Hello Harvest Members and Shoppers,

The date has been set for the Special Member Meeting. We’re still working out the exact details of location, time, and agenda specifics but please save the date of September 25th. Our September Harvest Times Newsletter will be coming out next week and that will have all the details. The general theme of this meeting will be to discuss options for saving the Co-op. I hope you will be able to come out, participate in the discussion, and vote for whatever measures are brought up for this meeting. We are a democratically run organization and your vote is essential.

Speaking of saving dates, I had to make a change to the Meet and Greet dates I mentioned in last week’s email. I apologize to everyone who was concerned about conflicts with holidays but we got it now.
     Tuesday, September 26th, 5pm-7pm in our Arboretum Store in Jamaica Plain
     Thursday, September 28th, 5pm-7pm in our Cambridge Store
I will be hanging out at the specified store to meet you all, listen to your feedback, comments, concerns, and stories of what you love about the Co-op. We will have some beer and/or wine demos along with a food demo or two.

Elections are almost here! I am hoping to get some staff members to run for the Board of Directors as that can be a valuable view to add to the co-op’s leadership but we need you too! We have five seats open this year, and that is a majority of the Board. Do you feel like you have something to offer your Co-op in a leadership capacity? Do you have experience with business finance, community building, co-ops, communication, or any other area you feel could be valuable in leading our co-op? Then I hope you will consider running for the Board of Directors. You can download a Board Election Packet here or come in one of our stores and ask for one. For more information, feel free to reach out to Lydia Peabody, our current Board Vice President lpeabody@harvest.coop .

I don’t really have much else to report on this week. Next week I will be in Minneapolis Minnesota at a co-op conference with general managers from co-ops all across the country. It’s a great opportunity to network and share best practices from our sister, brother, and cousin food co-ops. Best of all, it doesn’t cost us anything. After I return I’ll be sure to share anything cool I learned that you all might be interested in.

Until next time,

Brian Peat
General Manager
Harvest Co-op Markets

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