighting surveys as well, and continue to work with residents, businesses and code compliance to stay vigilant about sea turtle friendly lighting as well

If you are interested in helping Save-A-Turtle continue its efforts please consider making a donation. 
Hatchling News and Updates
There was some extra excitement on a recent beach walk by 2 of our permitted nesting surveyors. On a routine, early morning patrol, SAT surveyors came upon a Green Sea Turtle nest in the midst of hatching!
Most of the hatchlings made it out on their own, but it was obvious there were several large obstructions that were impeding the babies on the bottom from getting out. After making a call to Sue Schaf of FFWC, she responded immediately and made the determination that the hatchlings in the nest that remained needed to be assisted
Photo Credit: Sherri Crilly
An immediate nest excavation was performed, and SAT surveyors removed a flat slab of concrete and some large roots which were entangled as part of the nest. SAT surveyors recovered 36 hatchlings, most of which spent some rest & recovery time at the Turtle Hospital in Marathon.
But, there was more excitement to come!

As the surveyors were opening the non-developed eggs, it was discovered that one of them actually was MOVING! A hatchling was still fully attached to his yolk! Under Sue’s skilled eye, that particular hatchling was gently placed into a soft damp towel, and transported urgently to the Turtle Hospital in Marathon.
Photo Credit: Sherri Crilly
Photo Credit: Sherri Crilly
Several of the nesting surveyors on site went to visit these hatchlings during their recovery time in hospital, and we are happy to say that they all were successfully rehabbed, including the 1 w/the yolk attached.
Within just a few short days, the yolk was fully absorbed into the baby’s carapace, and he was released as well.
Of the 36, only 1 remains at the hospital for a little more recovery before release.
Photo Credit: Sherri Crilly
You think this is enough excitement from this nest? There’s MORE! There were 2 eggs that were assessed on site by Sue, and upon her recommendation they were reburied to see if there was a possibility they could hatch. Guess what…. one did hatch!
Green sea turtles are a rarity in the Keys, and to have all this interesting and unusual activity/outcome from just one nest is surely exciting. We are very grateful to our Technical Adviser, Sue Schaf, she is always at the ready to respond to all cases, and in this case was on scene within minutes. Teamwork…. helping sea turtles survive!"
We conducted a few nest excavations this month on some of our permit beaches. 
While we did not see any hatchlings in person we were happy to see that we had some successful hatchlings This nest had 96 successfully hatch.
One of our Beach Walkers, Tom Moses, found this logger head while conducting a nest excavation.
The nest had 114 successful hatches, and the little guy pictured was successfully released.
These guys were taken to the Turtle Hospital in Marathon after our beach walkers found them washed up in the rack- They will get some time to relax and regain their strength before heading out to sea.
Photo Credit: Sherri Crilly
Photo Credit: Sherri Crilly
It is important to remember that the people you see in the photos are trained and the proper permits are held in order for us to do what we do. We dig up nests and count the number of hatched vs. un-hatched eggs and report if we find any hatchlings that were stuck in the nest. Everyone has on gloves not to protect us but to protect the turtles. All data we collect is sent to FWC where they use this information to learn more about sea turtles and how the species is doing overall. 

It is illegal to dig up a turtle nest without the proper training and permits please do not attempt to dig up a nest. Any disturbance to a nesting turtle, turtle nest, or hatchling would be considered a crime. All species of Sea Turtles around the world are protected and classified as either threatened or endangered. 
Violations & Lighting Updates

Lights out for Sea Turtles
We are going to continue to talk about, and educate about the lighting problems we have going on with sea turtles, until they are no longer a problem. Not only does improper lighting effect our nesting turtles but it also affects the hatchlings while they are working hard to make it back to sea. 

It is imperative that we all who live coastally (including businesses, street lights, parking decks, etc) have sea turtle compliant lighting.

There are Ordinances in place regarding what constitutes compliant lighting, plus Save-A-Turtle is here to help!

If you’re unsure what sea turtle friendly lighting is, shoot us an email at  to discuss your lighting issues, and we can bring our mobile educational sea turtle trailer to you for a safe lighting demonstration.

Be a good steward, and remember lights out for sea turtles!
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