Refurbished Liquid & Vapor Vessels


Keep Your Costs Low & Get the Job 

The best way to secure your next environmental remediation job is to come in with the lowest bid number. Purchasing an economical, refurbished water or air purification vessel saves you money up front and allows you to keep your costs low. 


Economic Used Purification Equipment  

Field-Tested Equipment
Save money by purchasing
field-tested TIGG equipment.
TIGG's field-tested activated carbon adsorption units are ideal for groundwater purification, stormwater remediation applications, soil vapor extraction and air stripper off gas applications.

These liquid and vapor phase units are also ideal for industrial process uses.


New DuoSorb Multi-Purpose Adsorbers    

Why not get the best of both worlds...TIGG's innovative DuoSorb vessels are designed for both liquid and vapor purification. They operate in either upflow or downflow mode, thereby allowing a user to purify water at a jobsite one day and filter VOC emissions the next. These vessels are brand new and priced to sell.


Used EquipmentTIGG's Used Equipment webpage includes specifications and technical drawings. For more information e-mail our Technical Experts or call 800-925-0011.


New Liquid & Vapor Purification Vessels  
Not only does TIGG offer used units, we also provide a plethora of new Liquid Phase and Vapor Phase air and water purification systems. Plus, we have Ancillary Equipment like bag filters, oil/water separators and other remediation equipment for sale and rent.
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